Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hotlink spams me

Hotlink spams me so many times.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner sometimes even two teatimes!
Macam sembahyang je. Rawr~


Omg. What happened?

Read on~

Went up Genting yesterday.
Yeap. We did.
We = Me, Shyuan, KM , Jian and Terence
So random hor? At first someone said wanna go Fraser's some more -_-''

Met at Wangsa Maju LRT station.
I was early. Macam biasa. Phew~ Haven't lost my sense of time.
Got KM to come fetch me and Terence so we can go buy McD's brekkie for my hunnie who was unfortunately stuck in a wu liao traffic jam.

Stone in KM's house to wait for him to bath and for my hunnie to arrive.
Left at about 11, fetched her and GENTING it is!
Initially we wanted to drive up halfway to the Skyway but so "lucky" we are that they chose yesterday to do maintenance.
So we wanted to try Awana Skyway (the older one), but due to someone's fear of heights and the1 hour wait, nevermind up oni.
Before that, we had teabreak at the Skyway station because KM's clown car had to rest. Pot pot!

+ Tea tarik break! +

+ Flanked by one act-gaya himbo and a furious looking bimbo -_-''+

Reached Genting pretty fast.
Headed to First World Plaza, decided to get the unlimited First World Indoor tix.
Started our fun with BUMPER CARS!!





Fuuuunnnnn~ Me love bumping~~ *bump bump*

Then it's the Euro Express.
I sat roller coaster alone! WHOOT!


Scream for FUN.
Seriously. This is one rollercoaster that doesn't scare eVie. Hee~

We wanted to go on one more ride before heading for Lunch.

+ Us waiting in Motion Master. Sien sial~ +

+ See! We were bored kie~ +

+ Cool specs huh??+

We were so glad Motion Master was before lunch!!
Not only it got too boring at one point.
It was so dizzyfying!!!
KM look like he wanted to die. Rofl!

Initially we wanted to eat at the food court in First World but the couple felt like splurging so we ended up walking all the way to Genting Hotel for SUSHI KING.
And I end up splurging the most. -_-''









Bloody lunch.
So filling. Glutton sial. Lucky Daddy gave me extra money. Hee~ Love you daddy!

Guess what we did after lunch?

+ Streetball machine! +

+ Them buying the Ezicard for games+

Streetball machine is betetr than gym I tell you.
Adrenaline rush + Muscle toning in one!! Hee~

Got bored of the arcade, headed back to First World so KM could live his childhood again.

Ferris Wheel!!!

+ Spot my hunnie! +

+ Me above Starbucks and no it doesn't stay open for 24 hours. +

+ The other 2 himbos +

Then it's bowling! rofl!!

+ Posing in bowling alley +

I didn't bowl.
Was so tired out~
Watching the rest bowl was funny tho.

+ Random hor?+

Then we head back to bumper cars.
Told you we love bumping!

Waiting in line:


+ My hunnie moody cause of the bowling +

After satisfying our need to bump, we decided to head down for dinner.
Owh and we had one last round of Let's-act-scared-on-Euro-Express. HEE!

On the way down,


They were so sad his clown car rosak. Pot pot!
Rofl~ The car just had to rest. Hee~

So while the clown car rested Pot pot!, we:

+ Safety first! +

+ Kiss kiss +

+ Jian's HORN-y. HEE!+

Went to Sri Rampai to makan.
Got KM and Shyuan to send me home.
S0 sleepy. HEE!


You like flowers right? My souvenir from Genting for you.
Stressed = Desserts. Bitter in your case. All the best in exams. *hugz*

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bod = BOD-y? roBOT?

My post's title refers to how male VS female in their perception of slangs.
I sound like I'm writing an objective for a research proposal. -_-''

Never blog long time liao.
Awaiting or not?

Life has been pretty owhkay.
Busy here and there.
ZOMB~ One more week till the new sem starts.
Results out on Fri. *stab stab*

Didn't do much in the starting of last week.
Teman-ed my Hunnie to look for her bf's birthday present.
Finally found it on our 3rd attempt. Third time's the charm?

Celebrated his birthday on Wednesday.

For once it was people waiting for me.
I think I'm starting to learn how to run late. Cannot!
KM fetched us after 15-20 mins waiting.
Headed to Ampang Waterfront for our not-so-Korean BBQ dinner.
Had to squish in the car. Yes yes, blame me big butt.

I didn't pig out!
Cause I was having quite bad tummy cramps for obvious reasons. -_-''
And I still had loads of ice drinks. No hot drinks boleh.
Food was not too bad. Typical variety.
Tomyam soup was not too bad.

+ Half steamboat + Half BBQ +

+ Jian, Terence, Kah Leong (KM's bro) +

+ Hunnie and her Bday boi, KM+

It was quite cool really watching KM cooking vege on the hot plate. Stir-fry konon.
And there was oil splattering.
Lucky no mark.

+ Balls~ In Tomyam soup. Sounds so wrong +

+ Kah Leong, whom KM ws teasing me with. Lame. +

After dinner,I had no ice kacang! Again, for obvious reasons. -_-''
Headed back to KM's house.
Bath and sorts.
Was initially suppose to go to Look-Out point but didn't end up doing so. Anyone offer to bring me there? rofl~
End up at Jian's house instead. Stupid KM complain house too small. Bloody siu yeh zai~

Some interesting pics:

Disclaimer: Perception/Interpretation of photos are totally at personal discretion. No personal attack or bad impression should be formed towards those depicted. Wth?




And then the next day, we had Wantan Meen for breakfast.
The best part about having guy friends?
There is always someone to finish your food for you. *cough* Terence *cough*

Before I left, I gave KM a wonderful present, unique scent some more~


Kah Meng Kah Meng~! Buddy, shit happens~ ROFL!!!!!!!!

Took the LRT back with Terence.
Budak itu pergi dating. *COUGH*


On Friday, went out to babysit the kiddos~
Not my kiddos.
Pn.Monica otherwise known as my ex English teacher's kids.

+ Rachel. PS: TK, pretty hor your kai lui? She still remembers you well! +

+ Suki +

She is really REALLY talkative. And she said something really cutee prior to that day:

Monica: Suki, do you want Evelyn jiejie to bring her didi?
Suki: How old is he?
Monica: 8 years old lor
Suki: *surprised* Eh?! Then same like Nigel's didi lor hor?
Monica: *laughs*
Suki: *realises what's wrong and shy*

Imagine a 6 year old girl saying that and in Canto summo. Cutee sial~!

Owh.And if you don't get the joke. NEVERMIND.

Went to play in Spaceship Galactica!
What? I was supervising the kids you know.

+ Spaceship Galactica! +

+ Them playing excitedly +

With the girls, I feel SO OLD.
They can run man. Stamina kuat!!

Had early dinner at Plus One Shabu-Shabu.
Wasn't too bad~ Hee!
Thanks for dinner Pn Monica~

+ Me and my sweethearts~ +

Before I went home, I saw Xiang walking with his parents.
So I came from behind him and shocked him when I slung my hand over his shoulder!!
Funny! Then I realised it was abit embarassing to do that in front of his parents. *blush*

Had a HORRIBLE headache after that. Stress apa I don't know. -_-''
Slept 12 hours straight.

Went out today.
With Shyuan and KM.
SHOPPING!! When you people bringing me again???
Yumcha at Old Town.
Head back home.



Saturday, August 16, 2008

Got photos ddi!

Finally a post with photos. Though I think I need way more.

There's more of eVie to love!
She has just grown fatter. -_-''

Back to being less bimbo,

First outing was with Shyuan.
My hunnie and I enjoyed our talk with chocolate.
Talking about everything, updating each other.
And this is one of life's simplest beauties. Hee~

Most of my days were spent trying to enjoy holidays.
ZOMB~ 2 weeks more! Deng~
Finish some of my chores.

Thursday was out with the high school bunch.
For Danny's birthday!

At Island Cafe, which I thought had pretty good food.
Prices were pretty owhkay too.
Who wanna join me yumcha there again?? Hee!

Owh owh!
I was the last to arrive that day.
Be Shocked people.
Never happens to eVie.
But I was still on time.
They were too early for I have no idea what reason.
Cool eh??

+Mund. The PLANNER. -_-''+

+ Why does Yinnie always look so good in pics??? +

+Agnes che and Mund! +

+ The Red-ish people: Mund, Jing, Yin, Me+

+ Everyone who came +

We were so super noisy and took forever to place our order.
Come on, whole bunch of DJians.
Not noisy?? Pooh! Imposibible. Rofl~
Crapped from all kinda topics.
The usual Form-5-prom-TSH-topic, to random trips, to ejek-ing Mund. Rofl~
I had yummy fries, Butter Chicken rice and a drink called Angel's Kiss cause I'm an Angel. Hee~
Now you know why there's more of me to love. -_-''

We all "left" after dinner. Konon.
But all decided to meet at Mund's house to grab the cake and then head to Danny's house to suprise him.

Trailing behind Jing because I wasn't very sure where was Danny's house.
That smart dude Jing made a sudden turn without his signal, almost made me crash into his bumper!

Reach Dannny's house, went into the house to hide in the clothes room.

The price for a suprise?




Imagine 8 people in a small room, sweating and stinky socks.
Talking in the lowest volume.
That was for like 10 minutes cause Danny wasn't back from buying burger.
Then Danny's knocked on the room door to signal Danny was home and he was gonna come in soon.

So we all turned off the lights.
And sat in the darkness for next 15 minutes!
Trying not to laugh.
Xiang and Jing playing Ji Gu Pak in the dark and trying to stifle their laughter.

Was so afraid the candle was going to finish burning before Danny comes in.

THEN! Jeng jeng jeng jeng!
He opens the door.
He has that million-dollar-look on his face.
Danny's picture is on Agnes's facebook and it looks AWESOME. Rofl~

He was really in deep shock lor.
Some more that night was chat yuet sap sei - Ghost Festival. -_-''
But he enjoyed it la.
4 years worth of surprise boleh?
Hung out at his house a while more eating 2 slices of cake
+Bunch of us at his house+

+ His cake. Bloody culprit. Fattened me up. +


Hey Danny-boi~
FOUR (4) years!!! ZOMBBQ!!!
Sobs~ Will really miss all those random jakun, photos, cute-Mamee moments with you.
Boohoo~ Be safe kie??
Keep in touch!

Watched "Once" with Zhan Shuo finally.
Itu budak also banyak the busy one.
The show has nice soundtrack. Made me want to sleep. Rofl~
He says I should listen to it the next time I have insomnia.
Talked abit. Eh wei~ we really talk that bit lor.

And to those I have complained to about my Photoshop Text Function not working,
It really isn't me being a bimbo!!!!!
Kor helped me check yesterday and the CS3 version I have was incomplete that's why!
Woohoo!! I'm not a Photoshop bimbo. Hee~!
I think thay just sounded really bimbo. -_-''

Rushed for tuition that night to discover it was not on!
RAWR! So pissed~

Realised something very funny that night.
Made Stef and Xiannie laugh loads right??
And Xiannie, I think we might end up falling for the same guy!!! Rofl~ Telepathy sial~

Watched WALL-E!!
Very cutee~ Entertaining.
PIXAR knows how to make movies.
I especially love the trolley-hitting-him-part and the Hospital Bahagia part. ROFL!!!!

With Tong Ngee Chong.
Rofl~ Had to say your full name la.
Both of us are ex-librarians. Hee~

Makan-ed in Kim Gary.
Gonna go back there for more. More of me to love coming?

+ Tong and Me +


Enough pictures?
Sorry if it's abit too long winded.

+ Chocolate me and Chocolate you +

Hey Dearie,
Remember chocolate makes people happy?
Don't be too hard on yourself.
Life just isn't too nice at times but you don't have to torture yourself more than it has already been torturing you.
Tears help just not too much of it and dear, there has been a lot of water running these few days.

Dehydration you know?
I'm always here and we both know you will get through this.
Mwahs~ Loves.