Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Ugly Truth of life

See what I see?

I'm obsessed about food! =D
and posting that convo up is so gonna make me single for a long time to come.

My bestie thinks I'm crazy cause I compare boys to food.
But I think it's true =D

Sorry, this is the effect of stressing for assignment.
I have assignment during Raya. Yay lifeless lifee.

eVie the Food Hunter. WHEEEE~

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bittersweet Ending

To my summer, despite Malaysia's all year round summer =_=''

Before I post about what I did all Summer, I'll just do this special post for the boy who
couldn't pee before his flight
looked damn glad to leave all of us
was touched in some way on the plane
woke me up at 4.49am with his sms
played a cruel joke on me just now

is now in UK, far far away from us. =(

I damn brave didn't cry ddi so stop being mean. =/

Note: Goodbyes, for now. OMFB, Edmund still can pose?!?!?!! =_=''

Note: We were never very close, but it doesn't mean I likee the idea of you being so far away. Technology is not face-to-face. =( Let me emo la kie.

That's all at the moment.
Alot of back-logged posts and back logged WORK.

Byee summer~

Back to work.