Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally. Happiness. Rofl!

Imagine this:

Her: Now, I'm going to give everybody an easy quiz. For those who are celebrating Raya and are here, this is my gift to you. For those who are celebrating but are not here, such is life.
Class: Yay!!
Her:Question 1. The term for universal truth is Etic. Spell Etic. It's without a H.
Her: Question 2. Now, for the cultural specific truth. No la. Let's call it knowledge. Spell Emic. It's just 4 letters. Starts with an 'E' and a *silently* mic
Her: Question 3. What else can you spell arh? Erm. What about culture? Spell CUL-TURE.
Her: Question 4. Aiyah. Spell "questionnaire" will be too hard for you.
Class:*someone shouts* SURVEY!
Her: Owhkayla. You spell Survey. You know how to spell survey right?
Her: Question 5. What else to spell??
Class: *class shouts* Hari Raya!
Her: Don't be silly la. I want to give you marks but we gotta make it more class based. If not one day LAN will come in and take one of your forms and wonder why we spell "Hari Raya". Make it more research. What to spell?
Class: *someone shouts* Research!
Her: Owhkayla. Spell Research. It has 2R's in it. One in the start and another one towards the end. 5 question 5 marks, pass it to the person nearest to the aisle. Thank you class.

And that is why I'm finally happy.
Yes. It does pay to be in Ms.Winnee's class.
Which lecturer does this you tell me?
Even Shyuan was giggling away listening to Winnee.

Not to mention.
ERB has decided to accept both my forms for research. *BIG PHEW*

I'm not going to be a pessimist and think about the amount os assignments piling up.
Or that I'm so lifeless for the past few days since I'm only stuck at home.
*don't think don't think*

Life has been alright.
I went Chow Kit yesterday.
Yea. I hear your "Wha?"
With Lynnette. For the sake of PSG.
We actually got lost at the start.
Like, we were looking for Plaza GM and we ended up in Plaza Pekeliling.
And Lynnette was like "Owh! There Plaza GM." *points to signboard which says Pusat Gastro-sumthing M-sumthing-sumthing*
-__-'' She damn cutee lor.

In the end, we took a cab to Plaza GM.
My 2nd time in my entire life sitting cab. I still can remember my first time. Rofl.

Chow Kit is SO PACKED
I never wanna go there.
Especially not when I'm lugging a big white bag.
At least we did manage to find the stuff we want. Hee~

Though I had to miss Dr.Goh's class.
Ah well, will catch up. Hee~

Back to work.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Byee Danny~~


And I still don't like airports.

And I still don't have photos to brighten up your day when you read my blog.
I'm busy and lazy.

Sent Danny off yesterday.
Xiang fetched us there. O.o
Yea. The boy who technically isn't allowed to drive to faraway territories.
No choice. Either that or we grab a taxi or I drive.
Neither of those sounds appealing kan?

But the road to KLIA not hard to drive la.
More boring than hard really.
Then again, with Jing, Yin, Sheen and Me in the car. Boring never existed.

As usual, I was the earliest with Yin.
Met up at Xiang's hse waiting for Sheen and Jing.
Jing came latest. Guys.
The poor boi was sick.
Down with somewhat-diagnosed dengue fever.
He looked alright but he kept feeling cold and was so blur.
Though I think the cold part was more of hinting for a hug from Xiang. ROFL!

Xiang's parents are so damn cutee~!
Sorry. Random digression.
But they really were.
Now, it makes you wonder why their son is Xiang.
JOKING kie boi?

Headed out on the journey.
At one point, Xiang got so annoyed with us cause we were making so much noise and comments bout him. Hee~

Reached airport.
Saw Agnes che, her bf and Mund at McDs.
Fuiyoh. Danny so busy.
Layan us la, church friends la, relatives la.
We all sat there and layan diri for an hour plus.

Then it came the i-don't-want-it-to-come-moment.
Danny had to leave.
In Sheen's words, "She looked fine, like alright liddat then I turn around and see her face all tears" or sumthing like dat lar.
The "she" was obviously referring to me.
Zomb la~
The moment I thought of not seeing Danny boi for 4 years..SOBS!

What's more geng is that,
The mum and gf haven't cry, people like us cry kao kao liao.
I seriously salute the mum and gf. DAMN STRONG.
If my boyfriend or son were to leave, that's it la.
Cry like sial

I so don't suit airports.
We "walked" with Danny until he went into the train and it was byee~


Remember the surprise photo I talked about?
Cool kan his expression?
It was genuine kie~
We'll miss not having BBQ-s, Steamboats, Horror Movie Nights, Early morning Brekkies, Late Night Mamaks and the sorts with you.
Let's hope South Carolina treats you well!

After sending Danny off,
We decided to go Wong Kok and eat.

I tell you.
If you think Xiang is a safe driver.
Imagine this scenario:

Jing: :Eh!! There got parking space *pointing to a lot across a busy road* Sai! Sai! Faster masuk!
Xiang: *zooms across the busy road into the spot*
eVie & Yin: *SCREAMS!*


So much for safe driving huh?
Back to work.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm currently at my uncle's house.
And smirking.

Sigh la.
Come on man.

I knowla.
Studying Psychology is considered "2nd class" but really, keep your shallow thoughts to yourself alright?
Yea. Doctor, Dentist are all "in" occupations.
But seriously, Doctor treats the body, Dentist treats the teeth and Psychologists "treat" the brain.
Tell me what the hell is there to compare?


-to be continued-

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

College adventures~

Before I send my mass email to whoever it may concern,

I just reach home la.
Chance sikit can??

Ya Buddha~~! new catchphrase...o.O
Which reminds me, Shyuan's interpretation of OMB oh my buns! damn CUTEE~!


First day which was yesterday,
1) Go to college, found a parking, waited there for the car to come out. Bloody Mercedes wanna rampas parking from me!! I don't care. I wait there liao with signal, no way you're going to get my parking which he didn't anyway.

2) In PSY 201, receive the Great Assignment News = stress. Flung the quiz. Like Lin Dan boleh. -_-''

3) Left my bottle in uni for the N-th time

1) Receive the Great Assignment News = double Colloqium = Stress X Infinity

2) Half an hour jam IN A CAR WITH NO AIRCOND.

Start college so swey ddi.
Tak puas betul.

No no no.
Must be optimistic.
There are fortunate things too.
My life isn't so bleak.

Mass email time!!