Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So not going to procrastinate next sem! JEEZ~


I'm not procrastinating.

So not.

I have my MC100 textbook in front of me lar owhkay.

Which means I'm not procrastinating.


No. I'm not procrastinating.


I am so living in denial-land *rolls eyes*

Can't help it.
I got so many awesome quotes to share with you people!
And some friend of mine complained I never update my blog when he himself privatize his darn blog because he couldn't get his emo picture to look fine.


Quotes, Quotes, Quotes!

Do you people know Freud's theory?
If you don't. You so have to.
Not that it is interesting unless you are some horny, pervert-ish, I-have-no-better-way-of -interpreting-my-dreams person.
But yea.
The dude who talks about our unconscious, suppressed/repressed unsolved issues.
Dream of coconut tree. Penis. Dream of house. Vagina. Dream of pencil. Penis. Dream of pot. Vagina. -_-''
You cannot not know him.
People who don't take Psychology are very aware of Mr.Freud here owhkay.
His full name is Sigmund Freud btw. SAMMUND Freud! *rofl* - inside joke
And he has this super chun theory on our Id (who wants pleasure all the time), Superego (the on who says "No. Wrong! Cannot! Don't! Stop!") and Ego (which mediates the other 2 and makes the best choice).

Don't understand?
This short quote should help you understand that concept better.

"Remember Freud's Superego-Id-Ego theory?
So, the Id wants to have sex with a chicken,
But the Superego says 'no!' because it is socially unacceptable.
How does Ego solve the problem?

Have sex in a chicken suit!"
- Ms. W, PSY 103 Aug 2007 class-

Zomgwtf. -_-''

And I have a very interestingly-boring lecturer who said this:

You know?
I like Dora the Explorer.
*whole class stone*
She speaks Spanish.
Uno Nachos Astalavista Baybeh."
-Mr. J PSY 106 Aug 2007 Class -

'Dora the Explorer' is a kiddo cartoon series.
And yes. She speaks Spanish.
But obviously not like what I mentioned. And obviously he did speak correct Spanish.
I just can't remember.

You want to know how boyfriends can lie so well?

"*talking bout another girl while sitting next to gf*
*GF gives the look*
You know arh...when I like M for so long....I could never imagine how she looks like without seeing her.
But my baby different. Always can see her in my mind"
- Someone. in MC100 tutorial class. -

Never underestimate a guy's awesome topic changing skills.

Last but not least, my 2383846386346389 silly quote:

"Eh, got 6 guys going right?
*starts doing some weird mental calculation*
*very excitedly says* That means you will either sit next to a guy or a girl!!"
- Someone. Food Foundry 2007 on a rainy day -

No. Apparently I am going to end up sitting beside a mouse. -_-'' -_-'' -_-''

I can tell you I got more quotes than that. I have the weirdest friends and lecturers EVER!
But I cannot remember.
And I so should get back to work.



Someone save me before my Birthday comes.

Friday, November 23, 2007

~ ArT of PrOcRaStInaTion ~

1) Pictures from ACP Shelter 1 trip
2) Lunch at Ajisen Ramen
3) ACP Team Makan-makan

so MUCH to blog

Thanks for always being there.
Don't feel bad if you can't help.
We both know that sometimes there are things that only we can deal by ourselves.
Your presence is already the greatest blessing

*back to PSY 103 & MC100 revision*

Friday, November 16, 2007

"Of humping hamsters, kidnapping-in-action and crazy friends"


Yesterday was damn eventful wei.
My energy was so depleted by the end of the night I was pooped.
But I still couldn't fall asleep until 3am -_-''

How did my day start??

I went to college to attend class.
As usual. Apa nak buat? Good girl mar. Hee!
It was LLS101 when the day became crazier.

My hunnie who was obviously VERY fascinated by her humping hamsters decided to tell us the whole story IN DETAIL.
Next time, don't give your friends a pair of hamsters for Birthday present unless you want to be brainwashed. I learnt my lesson.
You want to know her level of fascination?
This lady ditched her Sociology homework for 20 minutes to watch hamster hump for well 20 minutes.
I really don't want to go into details as I am as pure and innocent as can be.
But I honestly laughed till I had stitches.
It wasn't the details I was laughing about kie!
It was my hunnie's 1001 facial expression as she animatedly tell her story that made me laugh so much.
The amusement + amazement shown on her face when she went "I have never seen anything do it so fast!!" is worth a million bucks wei. *ROFL*!!!!!!!

Just as I thought my day would return to normal as I sat dying of boredom in my LLS101 THREE hour class,
I had my expectations changed.
Super kinky wei this woman~~~~
Not to mention the other 3 himbos in my group aren't exactly the purest of people.
In Kah Meng/Terence's words "Wobly wobly"
Yes. You can now see the suffering/tormentation/torturing I have to go through everyday for the next 3 years of my life. Yay me *rolls eyes*
Seriously, I was laughing so bad in class and the worst part is that I had to stifle my laughter cause there were presentations going on in class.
I mean. We have to respect people lar owhkay.
So I avoided seeing Shyuan.
Cause everytime I look at her all I want to do is laugh.

The next part is even more awesome.

It was Jian's birthday yesterday.
And come on.
Which friend of ours would have a birthday without any surprise? Tormentation more like it lar.
We all WALKED back to main block.
All of us (Me, Shyuan, KM, Terence, Khoi Yit) teman-ed Jian to KM's car to see his birthday pressie.
Which was obviously non-existent.
So while we got him to back-face the car, konon wanna take his birthday surprise, we got the guys to grab him and started using bandana to tie him up!
Blindfold him and tied up both his hands and legs. HEE!
He ended up looking like this:


And he was literally like that throughout the 45 mins - 1 hour trip.

You think that's bad enough?
People like me and Shyuan are feeling so bored in the jam.
We had him to entertain us.

So being tied up is not too bad really.
Especially when you compare being tied up + blindfolded + being TICKLED + being MOLESTED when you are running some fever and is badly dehydrated.
We were that nice to Jian.
Can't help it!
Bored lar owhkay!!!

And the perfect way to see whether the blindfold worked?


Did I mention we were busy camwhoring in the car too?
I mean, bullying got sien till a point too mar until we found other new fun ways to bully again. HEE!


+No. My hunnie is not so short. Neither are we so tall. Just that she was lying on her Hubby's LAP WHILE he's DRIVING. Dangerous people. +

While we in one car were busy being "serious"
Those in the other car were being kinky.


+TSK! what has the world become?!? +

I got the videos of us bullying him but really not going to put it on my blog just in case I get sued and because I'm lazy. -_-''

We drove him to some steamboat place in Cheras.
And for the last 2 minutes, we just kept TOTAL SILENCE.
Even turned off the radio.
KM some more started driving out of control on purpose.
I think it freaked Jian out like crazy.

When we finally reached the restaurant.
We untied him, but still kept the blindfold ON!
And he looked like this:


+Yes.Yes. Very blur. I still haven't found the anti blur mode. But you get the gist lar+

Little Red Riding Hood was literally led into the restaurant, hood, blindfold and all.
You should have seen the looks on the faces of passer-bys.
All were o.O or O.O
The lady boss of the restaurant even thought we were filiming a movie. -_-''
See Jian!
You're a movie star on your birthday.

We left him tied like that till KM & Shyuan ran across to Secret Recip and got him a cake.
Then we untie the blindfold of very "freaked-out" Jian and sang Happy Birthday.


+Very happy + hungry + freaked out Birthday Boy. SMILE! +

Now. Let's move on to food.
Porridge steamboat.


+Steamboat ingredients +


+Put food into the steamboat and wait, wait, WAIT+




+ Finally!! MAKAN!! Chiak!!! +


+What was left+

It wasn't wasted owhkie.
We played "chai mui" I think.
And whoever loses has to eat one scoop of the icky thicky leftover porridge + oil + soy sauce + chilli sauce.
Awesome people when it comes to saving food. HEE!

I forgot to introduce the Kidnapping team.


+Retarded Mastermind Kidnapper who was also the driver+


+Lady Boss Kidnapper. Don't play play~ +


+Naik Miang Kidnapper. Kinky~~~ +


+Poser Kidnapper -_-'' +

and last but not least. *DRUMROLL*


+Cutest Kidnapper ever! Who really does not look any part a kidnapper but is awesome at acting as a mean kidnapper+


My verdict for the day?

1. Poor KM. Not only he had to make so many rounds with his poor almost-out-of-petrol car, he had to be the ONLY banana in the group who doesn't understand Chinese. Imagine the gibberish he hears when we ALL speak mandarin. "Wo bu zhi dao nei gong ha mi". -_-''

2. We all have wonderful potential to be kidnappers and the most muka tembok platinum people ever.

3. Jian is so uber sporting. I am not. So my birthday surprise will be perfectly sweet with just smses of Happy Birthday. ALRIGHT?!

4. I bloody enjoy yesterday lar. And you donkey idiots are turning me more into Himbos!! NOOOOOO~!~!~ Ooo...wobly wobly~ -_-''



+Mwahs! Love you hunnie~ Awesome effects huh??+


Hope you enjoyed your birthday BOY!!!

More pics available on my Facebook.


Shootz! Need to do work ddi!!

Someone teach me how to make a photo collage with Adobe Photoshop!
Hell! I don't even know how to put captions on the pics.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

" ZOMG! "

I officially dubb me self the most awesome PROCRASTINATOR in the world~

Can I hear some claps please?


Been going out pretty much.
I like.
But thinking about workload cuts A WHOLE LOAD of fun I tell you.

Last night,
It was Williams with Yinxie, Sian Hoo & Hwee Sann.
Don't tell me about the horror stories Williams have. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! Let me live in denial won't you?

Had the Roti Triple H. Dark lighting. Cannot see clearly what I'm eating.
But Williams have like tons of really good looking food which amuses me that they don't have a bloody menu noobies like me can refer too. AARR!

Talk for about 2- 3 hours.
And my mum calls me home.
Was driving mer. No one fetch. BOOHOO~

As a matter of fact, I was kinda worried that there would be awkward silences.
Not my usual bunch of peoeple.
Nevertheless, we were all friend-friend and manage to really crap damn alot!

As for today,
I was suppose to be a good girl.
Do my work at home.

Got crappy besties like Sam to tempt you to go have FATTENING desserts at Food Foundry.

Before I continue.

%5E#*^@&^#&!^@!%@#& policemen!
Was damn bloody jam from Seksyen 17 to Jalan Duta.
All because 2 policemen had to close 4 lanes in ONE lane for gawd knows what reason.
I was late 45 mins and I DUN USUALLY REACH LATE!

Anyway, met Sam.
I'm good at finding my way.
Reached Food Foundry in no time.

I so ter-forgot to take photos of the place and ambience.
Pretty nice I would say.
Perfect weather, emo songs, yummy desserts.
Bad company. HEE!!!
AWESOME company.
Forgive the photo qualities.
NOOB owhkay?!

+ The evil friend who tempted me to procrastinate. So lengzai hor? Sorrylar. Dude taken. HEE! +

+His yummy main course which according to him is not so yummy. GLUTTON! +


+ DESSERTS!!! DESSERTS!!! The 3 "cakes" are actually Miles Crepes. If I remember, I'll google a definition for you kie? And in the middle is my all-time favourite Bread & Butter Pudding which Sam has never eaten before. HOW SAD IS THAT?! +

I didn't try the main course.
So I don't know how delicious it is.
Sam never offered me.
But the menu looks pretty enticing and the food waiters brought out looks pretty good.

The desserts???
and very the bloody fulfilling.
I still prefer Italliannies Bread & Butter pudding but this one is alright.
The Miles Crepe however,
Especially Chocolate & the Vanilla+ Strawberry.

Will bring my other besties (Shyuan & Stef) to go makan one day.
Prince-cess, you wanna go? No bitter stuff wor...HEE!

We sat there for like 5 hours plus.
Just talking.
The both of us do a hell of an awesome job crapping.
We had "table drawing" lar, "chopstick therapy" lar.
And it was just damn a lot of fun!
5 hours with desserts & drinks.
C'est La Vie~

Thanks for the belanja-ing.
We go makan next time I belanja lar yar?
Ali Maju!
and zomgwtf I am NOT craving for "him" you donkey! neither am I addicted! *smack*


OWH! Damn rain and thunder on Thurs night woke me up at 3am and I couldn't sleep after that!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

" My baby is white and has pink clothing!! HEE~! "


*jumps jumps*

*prance prance*

*spins around*

I've got my baby~
Neh neh neh neh booboo~

Whoever who thinks it's a guy again, kindly head to the nearest wall and bang your head. Please and thank you.

SONY T-70!!!!!!!!


Finally a camera!!!

Can camwhore ddi!!

Please don't be a potong stim person and tell me all about T-70 being not good...
I don't care but I don't wanna hear it either!


Anyone who spoils my hoi sam today is going to get a kick on his/her behind...

I bought it from 1u.
Cam + Leather casing + 1GB memory + min tripod = RM1399
I personally think it's tad expensive and I could probably find cheaper ones somewhere DON'T TELL ME!
But I like it's whiteness and pink leather casing...sue me~

More pics!!!
For me bloggie!!
then my chatbox wun be so dead!

Happy happy me~ *beams*

I couldn't sleep last night
Got thunder, heavy rain and lil brother asking candy *ROFL!!*
No lar.
Don't know why couldn't sleep last night.
Should have been able to.
Since I was out pretty late, the temperature was just right and it was raining not so heavily.

Owh yea.
I was out pretty late.
Till about 2am.
Not my fault if I happen to be on someone's last-minute-last-in-mind-spontaneous person.

*phone rings*
"Wei blablabla got 2 extra movie tix in midvalley at 9.30 pm for bee movie"
"You wanna ask me to go then say lar! *laughs*"

I had to "beg" my mum to let me out.
All the drama on my knees lar, crying lar, begging lar
Again, whoever who believed that, head to the nearest wall and do your thing.MWEEHHEHEH!

Speed all the way to Midvalley.
And you expect me to believe you drive slowly in the rain *pfft*

Reached Midvalley halfway through the show..or more than half.
Watched the really absurd Bee Movie.
Imagine losing your bf/gf to a BEE!
Like ZOMG~
Eii!! She very pretty lar~ Don't jealous yea? MWEHEHEHEHEHEH!

Left about 11+ from Midvalley cause we didn't want to go clubbing.
Waiting for you Stef!!!!!
As usual, headed to Starbucks.
Got 2 stickers on the Christmas Card thingy even when only one drink was bought.
Hey~ It always pays to have a pretty girl by your side *KEMBANG*
Sat down and by 12am they started turning off the lights.
realised it wasn;t a weekend and they close by 12.
apparently they are not in the Deepavali spirit lar.

Doesn't matter.
Sat in the car for another hour chatting.
Didn't wanna give money to McDs.
Sat until ticket expire -_-''

Then came home.
Sms people until 3am.
And woman, I DO stay up for you kie~

Insomnia came knocking on my door then.
I told you the smell of your espresso made me not sleep. Hmph~

Went to Digital Mall today.
So headed off to 1u.
Waited about 15 mins for a parking and found one!
I'm awesomely lucky at this finding-parking issue.

Bought my baby!!!!!!!!!



Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"I don't love you and never did by the way"

In reply to my previous post,



After all the sweat, blood, rants, tears I went through,
I managed to write up 28 pages of pure nonsense which I honestly pray won't put my tutor or lecturer to sleep whoever is marking my paper lar that is.

I'M DONE!!!!

*prances around*

I worked hard for it kie?
Not very hard lar. Just had to make up for the time I procrastinated -_-''

Now, I'm going to be a good girl and work really well on my PSY 103 because my favourit-est funny teacher Ms.Winnee is going to give us a hard time marking it.
She maybe funny but really not the person you want to mess with when it comes to reports, assignments, essays, EXAMS and what not.
Speaking bout exams.
I'm worried for her paper.
Last semester I found her paper pretty tough. Couldn't understand it perfectly.
Maybe it's just me being lazy/stupid.

I also very the hoi sam!!
I got 23.5/25 for my LLS101 Midterms!!!!!!!
I tembak-ed the WHOLE essay.
Tembak it more than LAN kie? LAN you know~
Don't play play.

*jumps around*

I feel so letih now.
Gonna sleep.
Less than 10 hours sleep in the past 48 hours.


Now I can't staple it together...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

"I bet you wish she glows~"

Nothing like company of a bestie in times when you just feel like banging your head on the wall because you realise you know nuts about your assignment due in 2 days time and you have yet to get the basic gist of it.

That was a long one.

I got so so so sick of doing PSY106 I went out gaigai today.
Can't help it.
I really am lost ddi. Hello~ Wanting to bang my head against the wall no small ordeal kie?

I really should get back to it.
After blogging.

Went out with the bestie who fetch me from my house.
Yeap. He did~
And he did not lose his way or took one hour to find my house. *ROFL*
Not cause he smart lar. Cause I'm nice enough to give directions. *blueh*
And I did not force him to fetch me, he just feel like fetching me konon.

Headed off to DJ to makan.
Not bad lor the Thai Claypot Chicken Rice. Why didn't you tell me you don't eat onions?????
Then headed off to 1u to watch movie.
My mum asked me, "Why yumcha yumcha then end up at movies wan?" HEE!
Settled on the movie Stardust.

I thought the movie is pretty awesome!
I loved their unexpected scenes like when the witch turned emo and let the couple go but she was actually just acting emo and she turned really ugly and tried to kill them.
I loved Robert DeNiro's acting as a somewhat sissy fashion advisor, homely dude.
And who could not love the happy-ever-after ending??
Everyone say '"awh~~~~~"

Even when the movie was nice, I thought it got kinda laggy at some parts.

Owh owh~
In the movie, the main actress, who is a fallen star tends to glow whenever she's feeling in love or happy.
And I thought.
I bet guys wish girls would glow like that.
So that they can save the complication of guessing whether the girl they likes likes them back.
Everytime they look at the girl and the girl glows, he would know she likes him even without her saying it.
You mean you didn't know guys stress about this kinda stuff??
They do owhkay. And very often too. *cough* Terence *wheeze* Kah Meng *sneeze*

I've been meaning to blog this for a while now but couldn't because of confidential purposes since someone's birthday is not here yet but it doesn't matter now cause his gf has already told him so I can post about this. I think.


You wanna know how to differentiate between best friend and girlfriend/boyfriend?
Read the convo below:

Bestie, Bestie's GF, Me

"I follow you people back to main block can?"
"I wanna drive lar!!" (Referring to the GF's car)
*bestie passes key to me* "Nah~ Go drive lar"
"EH! Why she can drive I cannot?????"
"Cause he want me to die. Bestie can die. GF cannot die"


You tell me lar.
Jadi bestie what's the point? Will die wan wei~!

Bestie's Job:
1) Pujuk bestie even when he emo-emo knowing the one who can help him is his favourite lecturer.
2) Teman bestie's gf to buy birthday present which is luckily appreciated
3) Kena zha when he pakats with other ppl to zha you
4) Teman bestie at midnight in Starbucks
5) Argue with bestie about me not being in a relationship
6) Help bestie choose blog chatbox colour and failing miserably cause I'm colourblind

I sound like I'm complaining?
No I'm not!
Maybe abit? HEE! But very lil only. Complaining is what I do best.

Having bestie-s are like the best thing.

1. You drunk sms them
2. You get treated your favourite Starbucks Hazelnut Hot Chocolate even if they are duly broke
3. When assignments get into you, they provide you with getaway
4. Emo times means sms them even if it's way past midnight
5. You rant to them
6. You rant to them
7. You rant to them

And it's all worth it.
For a girl who rants her world away.
Having besties who would listen are a priceless gift.


And if you VERY VERY blur people haven't realise.
Me toking bout bestie of the opposite sex.
Not an easy relationship to maintain.
Even more reason to appreciate and treasure it.

My sentences are really really long today for the sole purpose of annoying you readers.

I sayang my Prince-cess and the Emo Half-Girl Boiboi~