Sunday, October 19, 2008

Specially for you~

You does not refer to you you.
Unless your name is Stefanie Chew **** *** Am I allowed to post your full name babe? =D

It's your BIRTHDAY!!!

And this is all you're going to get if you don't come back.
*evil laugh*

Lotsa love,
Lil Miss Cupcake

Note to self: Please remember the kind of mood you're in before touching another cup of coffee.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have a cork in my tummy.

My tummy is being freaky.
It feels like I'll vomit, but there's like this cork in it plugging my tummy to avoid it coming out.
But the cork in turn makes me uncomfortable cause it feels like there is something stuck there.

I sound a tad bit bimbo there.

A quickie!

We celebrated my Hunnie's b'day last Tuesday.
Was pretty darn funny.

With the whole jam in Cheras. Zomb. Cheras is seriously on the other side of the world -_-''
And Hunnie's awesome birthday song by the crew of the Restaurant in Look-out Point.
*sings*Gong jok nei hon sau yu tin gei, lalalala sang yat fai lok. ROFL!
Damn mempersiasuikan wei.
Worse than TGIF. Go figure.

Blog 2
Note: See the middle photo in top row. Blur blur one? Yea. It was actually the crew singing the song. Don't know why they sing so far away from our table. Turn off all lights some more.

Blog 1
Note: Sweet couple la. With some of their weird photos. Check KM's weird expressions. Hee~

Blog 3
Note: Look out point was really nice. Romantic campur emo. I am so learning how to go there. Even if it's the other side of the world. We so damn kacau people at the tower. Bising. Hee~
How not unusual~

Nice anot my new collages?
Easier for me to blog also or upload photos rather. I think la.

Like? =D

All the food I usually eat have dropped standard.
Why change?

Mood spoiler~!