Sunday, April 27, 2008

Flickr is not loading on my laptop! GRR!

I am pissed with Flickr.
It's not loading~~~~~~

Yesterday I went out the whole day.

To start off,
I woke up early so I could get ready to somewhat surprise Yin. Heeee~

Got ready.
Headed out to fetch Sann.
Miss called/ Spam called/ Wake up called Xiang a 1001 times.
And all he said when he finally answered my call was "What?????? I wake up ddi la. Blablabla need my beauty sleep"
-_-'' so much for being a kind alarm clock.
After I got Sann, went and fetch Shzen.

Went to Hong Kee dimsum in Damansara Jaya.
Just Me, Yin, Shzen, Sann and Zhan Shuo for the early-morning dimsum breakfast.

We ordered plenty of food.

And the first thing you know is Shzen & Zhan Shuo quarelling over EVERY single thing.
But it wasn't the we're-going-to-bite-each-other's-heads-off arguing.
So I guess that makes their whole argument scene cutee?
And I guess we could all say "AWHHH!!"??



She's so going to eat me for this.


I was feeling so absolutely full because eating oily food in the morning kinda curbs my appetite.
But the yummy food are the oily food.


So you see the annoying irony of it all?

Actually, the whole reason we met yesterday was to celebrate our dear Yinnie's belated birthday.
Apparently the only surprise is that she didn't expect Sann & Shzen to come.

+B'day Gurl!+

+CuteE cupcakes+

+Must take photo with the birthday girl kan? HEE!+

+Korkor didn't wanna let me see the cupcakes! Boooo~+

+My fave pic! rofl~+

After breakfast and blowing the cutee cupcakes.
We headed of separate ways.
Kor send Yinxie home while I sent the two girls home.

We sat in the car in front of Shzen's house discussing how to enjoy our girl's night out.
But she had to leave before we finish discussion.
We gotta plan lar woman!!

Dropped Sann home and waited a while for her to return me some money.
Headed home.

Dropped off my car and went to "Bengkok" with Kor.
He did not magically appear/teleport la. He was outside my house waiting after dropping Yin mar.
Walked around.
Looking for his girlS birthday pressies. Rofl~

Hrm. We should do a ranking list of your most important girls which includes all possible variables la. Then you won't have a headache buying gifts. ROFL!

Found the pressie for one of his girl-friend.
Went hunting for Gloria Jean's.
But did not go in despite passing by the place twice.

Probably due to his sayang-ness to his wallet la.
Instead, we went to Dome to satisfy his cravings.

We ordered our drinks.
Me being the Hot Chocolate connoisseur-wannabe ordered their hot chocolate.
I think I had it the last time I came to Dome but seeing it was 2 years ago, I kinda forgot how it tasted like.


+Him & his drink+

+The not-so-right drink+

The poor boi's drink came but it wasn't what we both expected.
And it was really funny watching him contemplate on how to "voice his opinion" to the supervisor.

Knowing he wouldn't rest until he managed to talk to them.
Which he did.
But did not seem to have much effect.

Ah well.

Such are Malaysians. ROFL!

Walked around some more to get products for Cerena.
Then we had to leave so I can help CremeBrulee COD.
After the COD, we decided to head back to 1u to watch a movie.

Caught "Run Papa Run".
Owhkie. That sounded abit weird. I didn't manage to catch any dad's la. ROFL!

Walked around a fair bit before the movie.
Was looking for pressie for another one of his girl-friends.
I'm serious thinking you should do your list. Heee~

And I was so annoying him at one point he malas to layan me.
You mean (literally) person. Some more say high tolerance. Mwehehehehhee~

The movie was not too bad.
Abit slow-ish at some parts.
Overall not too bad.

The lil gurl was so the adorable!!!!

And it's nicee to know that every guy out there will always have a soft spot for that one girl.
Be it his wife, his daughter, his girlfriend, his affair or some random girl.
I guess that goes to tell that even the most tough-headed person and hard-hearted person will have someone in the world that they are willing to let their guard down for.


Finish watching movie ddi.
Walked around abit more.
Teman him down to KL to get something he forgot to take.
Owh. I trust you alot. Like ALOT owhkie.
By being able to still calmly talk to you in you 140km/h speeding car. -_-'''
Sent me home.


I go 89/100 for my Lab Report! WHEEE~!

I know.
Good, decent updates right?
Been pretty erm indescribable/ (fill in your own word) lately.
But no worries.
Decent update now.

Taking back to long long time ago.
As in before exams la.

Appreciation Lunch for Career Fair.

Basically it's a makan makan for those who had helped out in the recent career fair held by the Career Xploration Club.
Me being the "emcee" whom I'm prety sure did not help out as much as I could have was dutifully invited to join the rest who I'm sure did more.

KFC & Domino's!!

+Shu Ling, Kah Kuan & Xin Yu. These girls are always picture-ready. HEE!+

+John. Ever-ready to makan. He keeps worrying not enough food some more. -__-''+

+Darshini, Liggy, Me & Cha Loo. I should make an effort to get to know these girls better la. Hee~+

+Jun Kit the man. See the way he makan? So macho hor? ROFL~!+

It was just makan and talking around.
Leong gave his less-than-5-minutes-thank-you-speech. Heeee~
I had to leave early to fetch siblings.
Like that is uncommon.

+Kah Kuan, Khoi Yit, Filbert, Leong, Xin Yu, John, Shu Ling, Vin+

Thanks for inviting me!


I went out with my Hunnie & her retarded Husband, himbo Kah Meng on Thursday.
Met them in college at 12 sumthing.

Waited for Shyuan to kao tim her stuff
Sitting in Shyuan's car with KM driving is one of the bravest thing I have ever done.
You are so brave eVie.

When she was done, we headed down to Kenanga, KL to restock their blog.
Online clothes business mar.
I felt so like the biggest jakun there wei.
Too bad it's all wholesales so there is no way I could have gotten one piece of something like that.
Which I think not such a bad thing.
The clothes were cheap, eVie in shopping mood could very well mean I'm on my way to being bankrupt.

We went to makan first.
KM's chap fan was like so expensive!
S0 much for economy rice. Jeez~

Then we started shopping!!!!
KM has bad taste in clothes. *blueh*
After an enjoyable 2 hours of shopping, we were dead tired and had to leave.

Me & Shyuan decided to go catch a movie
and KM couldn't come. WHEEEE~!
He had something to do mar.

When we reached PBD, it was still early.
So KM, who couldn't bear being parted from his wifey even when she was just with me.
Suggested we head for cendol.

+Cendol truck in Bukit Damansara.+

+His retarded yellow car+

+The LOVING couple. Everyone say AWH!+

+The Hunnie & her Gurlie+

Finally, after cendol.
The dude had no reason to stop my hunnie from coming with me.

Us girls headed to Curve so we can catch a movie.
Decided to watch Fool's Gold.
Kate Hudson is hott! So is Matthew Mc-Con-Hot-Bod. I am so lazy to spell his name.
Movie was not scheduled to start in an hour's plus time
So we went to makan.

Since my Hunnie has never been there before.
As usual, took hours minutes to order.
She had a sweet pancake and I had a savoury one

+Her hot chocolate. "Why you didn't remind me to take photo????" ROFL!+

+My SINGLE Latte. ZOMBBQWTF. This caused me to suffer so badly that night.+

+Yummy SWEET pancake+

+Ever-filling SAVOURY pancake. But I liked it even when it made me bloated+

We enjoyed our girlie talk. Which btw is still not enough.

Then we headed for the movie.
So funny!
And pretty disgusting at one part.
But I would say it's simple and enjoyable
Light watching.

Went home after that.
So sleepy.

Couldn't sleep.

My desktop's keyboard is annoying the hell outta me.
And Flickr is not loading on my laptop.

Stopping here first.

Over & out!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I need to blog about my appreciation

Appreciation for who you ask?

My two guy half-girl besties.

I knowla.
Suppose to have proper update kan?
So many things to do.
I owe damn alot of people favour kie.
Must return favour first.

I just can't help but blog about how amusing they were.

One bestie asks me how am I going to face my exams today.
I stress exams mar especially ITC.
So he say he can help me in that.
And I told him the only way he can help me is sit for my exams on Mon.
You know what he say?

"Can. But must go through sex change operation la"

He is willing to become a girl just to sit a stupid 3 hours exam for me.
Actually me thinks he doesn't really want to sit the exam.
He just wants to become as pretty as me.

But yea.
I knowla you wanna help me release stress.
And your lil messages that brighten up my exam stress week.

The other one leh.
SSSHOOOO CUTEE la I tell you!

So afraid/worried/concerned he would miss saying good luck to me for my stressful 5 hours, end up having weird nightmares and cannot sleep.
Send me sms at 4.40am to wish me good luck.
And I woke up for it.
The creepier coincidence is that his name appeared in one of my exam questions today. o.O

Sweetness la~!

At least now I know that besides having to layan everyone else in their life, they still have eVie somewhere in their life who randomly pops up at the randomest times.


This is so a filler post.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Why am I doing this?

You made me do this.
You know who you are. Don't act blur la owhkay.

I have a bloody 5 hour exam on Monday with 2 papers.
One I don't understand nuts.
One I haven't studied finish.
Yay me la.

The next time you think someone is annoying and decide to tell them they are ANNOYING.
Think again.

ANNOYING = A Naughty Naughty Odd Yet Interesting Nicee Guy/Girl

Annoying ppl are not suppose to be nice but calling them ANNOYING is indirectly saying they are oddly nice.
So you shouldn't call them ANNOYING.
Maybe Irritating would insult them more.

And the next time you call me MEAN.
I'll say thank you.

MEAN = ME Am Nicee

I have to thank you for complimenting me on being nice.

And you can never be AWESOME without ME.
Cause that way
You'll just be AWESO.
No ME. No AwesoME.

That's the daughter's version.

The daddy's version is more complicated and more kejam.

Without ME, obviously there's no WE.
So we're only left with A-SO.
Who wants to be A-SO when you can be AWESOME.

You need ME in your life to be Awesome at the end of the day.
Yes. I was still referring to being AWESOME.

If by this time you feel like punching me,
You so totally deserve to feel like that.
I feel like banging my own head on the table.

After a whole month of not blogging, this is what I come up with?
Assignments & Finals don't do me good.
Don't expect much.

Owhkay owhkay!
Don't give up on me la....*pouts*

I promisee a hopefully nicee update once I'm done with the 5 hour torture on Monday kie?

eVie promise!

And zomb~
I can't believe you made me update my blog for such a silly reason.
Happy now?
You better read this post a 1001 times and more kie!
Specially for you.
Or better still. You should pay me for promoting.
Price to be determined later.