Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm eating green bean tong sui now.

And I should be able to have a great dinner tonight.
Yet I'm not.


Cause my nose is killing my tastebuds.
And I'm so the very sick of downing every single type of liquid
Plus very icky all shapes and sizes tablets!


But as sick as I am.

My holz wasn't that boring.
Not utterly yet.


Meet up with the hunnie!
Although she made me wait for 38463874987348374 hours.
Like how a certain other bestie do.
I think I am fated to wait all my life O.o

Had lunch/dinner/food at JJ's sandwiches.
Talk talk talk.

And she gave me a very CUTE anklet!!


The stories we share.
And laughs.

Great times need not be put into too many words.
Too much antibiotic kills my brain to recall anyway. *grin*

Owh owh owh!

I saw Sheen the Bean at 1u while waiting for Shyuan!
And she was complaining about the fashion "takeover" of vests and boots.
No lar sweetie. I am not planning to get a vest alright? Heee!


Suppose to meet up with Sheenie!!!!
Like a real meet -up.
But the plans fell through.

I think she's on her flight back to England now.
Will miss you Sheenie~

And so happen that I was feeling on the well side that day.


Damn bored lar I tell you.

People I usually go gai-gai with are either too far away, busy or ignoring me.
No choice lor.

But remember I said I'm blessed?

Xiang called and suggested we catch up!

Xiang who has disappeared from the face of Earth in the past year.
And he is still the Xiangy boi we all know who says "No" to me all the time -_-''

Enjoyed our time at Starbucks.
Thanks for belanja-ing me!
You still owe me one of your many "fuzzy" stories btw.
Wait till I feel better. Will definitely pester you.

Hurray to Xiang for saving me from Bored Universe!


Shopping yo!

With my siblings and cousin sister.

Venue: Berjaya Times Square.

And I would say it turned out awesome!!!
Did buy some very worthy stuff.

Except the part where I came back home and suffered high fever.
Apparently retail therapy doesn't help when you're feeling absolutely sick.

And that is why I'm boredly at home today hoping to recuperate.

I am this close to dying of utter boredom.


Someone save me from boredom!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

When regrets eat you~

Owhkay fine.

I don't have a life.



Sue me if it makes you so miserable. *rolls eyes*

This post is about regrets. O.o

First regret.

No beach.

I did not go to the beach in Penang.

Who goes to Penang and not go to the beach?!?!?


Someone bring me to Penang!

Second regret.
I did not go to the Rose Garden/Valley/Centre in Cameron Highlands.


I remember the last time I went there,
I felt really free.
It just feels good to be surrounded by all the really pretty roses.

The Cactus Valley had a few roses here and there.
But it's different!!!!

+ How I wish to be surrounded by them again~ +

Someone bring me to the roses in Cameron Highlands!!!!

This is a really emo post.

Not going to let it continue.

Let's look at some random photos kie?


I'm being abused!
Someone call the cops!!!!!!


Those are one of the after effects of being drunk I was not wasted!
Terrible huh?

Don't drink owhkay?
Alcohol is no good.


This is absolutely the cutest mind map I've ever seen!!!
Part of a mind map at least.
See the goalie?? It signifies Goals!
How cute~!
I'm sorry.
I really never put that much effort into my mind maps.
They are usually made up of circles and arrows in different shades of pink.
To the dude who did the mind map above,
Can you do my notes next time???
Pwetty pwease with cherries on top!



Outta random piccies.

Chao chao~

Going out with the Hunnie tomorrow!!

Merry the Xmas yo~

Yes people.
I am finally back under my comfy comforter.
And the only thing that changed is that I have "grown" a very terrible cough plus I brought home some regrets.
But we shall get to the part later.

Please note that I have updated 3 yes THREE very very long posts on my holiday.
So be nice and read lar.
Even if you don't want to I will live in denial and take it as my posts are read and you people did enjoy it.

This post is going to be more in the present and more recent.
I don't like living in the past you know. hee~

Christmas Eve

Was very normal.
Not that my family does the whole Christian celebration thing.
But we usually do go out to celebrate.

This time we did not because we just came back from a week of holidays.
And my mum and bro fell sick.
Like really sick.
So there really wasn't any mood.

And don't get me talking about my dinner that night.

Went to this place called Mama Chops & Papa Grills in Aman Suria near my place.
Usually they serve pretty decent-makes-your-tummy-smile food.
But they were so busy that night.
Things were horrendous!!
They forgot my order! *pouts*
I think I had to wait for like 40 min before they serve me my meal which was the same meal my sister ordered but she got hers earlier.
And the waitress didn't let me cancel my order when my siblings finished their share and I wanted to leave *pouts*
Waited until I die of hunger.
And when the food finally came.
I ate a mouth and felt full -_-''
So no appetite.
Had to force myself to finish it.

Reached back home.
Came online.
Chatted with a few people I usually would't chat.
So in a way, I did enjoy the final hours of Christmas Eve.


I was suppose to teman my Hunnie at her Hubby's party!!!
But I couldn't.
Sorry hunnie~

My mum was really sick.
And daddy had to go to work.
So I gotta stay back home, be a big girl not physically lar and take care of stuff.
Stuff which includes being my brother's driver, going out to buy lunch blablabla.
Wasn't too bad lar.

And I spent my Christmas Day finishing my 3 long posts.
For you people!
Am I nice or nice?

You can always get me a Christmas present as a token of thanks *hinthint wink*

Boxing Day

Today's Boxing Day!
When we eat Chicken Boxing!
I was just being lame.
But Boxing Day does exist (check Wikipedia)
And there's definitely the existence of Chicken Boxing.
You mean you never had it? You poor starved souls.

I spent my Boxing Day waking up early to go to gym.
But it's holiday season and there is no Yoga class for today.
Which means that I am so going to be dead when I go for the next Yoga class available 2 weeks later because I would have been missing a month plus worth of Yoga.
All hail pain and ouches!

However, I managed to perservere and had a 2 hour of hopefully working workout.
And then I treated myself to a yummy Kenny Rogers lunch. A healthy one no worries.
Stef! I'm sorry woman. Couldn't wait for you. hee~

Since when did my blog become a daily diary???
I need to find a real life.


I think I'll blog about the regrets another day.

Or I would really look like I have no life.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No longer how it was~

Cameron Highlands.

That's where we went for our REAL family holiday.

Why did I say this is a real family holiday?
Because for once it's just the immediate family and not a whole load of packing like I'm moving house what not.
Don't get me wrong.
I LOVE holz with the extended family.
But it gets abit tiring since my mum especially have to get so many things ready.
Eventhough Cameron Highlands was not exactly very relaxing, at least my mum did not had to prepare so much mar.


I was so deadly sick the day before but thanks to antibiotics I could wake up at 7 to go on the trip.
Yay antibiotics *rolls eyes*

Took the Tapah road.
Purposely asked Daddy to drive slower cause I don't wanna die of vomitting.
I still remembered the last time I went Cameron Highlands, the drive was so bad I swear I will never go to Camerons again unless there's a helicopter for me.



+ Part of Bala's Holiday Chalet +

We chose Bala's Holiday Chalet cause I always liked old English/Tudor designs.
But my dad was complaining about it being owned by Indians.
Yes. He's being abit the racist.
But the place is awesome lar!!!!!
Plenty of places to take photo.
Would be a real sweet place to go with your other half and just stroll about.
At least it isn't as noisy and commercialized as other hotels mar.

+ The attic room where us 4 siblings slept +


+ The poser family +

The photo above was taken in the small garden in front of our suite.
More scenery pictures in my Facebook.


+ We look awesome I know +

Actually when we reached the place, it wasn't ready yet so we headed out to visit Cameron Highlands.
Since when did Cameron Highlands become so HOT?!?!!?

And this!

+ WTF? +


I swear I did not lie to you.
An effing traffic jam in Camerons!!!!!!
You know how much I detest traffic jams.
Mood spoilers!

We went to one of the roadside markets, then to Raaju's Strawberry Farm then went down to Cactus Valley.
Most of the time we were doing the walking while my Dad and Lil-est Bro rested.
Reason number 1 is due to the fact that the lil bro was feeling unwell
and second reason is because they're both LAZY. ROFL!

+ Cute cacti +

+ At the Agroculture ihavenoideawhatitsnameis. Tomatoes! +

+ Posing at the Cactus Valley +

Actually there are plenty more photos of the places we visited.
But I'm honestly getting very sien and lazy to blog about that.
Facebook people!

+ The fireplace and Christmas tree at the chalet's restaurant+

Love the deco of the restaurant.
Quaint old English~

+ The Tea Room. You gotta admit we can pose owhkay +

In the afternoon we had lunch at Tanah Rata.
Food was so-so and abit the expensive.
At night we headed to Brinchang for dinner.
Damn jam! *headache *

We had dinner at this place called Oldies & Goodies cause it seemed the least packed.

+ Tofu with 3 types of mushroom *thumbs up* +

+ Prawn wanton *double thumbs up* cause I love prawns especially when I don't need to peel them..hee! +

+ CLOCKWISE: Fried Cabbage with XO sauce *thumbs up*. Mixed Roast *thumbs flat*. Foo Yong Egg *thumbs down* +

+ The wanton noodles my bro and sis had. *thumbs flat* +

Overall the meal was again abit overpriced.
But I think prices of food increases as the height of land increases. ROFL!
Sorry. Lame joke.

After dinner we headed to one of the hotels, Cameron Highlands Resort to take photos cause they had pretty bright deco for Xmas.

+ What did I tell you about my family being posers? +

Then Daddy receive a call and his friend were actually in Cameron Highlands.
So we went down to Tanah Rata to meet them.

Tanah Rata changed damn alot ddi owkay!
They had a new bus terminal it made the whole place looked like Puduraya!
Which is why I now dub Tanah Rata as the Puduraya of Cameron Highlands.

And which Puduraya would be complete without this:

+ Beggars! ROFL! +

My mum was laughing so hard when she saw us posing like that.
I think she was feeling very the embarassed. HEE!

+ Yes. Looking for food in rubbish bin is a must at Puduraya +

Daddy stayed a while and chatted.
His friend had a daughter which had really really mesmerizing eyes.
And I was busy having a show-your-tongue war with one of his sons. HEE!

We went back to Bala's after that.
I was feeling damn tired and sleepy but for some weird reason couldn't fall asleep.

Not only I heard 3 different kinds of snores (Daddy, Lil Sis & Lil-est Bro).
I had to sleep only on my right side and it was so uncomfortable I was close to getting cramps.
And they had the doa at 5.30 in the morning! for half an hour! ZOMG!

Noise-cancelling earphones did not help this time.

I only managed to fall asleep at 6am but I had to wake up at 8am cause I promised my bro we would go for breakfast.
We were that stupid.
To wake up after 2 hours of sleep, have a super expensive breakfast in the cold garden just so we can feel how the English people feel.
Which btw did not work very well.

It's not worth the price. Not the meal at least.
But the experience of being dumb and stupid yet having breakfast in that beautiful surrounding probably pays lar.

+ Very expensive breakfast. Typical American breakfast plus a set of scones +

I just realised that pic only got the drinks and not food. -_-''
Nevermind. Facebook!

After breakfast, we went back to the room.
Took a few more pics.
Checked out.
For the weirdest reason, their check out time is 11am. o.O

Left using the Simpang Pulai road.
Damn long.
Damn far.

+ The view by Simpang Pulai roads +

Goodbye Camerons.

Why did you have to change so much??

Falling sick during holz is potong~!

After a night's rest with my very comfy comforter which at that point I found was not satisfying enough,
I woke up next day to prepare to go PD.

My hectic holiday schedule states I'm suppose to go to PD with my extended family the day after I'm back from Penang.

As much as I was looking forward to the holz, the lack of sleep prove to tire me.

Packed my things in the morning.
Headed to PD after lunch.
We brought so many things along we were that close to look like we're actually moving house

The drive was pretty pleasant.
Except when my parents started debating about the Touch 'n Go card.
They weren't arguing.
They were trying to amuse us by debating over I have no idea why they were debating over a darn card.
But well.
They did well in the amusing-my-children-with-funny-debates-department

I think we reached PD about 2 something.
Sorry. Brain got fried. Bad memory when it comes to details.
As a matter of fact, my brain probably became useless since I left it in KL while I was in Penang and when I came back it was fried by my fever some more.
So I guess it's kinda not working now lar hor.

Paiseh. Lame ad break there. HEE!

When it comes to holidays/outings/meet-ups with my extended family (daddy's side).
There is one thing that NEVER lacks.
+Yummy home-made Ah Ma's yam cake +


You can never ever ever ever lack food in this family.
We eat all day!
Me no joke you.
Explains the amount of weight I'm going to gain during CNY. Sigh.
But the food's awesome.
So why complain?!?!

We were at the hotel's corridor wondering which room was ours.
The moment I saw tons of slippers and hell load of noises, I was pretty sure that room belongs to us.
And true enough, it was. HEE!

As a matter of fact,
Damn a lot of food + Whole load of noises = My family.
*clap clap*

Guess what's the first thing we did when we reach there?


How clever of you. ROFL~

+ Posing with food +

I think for that meal there was Laksa, Kunyit Chicken, Red Wine Chicken, Roasted Duck, Braised Duck Wings, Yam Cake and at least 3 kinds of greens.
To me that's alot lar owhkay.

Eat until so damn full.

+ Love Me, Love the Laksa. HEE! +

Besides eating, there really isn't much to do.
The swimming.
Did went for a lil swim.
Was really boring actually considering the fact that I do go there every year.
I think the swim caused me to be sick though.

It was drizzling when we went into the pool.
Then I did not have a towel after we came out of the pool cause I gave it to my freezing skinny cousin sis.
I'm fat mar. More penebat haba.

Pit stop!

+ They still love each other lar. HEE!! +

After the swim, I was so bored I decided to go walk walk.
Then that got boring so I took down my laptop and started looking for connection.
Before that, let me clarify to a certain family-man:
I was so bored Internet was a way to release boredom kie.
And my mum sent me to look for Internet wan owhkie. BLUEH~!

Back back

+ At the hotel lobby stealing their connection. ROFL! +

+ I finally look less fat in a pic. YAY ME!!! +

+ Beauties at the (fake) beach. Trying to act hiao. ROFL! +

Owh owh.
Before we started being silly and pose, we had a mole-removal session.
And I look so the effing terrible now.

We had this look:

Painful lar owhkie!
And freaking itchy.
When parents believe your mole determines your luck, this is what happens.
I had to get rid of this mole by my left eye cause it signifies tears O.o
Hopefully it does what it says it does lar.

After that we went for a drinking session at the hotel's pub/bar.
There was a live band playing and the lady was trying to flirt with my bro and coussie bro.

+ Us five +

I tell you arh.
Kiddos nowadays all can't wait to grow up.
All want alcohol.
I know I know.
No more alcohol.
But cocktail not too bad mar. I had Pina Colada.

+ " Aiyoh! Headachelar..." ROFL! "

However, even after the really awesome day-night.
I fell sick.
Bloody annoying kie!

That night itself I felt so cold I swear I never felt as cold before in my entire life.
And my throat feels like it's planning to suicide.

Only when my mom came into the room in the morning then I was "diagnosed" with a fever.
I did not see a doctor and only took Panadol.
The really annoying part was when my fever kept recurring and I have to take stupid Panadol.

So I spent 2 days lying in bed feeling like an absolutely dead lump of fat.

Especially when everyone went swimming!

I even had to give up the BBQ!!!
Although I heard that the food was eeeyuck~
I wanted to go try mar.

I ended up coming home feeling damn sick and I still had to go Cameron Highlands the next day.
Went to the doctor.
Got really horrible medicine.
Don't underestimate the smallest pills.
They are the MOST horrible.
I kept having a terrible bitter aftertaste.

The art of PLAY

The Play Therapy Workshop Trip.
Also known as the BOLD Workshop though I no longer can remember what it stands for lar.
And yeap.
Play can help with healing psychological issues.
Obviously not a 100% sure-fire-must-work way. Nothing is that way anyway.
But it is one of those ways which has proven to work for kiddos.

Pretty cool eh?

Playing and helping people at the same time.
Really depends though.
Cause I still have to get through my fear of lizards or I risk never being able to play with the scary fake lizards. Sigh.

The workshop did help me gain a lot more insight to how Play Therapy is though.
It isn't as different as I thought it would be but definitely I was caught by a few surprises here and there.

You know what?

I damn malas to blog about Play Therapy especially when I have a few more posts to be finished by today.
Ask me about it and I shall tell you.
I have a recording of a mock Play Therapy Session too.

Back to Penang.
Was hectic I would say.
And I did not get to go to the BEACH!
My only regret.
Which is lasting till now.

The nearest I got to the beach was a beach on Gurney Drive.
And that isn't exactly a beach if you ask me.

+ View from YMCA hostel +

+ The bedroom. Near the door is Jenna's bed. The middle one is Sam. And I'm obviously taking the photo from my bed so you can't see it. And yes. I shared a room with a couple ROFL. +

1st day lunch was at some "high-class" mamak.
Cut-throat price + not good food = not very nice lunch.
But we deal with it like mature adults lar.

We stayed at the YMCA hostel.
It obviously isn't any 5 -star hotel what not.
But still comfortable enough for me to sleep my nights away.
Sam is a terrible sleeper. Kept Jenna awake with his snores and teeth grinding.
The budak is too stressed lar sleeping in a room with pretty girls who nag him all the time cause he was sick.

+The X'mas Deco in Queensbay Mall +

We were supposed to go to the Batu Ferringhi Beach the night we went Queensbay Mall.
STUPID RAIN! *cursecursecurse*
It's the newest mall in Penang if I did not mistaken.
But still.
We've got so darn many malls like that in KL.
Spent 3 hours there.
Met Sam's bro.
Besides being physically different from Sam, I seriously think they have the same sort of attitude.
Owh. He brought along his gf too. She has nice eyes. Heee~
And he belanja-ed us dinner.
Mine took so long and it was so steaming hot I think I burnt my throat at the end of the day.
Was too hungry to take photos.
It was some Taiwan-themed Restaurant. Pretty awesome actually!

Went back to the hostel and time to hit my head on the pillow.
At that point I think I still had less than 10 hours sleep for the past 48 hours so you can guess how lethargic I was ddi.
Sleep soundly WITHOUT snoring unlike a certain friend. ROFL!

Breakfast was at one of the hostel's restaurant called "Bird's Nest Heaven".
Owh. Sam. You still owe me a bird nest meal yea? HEE!
Because we stayed in a 3 + 1 person room type, we had 4 coupons.
But technically the 4th person is non-existent cum invisible so we only really needed 3 coupons.

But why waste?
Free food owhkay.
Nice or not nice different matter.
So on the table of 3, we got 4 huge plates of breakfast sets.
Not really that huge lar. Was trying to exaggerate only. heee~
Breakfast was pretty similar on all 3 days.
They only made miserable kiamsiap changes here and there.
But owh well, we were kept full and that's all that matters.

The 2nd and 3rd day was mainly dedicated to the workshop.
9am to 5 pm is no joke.
The first day of the workshop which is the 2nd day of the trip was more on the theory part of Play Therapy. How it works and sorts.
The 2nd day of the workshop which is the 3rd day of the trip was more on putting theory into practice.
So it was definitely more fun than the previous day.

+ The venue for our workshop. I think it's the Stamford-Disted College +

We played an ice-breaking game known as "Egg, Chicken, Dinosaur" game.
Explains our weird pose below.

+ From the cute Jenna egg to the ugly distorted Sam chicken to the fat huge eVie dinosaur +

+ "AAAHHHH!! Flasher!!" +

+ "No no no! Don't come after me!!! " +

Now we all know how horny Jenna is yea?
No lar.
We came back after lunch and no one was back yet so being really bored, we came up with scenes like this.

This donkey was absolutely adorable!
I wished it was named Sam but too bad, its name is Jack. Potong huh~ HEE!
Damn cute wan~
Me and Jenna were walking into the Learning Disability Centre area when we saw the donkey from afar.
I initially thought it was a pony because in my schema, donkeys aren't that big and healthy looking. SOrry for the stereotype lar.
But then when it saw people, it came running to the front of the cage going "Hee Haw Hee Haw"!
And it sounded so SO cute!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry. Being abit the city girl, I've never heard a donkey going like that before.
Though I still think Eeyore is the cutest donkey ever. HEE!

+ Meet Jack +

+ Us and Jack +

After workshop on 1st day,
We headed to Gurney Drive to makan.
Can die I tell you.

And it had to rain halfway.
No beach.
Only running in rain.
And the food wasn't super good also kie.

But I did meet Wen!
Damn surprise.
She was there with her uni buddies I think. HEE~

+ Us at Gurney Plaza +

+ The cutest couple ever kan?????! +

+ Me and Jenna during carolling rehearsal +

I think I mix up all my events ddi.
But I don't think you really care right?
I don't even think this post is interesting.
I'm such an uninteresting person!!!! *emo moment*


After the rain at Gurney plaza,
We went to Batu Ferringhi night market.
I only bought a pair of flip flops for RM10.
Everything else was !*@&!^#&*^# expensive!

Owh. And during the 2nd day of workshop, we went to visit the hospital.
Paedetric ward.
I saw this really cute girl but she don't want to take photo with me.
And the head nurse was being really mean to us.

+ To celebrate the last night +

We had our own mini Booze night on the last night. Complete with cakes and all. ROFL!

+ Sam not giving his gf the alcohol she want. HEE! +

+ When you don't tolerate your gf, nahaslar you~ +

+ When couples go high with 5% alcohol -_-'' +

+ How can we not have group photo right?? +

+ Getting ready to go to the orphanage +

Before I continue,
Let me introduce to you this guy:

+ Nelson the balloon man +

I knowlar cannot see his face clearly but he makes the most zha dou jokes EVER.

Let me ask you,
Which place in M'sia has the most lengzais and lengluis??
Chee Cheong Kai/Petaling Street because the vendors always go "Lengzai! Lenglui! Buy buy!"


You know what does HELP stands for?
Not Higher Education Learning Philosophy.
At least not in Nelson's dictionary.
to him it stands for:

Higher Education LOWER PAYMENT

I don't know what to say anymore.

Back to my last day of trip,
We went to the Ramakrishna Orphanage to celebrate and early Xmas with them.
Food, sketch, merry carolling.

Yeap. I summarize that in 4 words. Got problem?

+ That's my group with Sam trying to "fit in" Heeee! +

+ The pretty facilitators of Group 1 : Ping, Me and Jenna +

After the pretty tiring "exercise" with kiddos,
we went back to the hostel to pack up.

Headed to lunch in Air Itam since we're supposed to visit the Kek Lok Si Temple.

I had:
+The famous "Tisu" Laksa. +

They say it's just a rumour that tissue is added.
But well, no harm eating tissue for once if it's real kan?

Walked up to Kek Lok Si temple but it was too hot to continue any further.
And got nothing to shop!

Went to the bust station about 5pm.
Sat the Transnasional bus home. Just 4 of us: Me, Sam, Jenna and Nelson.
The rest were in Konsortium bus.
Was stuck in the bloody Penang Bridge jam for 1 and 1/2 hours. CAN DIE!

Reached Puduraya at 11 something close to 12.
So terrible lar the area there.
Jenna's Uncle and Auntie dropped me at McD.

Waited for mummy.
And HOME!!!

I did miss home lar owhkay.