Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yalar yalar...
Can stop glaring ddi..
I know I haven't blogged since like urm...the longest time????
Can't really blame me you know..
I take Psych...not exactly the sleep 10 hours and can-blog-very-often degree.....
Or maybe I just have sucky time managment skills..
Or maybe...I have a life besides staring and blogging whole day??

First and foremost, I have a VERY important announcement:



I HAVE FINISHED MY LITERATURE REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*prances around in joy*

I don't have a right to be so joyful??
You have no idea how OCD and lifeless my life become working on this review...
I blame the procrastinator side of me...*points finger at self*

*prances around in joy*

Owh, and for entertainment and wasting-space purposes..
This is an excerpt of a post i wanted to put up last week which unfortunately and obviously did not happen...its the Lit Review's fault lar...and how can i forget? STREAMYX *glares*

"Owhkie...lets not talk bout the part where I rarely update my blog ddi..

And so damn stress.....
I wouldn't say it is becauase of my Lit Review....
Because as masochistic as this sounds....I am actually enjoying the "stress" from my Lit Review........what? Got problem??
If you people have been communicating with me recently you would know how much my blood pressure has been rising all thanks/no thanks to Streamyx....
Seriously;...isn't your Streamyx acting so turtle-ish that it takes 10 years to load A page???
Besides Shyuan, I think everyone has that prob with Streamyx...right right?
Or is is just me? *pouts*
Being turtle/tortoise-ish isn't the worst part kie....
The worst is that it has mood fluctuations like a lady with PMS!!!!!
It works like perfectly fine and well for like half an hour and as you are beaming happily...POOM! It fluctuates down to a super duper uber slow loading system...
And when you...or at least I decide to call Streamyx Hotline to burst the ear drums of the customer service officer....
It fluctuates up again and starts being and angel...
WTD? (Its "What The Duck" mind you..sounds cuter than the other more popular "F" version...hee!)
Hopes streamyx stops PMS-ing soon...or I would really start bursting ppl's eardrums....

Drove my family's Fortuner today from Ipoh back to KL..
I went to a maximum of 140km/ my mum's face actually turned green though I did not really see...hee~
Driving on the highway is ssssssssssoooooooooo bbbbbbbbbboooooooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg~ one point of time...I was feeling so drowsy that I was driving in this situation:
*driving and feeling drowsy*
"Don't close eyes, dangerous!"
*look at all the green trees*
"So green, so comfortable...sssllleeeeeppp...NO!"
*wondering if should turn on the radio*
"Nah, mom sleeping...cannot disturb..but sleepylar"
*looks at car plate of car in the front...NAP ####*
"Apalar~ nap pulak"
No people...i did not fall very paranoid about accidents kie....
And btw, the ".." is me talking to me...mum was sleeping...

Owhkie..back to my life in the past 1-2 weeks.......
Nothing much lar..
But must finish LIt Review first.....
Might be heading to Tioman this Fri....lalalalalllalalaal~
Though I am not suppose to go to any beaches this year.....i might not be back alive if i do go ppl..any last words???

For random's sake....
Ms.Winnee is leaving HELP...shuckslar~
She's sssssooooo funnny~
Ask her to show you how does a sloth moves....HILLARIOUS!!!

Owh, and I don't need a know why?
I have the weirdest guy friends ever...
Take this scenario for example:
*Evie walks to bus stop with KM, Jian and Terence*
*sees a guy she knew in foundation and waves*
Terence: HOR!
Evie: What????
Terence: Flirting arh??? Who's the guy?? *does the weird eyebrow raising thingy*"

To continue...

Such a waste lar Ms.Winnee is leaving...btw, does anyone know where she's leaving to? Just curious lar...
Even if I only had one class with her...I truely enjoyed it...she's so funny! On the exception of the consequences when some annoying idiot's hp rings.....shish~

That's so last week's news lar....
More on the me-not-needing-bf-issue will come up after finals...owh no..FINALS! *OCD*

This week was all about my Lit Review..
If anyone felt that I'm neglected...a thousand apologies kie??
I will work on my time management skills...promise promise!

*got caught up reading Seventeen magazine*

I feel so urm...lifeless nowadays.......... don't knowlar...
Then again...I think the only person obstructing that is*rolls eyes* IRONY!!

Sien lar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Update later...*procrastinate*

*prances away~*

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Streamyx is bloody PMS-ing wei!
So moody at night~

Now, stop glaring at me.
I know I haven't been blogging...
Can't help it..
Naturalistic Observation Report, Streamyx PMS, Mid-Terms, Streamyx PMS, getting my 102 notes done, Streamyx PMS..
Do you know how much my blood-pressure has been raised for the past week all thanks/no thanks to Streamyx who just chooses to right time to be PMS whenever I need to work on my assignments?????
Stress gila~

So, basically my past week has been a pretty busy week..
I am that busy until I have yet to reply Steffie's email....So SORRY dear!! No worries...soon soon...promise~!
Can't wait till Monday is over.......then I only have Literature Review and Finals to concentrate on...
Which is nto very good....but at the very least I feel less burdened..

Hrm...interesting stuff in the past week???

My family went to A'Famosa from Wednesday to Friday...and since my parents did not want me to be home alone on Wednesday night, I got Shu Li to stay over at my house....
Had dinner at "Only Mee" in 1u that night...
It was pretty good, but price abit cut-throat lar...and service.....SUCKS~
Super blur waiter and waitresses....
My bro and dad came back on Thurs...
Went to Manhattan's Fish Market at night..WHEE~!~!
Super full~


Mid-Terms was owhkay for me...
Got a lil confused at times...but manage to do it lar..

Just had ice-cream...


Friday, June 1, 2007

I'm pissed....downright pissed..WATS WITH THE BLOODY INTERNET NOWADAYS LAR!&@^#@&@(*&!*!
The connection at home is bad enough and now i can't even get connection in the college..WAT IS YOUR DAMN PROBLEM HUH?!?!!?
Not like its bad enough I gotta wait 4 1/2 hours before my 3 hours bloody M'sia Studies which is likely to bore me to deaths with names of politicians thati dun even give a damn about...
NOW THE INTERNET IS BEING A MEANIE AND ISN'T LIKING ME (or anyone else who's trying their dear life to connect to it)
Evie's pissed....7 hours wasted every Friday for the next two months..
And people are talking about appreciating time....pfft~
If i did not have LAN, I could have gone back at 11 and catch up on my sleep and have the rest of my Fri off..SOBS~
Owhkielar...I know I sound damn siu che now...but you can't blame me..
I'm alone, got tons of notes & assignments, no friends, Internet bloody ditching me, lonely...
Gawd~ I sound so LOA

Time to blog....
Besides the fact that I was a good girl who was concentrating on her assignments, and being the lazy girl I always am,
I did not blog recently because I was waiting for photos from someone
*cough* kah meng *cough*
But then, another someone kept bugging me for not updating my blog
*wheez* jian *wheez*..
Since I have like about 4 hours to waste...might as well waste it on you people kan?
See how much I love you people??????????
I so need to get to my point...-_-''

There's kinda alot to blog for the past few week, but cannot recall all lar...but I will try my utmost best to churn it all out from my rotting brain in order lar kie?

Saturday (26/5):Freshmen lunch!
(In Ms.winnee's words, it would be "freshpeople lunch"...gender bias is a NO-NO kie! hee~)
Food was good...
Speeches were gawd~ Ms.Serena is good wei....people do double degree...she does double-Masters..wait..DID double she's doing PHD...
My face when I heard = O.O!
Food was nice...
Had pretty much fun cam-whoring..KAH MENG AR! Photos lar daei~
Food was yummy...
OWH! How could I forgot the robes???
Harry Potter style...whee~~~
Hot though....and it doesn't matter whether you wear a prom gown or bikini underneath....cause its all covered up with the robe anyway...
At this point of time, Sam probably is saying "Glutton glutton glutton~"

After lunch, we went to my house to drop my car off..
And then me, Kah Meng, Jian decided to head to 1u to kill bored of walking around...we barely spend like an hour there...
tried watching people bowl, intended to play foosball, walked around the super cut-throatprice furniture shop...
yea...that was practically it.
Headed to fetch Crystal and den got Jian's car from Jalan Kasah....
Went down to KL, makan-ed BAk Kut Teh even when i just had Oreo Mcflurry...yyyuuummm~

Nighttime was dedicated to my hunnie, Shyuan..
She had her last choir performance at KLPAC...
Pretty interesting I would say...really love some of their songs though I was about to doze off in the start...
OMIGAWD!I saw a freaking lizard at the Koi Gardens........and I had terrible friends who did not bother bout me...meanies~!
OWH! I drove KM's worries...IT WAS SAFE AND SOUND!
Went back around 12 sumthing...mum kept calling me..hee~~

Sunday (27/5):Went back to Ipoh....nothing much lar...
Except that I draft my whole survey in the car and make it work, asked KM to print it on Mon and meet the dateline on Tues..
I love me~

Weekdays:There were few random funny incidents thorughout the week..but not really recalling it..

Ms.Winnee's class was as fun as usual....
Situation 1:"Now, I'm gonna draw a snowpeople/person."
*whole class gives that what-on-earth laugh*
"What??! I find snowman so gender bias, and you people as psychologist should be those refraining from being age-ist, racist and any other -ist's"
*class starts laughing again*
*She draws a typical snowman on the board*
*class starts mumbling*
"Yes, I'm choosing to draw a snowman"
''Reminds me of how she always say "layperson" instead of "layman"...hee~

Situation 2:"Okay class. We're goin to have a spelling quiz today"
*hah-s and huh-s were heard around the class"
"Question 1. Spell 'haphazard""
*still mumbles were heard around the class*
"Question 3, what should it be?"
*someone says "quota"*
"Good quota....quota sounds good..spell quota"
*even more hah-s and huh-s*
"Last question, question 5. Spell 'sampling''s abit hard..erm..random lar...can spell random? spell random."
Something was probably damn wrong somewhere..
Owh btw, there was one day when 2 hp's rang kie!!!!!Like wth.............

Although I would probably get super cacated marks cause:
1. Half my points were irrelevant (Terence comforted me by saying my paper was "sophisticated"..-_-'')
2. My formatting for the whole paper was haywire and I was too lazy to redo
3. I probably forgot to cite something somewhere and is gonna be accused of plagiarism...I mean, i did not purposely not cite/reference but sometimes..people like me..tend to miss things out...
So although I'm happy I finished my assignemnt...i probably am gonna cry when i get it back..
anybody care to lend a shoulder???


I have to concentrate on my mid-terms (next week!!!!) and my naturalistic observation and my group presentatioon and my lit review!!1*having nervous breakdown*


I can't recall anymore random events....besides the fact that I am oh so-in-love with the cute/hot/pretty guy from the taiwan drama HanaKimi..*drools*
ask stef if you don't believe...He's so lengzai!!!!*embarassed* abit too old for this hor? Maybe I'm having mid-life crisis or something and want to relive my past...o.O
I'll upload my pics in another post lar..

Evie's a happy person now..
hum dee dum~

I have a blister on my toe though..nvm..INTERNET!!!! hee~!