Friday, July 31, 2009

Ever wondered what's the smell of freedom?

Well, for me it was........Char Siu Fan.
No la, I wasn't craving Char Siu Fan. But bro was having it, so it's like my first taste of real food other than the porridge it the past week
Uhm uhm nom nom. Yumm =)

My list of food is never-ending. I hope people who promised me treats remember them. Rofl.
Though strangely, I don't really feel my appetite. Potong sial =/

And I can finally BATH!
Chill chill, I washed up throughout the week so I don't stink mind you, but having water flow throughout your body with a strong shower.
Freedom =)

Eh, actually hor. Eric, I already did Famine 30.
40 hours of no food (before my operation) and 1 week plus of wash up (barely used a lot of water!).
I'm proud of myself =)

But doctor said I should jaga my lifestyle.
No eating at irregular times.
Fat hope. Seriously. With my timetable, I'll be surprised if I can live past 50. =P
Choi! Minta disiahkan =P

And no eating strong food like spicy stuff, assam WTH!.
Means no tomyam, no coffee. /suicide

After this experience, I am confirmed:

1) A failed wife = I can barely stay at home without whining about going out. And in this 1 week, I was almost driven nuts by my 2 hours burst of serious euphoric mood
I was ready to do anything, like take a spontaneous road trip to Sepang Gold Coast (When's our road trip?!?!?) or club the night away
before I fell into total tiredness in which I can barely open my eyes.
And I did not take sugar. Swear, cross my heart

2) A failed mother = I cannot do confinement! Seriously. One week of this and KABOOOM. Can imagine 1 month arh? It's either my husband die or I die first. On a more positive note, mom says that if I can't married, I can stay with her and wash clothes while she sara me. =)

So much for wanting to be a good housewife. Damn fail.

Btw, I didn't mention this in the previous post.
But I had to do a urine pregnancy test as stated by my doctor pre-op.
ROFL!!!!!! So cuteeeeeee!
Sorry, I found that one thing really amusing when I went through my list of tests-to-do and pop "Pregnancy Test".

Nervous anot?
Note: Awh, no baby for eVie. Duh. -_-''

OF COURSE I WASN'T PREGNANT LA! You think Virgin eVie ke? -_-''

I'm so happy today. Tralalala~
Please don't spoil my good mood while it lasts. =)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"The appendix is the God's given bonus to doctors" (Yin. 2009)

Yea. That was what my doctor said when we asked why on Earth did I get Appendicitis.

And yesh.
As most of you would have known you should know, I have Mund as my CNN =P, I was in the hospital the past 2 days for my appendix operation.

Specific timeline goes like this:

21st July, 2000 hour = Pain started to be even more intense in evening. I thought it was my usual acute gastricitis, but that usually doesn't attack until middle of the night. Nvm. Tahan.

22nd July, 0030 hour = Cannot take the pain. Having cold shudders ddi, asked mum to bring me to the doctor. Diagnosed with gastricitis even though the pain has spread to lower areas. Took jab as usual

22nd July, 0130 hour = Took medicine an hour after jab as stated by doctor. Tried to go to bed.

22nd July, 0230 hour = Tossing and turning in pain in bed, realising that both the jab and medicine didn't work this time round. Didn't wanna wake my parents cause they have to wake up early next day. Tahan tahan.

22nd July, 0630 hour = Have been awake trying to bear with the pain. Vomitted a few times. Doesn't seem to work. Pain inhibits sleep. Cried and woke parents up to send me to the family doctor

22nd July, 0800 hour = See family doctor. Diagnosed as serious case of acute gastricitis. But seeing I had pain in the lower area spreading to the back, was reffered to SDMC to eliminate possibility of pancreas inflammation.

22nd July, 1000 hour = Waited to see gastroenterologist. After lotsa pressing on the abdomen, sent me for tests and highlighted possibility of appendicitis. Wtf? Not gastricitis meh?

22nd July, 1030 hour = Doing blood test, urine test and amylase test. Cannot differentiate where the pain is coming anymore but can barely walk

22nd July, 1300 hour = Finally can see the surgeon I was referred to after waiting an hour plus. Again, press press press abdomen. 80% confirmed is appendicitis. Must be admitted. Surgery scheduled later in the evening

22nd July, 1430 hour = Been waiting for room for an hour, stupid paperwork procedures. Cannot walk, was in wheelchair

22nd July, 1545 hour = Finally got to the room. Nurse came in and said that operation in 15 minutes. Did all pre-op preparations. Wheeled to operating room. Poor mummy crying. *hugs hugs*

22nd July, 1600 hour = Waiting ward before heading to operation theathre. Damn boring. Started having negative thoughts. Eh, I can die if I allergy to anasthesia kie. My anastethist came and poke my drip needle and told me his son is in Taylors and was verbally persuading my vein to appear -_-''

22nd July, 1620 hour = Operation started. Nurse asked few questions. Amused that doctors and nurses were teasing one another as they were about to operate me. LOVE anesthesia, the only time I was actually able to sleep without thinking

22nd July 180 hour = Woke up in recovery ward. Groggy feeling damn awesome. Was shown my appendix, just a blur image of a pink red-mass. HELLO, I was groggy. Started smiling and felt happy, I love anesthesia. Can't wait to see mummy.

22nd July, 1820 hour = Wheeled to my ward. Saw mummy. Spoke to her but can't remember what. STILL groggy. Love anasthesia. Smsed the few to tell them I haven't die. Yesh, I manage to sms within 30 minutes post-surgery.

Owhkie. I'm not gonna timeline it anymore. I was actually in 17 hours of pain before the operation, how I got through that hell, I don't know.
After that, it was just me staying in the ward with buddies visiting. And the family of course.
The first night was interesting, aren't first nights always interesting? ROFL! because the anesthetic effect was still there.
So I was smiling and feeling tired. I haven't felt tired in a long time because everytime I close my eyes, a lot of things run through my mind. I think I'm having the Manic phase in a Bipolar disorder. Eff.

Found it hard to fall asleep with the stupid PVC pillow and memories of hospital spooky stories.
Left the light on, which made it harder to sleep.
Woke up quite a lot in the middle of the night.
Nurses came to change my drip and gave me antibiotics.

23rd July - Second day in ward
Doctor can't discharged me today. /stabstabstab
Bored sial.
Had lotsa company from afternoon to night.
Dreaded sleeping at night.
Couldn't sleep well.
The last antibiotic jab I had hurts shit because my left arm was swollen. Poor vein. It felt like someone injecting hot liquid and you can actually feel it flowing. Eff.
The antibiotic drip didn't help either.

24th July - Third day in ward
Woke up in the morning cause nurse wanted to give antibiotic jab.
No way I can take it anymore so I beg them to take it out and change the position
But my left hand was too swollen it was impossible to find a vein, so the drip was on my right hand instead.
Yesh, I was FB-ing and MSN-ing with one hand. Awesome not?
Doctor came in and say I could be discharged later in the afternoon. YYYYYYYYAAAAAYYYYY!
Counting up to this point, I haven't eaten for at least 40 hours. Drips don't count.
Was ecstatic when I finally had chicken porridge for lunch that day.

Moving around, getting on-n-off bed, cleaning myself was definitely a bitch because the wounds are at my lower abdomen.
I guarantee if I do sit ups, the stitches would burst.

And on the evening of 24th July, I was finally discharged.
Though I was home and feeling guilty cause my family has to fuss over me. I rather the nurses be doing that.
The whole stint in the hospital was an effing 10K. Bloodsuckers lot.

Today doesn't help much because I stink and stink.
And I was having period cramps. Wheeeeee~
What the heck did I do to deserve this?
But yea, gotta review my life for a bit ddi.

Note: My room number, go buy lottery. And my tag. Also got number, can buy lottery too.

Note: Drip on my left hand, which swelled into a pig's arm. Bruise was a leftover of my blood test.

Note: I was trying to avoid having a double-chin in photos but still looked stupid. Thank heavens for hospital wifi despite it being a on-off-drop line.

Note: Buddies! See Sheng Mae? I wonder why I looked so happy. Cause I felt miserable alot =(

Note: Lo and behold. THE APPENDIX. Just in case you haven't see its widespread news on FB -_-''

My thank-you list:

The Family: Gratefulness, blissfulness and my undeserving blessing. Thanks. *HUGZ*

Stef & Xian: Thanks for the Aussie calls, I could feel the love across continents =D

Edmund: For restraining himself from making jokes that will cause me to laugh my stitches off, and temaning me for two days. Though the 2nd day intention can be pretty ambiguous kan, mund? =)

Jing & Yin: Thanks for the worrying Jing, and sorry for sending you such a worrying message randomly. But I feel the care dude. =) Yin sayang, thanks for the messages and teman-ing me, and reminding the zha boh of what s(h)e should do. =P

Sam & ShengMae: Thanks for the rose, but dying liao. Pooh. And the countless smses to rant etc. THANKOOO. I still owe you money for the magazine. Thanks Mae for being supportive of my cool idea to take a photo of the appendix, was glad to have your company =)

KenHui & SueMae: My gawd, it was a funny phase with you two. Love the jokes, and thanks to both of you for the worrying, I could feel the care.

Santa: Thanks dude for dropping by, and terribly sorry for causing you the scare with my family. The milo was a thoughtful act =)

Owh owh,
Xiang: You stay and home and quit bleeding. =P See you when I'm better

Now I gotta get back to bed, the dizzyness is back. Pooh.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Promotions promotions

If anyone is interested in joining HELP for the upcoming 30-hour Famine organized by World Vision on the 22nd and 23rd AUGUST, do contact me =)
If only promotions were that easy. -_-''

Been procrastinating, hence the FB status of "WHY MY TO-DO LIST SO PANJANG WAN?"
And suddenly it struck me that I really may have a Phlegmatic personality, Note: Always finding the easy way to do stuff and often procrastinating.
Damn. So much for being Melancholic-Choleric or Choleric-Melancholic la.
Always thought I was the emo perfectionist though *shrugs*

1. Edmund's Birthday
2. Jing's Birthday Dinner
3. Outing with The Gals
4. Interview at INTI + Dinner/Movie in Klang
5. Lunch with High School Gang + BBQ Celebration for Jing

11-7-2009 Part 1: Lunch with High School Gang

T'was a visit to McD's.
Fei smsed me telling me that she was being glared at by the waitresses because she was booking seats for us when McD was overflowing with peeps.
McD overflowing with peeps? Seriously, all my time going there, tak pernah happen pun.
My babe damn lucky la.

With the high school gang, it was talk, talk and TALK.
Seriously the best way for us girls to use up our 6000-8000 words quota for a day without possibly annoying the probably boyfriend, if we do have one that is.
I know my Hunnie has a can't-make-it BF who complains like that. =P

Note: Some of us peeps. I like how my skin looks, macam tofu =P

And then!
We realised there was a stalker. Alamak.
So freaky.

The person being stalked?
None of us girls.
I know, girls nowadays damn berani, stalk guys ddi.
And the girl was what? Maximum 3 years old??????

Xiang's Mini Stalker (Toh, 2009)! Ta DAH~!

Note: Mini stalker on the left. I don't stalk and I'm far from being mini. But I coo at cutee lil thingies/hoomies. SHE'S SO ADORABLE!

She's shhoooooooo cuteeee!
But Xiang damn ignorant. Jual mahal la tu. =P
All he did was try and protect her from evil monster eVie.
Sorry, I couldn't help coo-ing all over her. SHO CUTEE!
There was even one point I caught her lying on her folded arms and staring at Xiang.
Perempuan ni. ROFL!

11-7-2009 Part 2: Jing-O's BBQ Dinner.

First off, I would kindly like to smack Jing for saying that his house is small. *SMACK!*
Seriously, FAR FROM SMALL.

Owh, and I was literally in living hell trying to drive Xiang and me to Jing's house.
No. It wasn't the road.
It was having Xiang in the car. Imagine a Dr.House Asian Version who finds kicks in torturing ME.
Wah. crycrycry.
I'm giving him such bad publicity. Stalker and living hell? ROFL!

Anyway, we were there early to help out.
In accordance to my gender role, I am suppose to be hopeless with the BBQ pit so I left Jing's bro and Xiang to have their lovely time with the pit.
And I was the one dusting ashes of their hair, giving praises and telling Jing to sit down to avoid aggravating his ever-flowing nose.
Talk about being the compassionate gender eh! =P

Note: Beginning of BBQ. Men doing their men thing *cough*. And the ignorant cat. Rofl.

After we had the first round of burnt sausages, oily yummy meat and the AWESOMELY DELICIOUS salad by Jing's mum,
Mund and NewFriend arrived. =)
Btw, Jing's mum is awesome, she's shooo funny and she makes the most awesome-est salad ever!

Continued BBQ-ing till we were stuffed and round.
Jing had to drink something + something + Bittergourd in order to heal his overflowing nose.
Btw, KFC caused his over-flowing nose, yit hei mar.
I only remember Bittergourd cause I was laughing at him. Oops.
Less compassion cause I practice androgyny, must be like the other gender. Mean and less compassionate =P

Note: Jing and Juice. Observe ugly expression. Other photo depicts other BBQ people. =)

When Agnes jie, Yin and Jushen finally arrived, it was drinking time.
I guai la, I only end up downing one Jaggerbomb. Macam cough medication. Eeyuck. I'm still up for 80% soda + 20% alcohol. =P
Anyway, the games were meant to bunuh Edmund la. Literally.

Owh owh, must highlight the part where Xiang manage to create the rule where he and I wouldn't have to drink if we kena, but Edmund has to drink for us instead!
No la, bukan kerana sayang aku, he just wanted to get back to his house in a piece.
But must highlight his very rare niceness, wouldn't want to get him too much bad publicity kan?
If not, kena sue for slander some more. Liao la. =P

Note: Happy people being somewhat drunk. We're high most of the time. So it doesn't count.
See Xiang's face after Jushen flashed the cat at him. ROFL!

Owh, even Jing's sister (Michelle) joined us, and Jing/Agnes has to end up drinking her share. ROFL!

Note: Groupies! And newbie!

See new face?? HEEE!
The NewFriend I have been mentioning since the past few posts.
Everyone, meet Mr.Santa Boon. =D
Ask Edmund for his contact =P
He's a pretty nice dude, all he does is bully Edmund.
Consistent with the intentions of the rest of us.
We rock! =D

Now really have to go to promotions ddi.
Jiayou eVie!

Monday, July 13, 2009


I really did went Pappa Rich again.
True enough, the drinks are not bad =)

Back to updates, so I can forget my backlog of work for a lil while.

1. Edmund's Birthday
2. Jing's Birthday Dinner
3. Outing with The Gals
4. Interview at INTI + Dinner/Movie in Klang
5. Lunch with High School Gang + BBQ Celebration for Jing

9-7-2009: GirlieS outing

Since Wennie and Mae are back, us gals decided to head to the Curve after Fei's last paper.

Waited a while for them there, bought a lot of stuff. Die la die my account.
Rofl~ But shopping's nicee, so it's acceptable *denial denial*

Me, Raech, Mae and Fei ended up at the Penang Kopitiam having lunch.
And the talks we have. =)

Owh, by now, you would realise that all my outings revolve around talks.
Which I of course can't disclose for privacy purposes, and also since my brain can't possible comprehend all the talks and regurgitate it for you.
So don't be so pat, thanks. =P

Then we walked around a lil bit more, headed to Daiso and the gals got present for a birthday party they were going to.

Parted ways, then I had Sam to be my chauffer, dinner and gossiped a bit. Rofl.

1. Edmund's Birthday
2. Jing's Birthday Dinner
3. Outing with The Gals
4. Interview at INTI + Dinner/Movie in Klang
5. Lunch with High School Gang + BBQ Celebration for Jing

10-7-2009 Part 1: Interview at INTI

As part of the Famine 30 committee, I was asked by my boss to represent him to INTI for a particular interview.
And since he's my boss, and got thesis to worry about, fine lor. Ikut arahan.

Reached Subang, walked a hell alot to get to Asia Cafe which is infront of INTI.
Tak cukup 10 minutes sitting down and enjoy my Melon Cooler, then got called for interview ddi.

As nervous as we were, or I am.
Manage to conclude it. Yay.

Headed to 1u, had late lunch and again gossiped.
Apa nak buat, my bestie is separuh perempuan. =PPP

Note: The Bestie at Teppanyaki. See he so sad cause his bubble tea no real bubbles aka Pearls. They had literal bubbles. You know the pop-pop bubbles? Yea, that one. =P

10-7-2009 Part 2: Dinner and Klang

After the late lunch, KM came and fetch me down to Klang so can have dinner with the college gang (himbo-bimbo).
JianthePilot dah balik, so he crave normal food, and Klang food, though he's not from there.
Despite the jam, and KM's emo face, we manage to get into Klang in one piece. Yay us!

Sat down in Boston Restaurant.
Jian and the boss, who were both Chinese, ended up ordering food dalam Bahasa Melayu.
Well, none of us could converse in Hokkien.
So paiseh.

But the food did came.
And we, Jian especially ate to his heart's content. =P

Note: FOOOOOODD~ And that girl is the future pilot's gf. See how happy is he posing? Rofl.

After dinner, we had chocolates from Jian. More tobelerone for me. -_-''
We finished and headed to Aeon Bukit Tinggi for movie!!!

Spend some time there with Arcade games.
KM commented that I drove like a drunkard. -_-''
Walked a while more, Hunnie finally came.
And ICE AGE 3! Wheee~

Note: Us at arcade games. The boys had a "great" time on the bicycle. Mwehehehehe~

Note: My Hunnie and her lil pram. ROFL! And couples heading to the ramp to see Klang's bee-you-tiful night view. =P

After a long day, time to go home!
Although it's the first movie outing with the himbo-bimbo gang surprise surprise, I think we should do it again! =P

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jing-O's big 21-O =P

Please don't go Pappa Rich.
The food's below mediocre. And worse, darn expensive.
Bah. Spoilt mood no thanks to the food.

But I would go back to try their coffee though, and ambience is not to bad la I guess.

List of backlogs include:
1. Edmund's Birthday
2. Jing's Birthday Dinner
3. Outing with The Gals
4. Interview at INTI + Dinner/Movie in Klang
5. Lunch with High School Gang + BBQ Celebration for Jing

8-7-2009: Jing-O's 21st Birthday Celebration.

Rushed there after the horrifying 302 paper.
Took me two wrong turns to get to Tropicana City Mall. I think I was dazed by the paper. =(
Reached and walk around a while, the others were watching Ice Age 3. Stupid paper didn't allow me to watch in time =(

Went to get Jing's cake as Yin ordered.
Hid it inside my new bag =DD
Met the rest at Sushi Tei, which IMO, is a copy of Zanmai without their yummy green tea dessert. ROFL. It's under the same company if I didn't mistaken.

We took FOREVER to place our order. No joke.
Crazy shit.
The lady had to come to us a few times, but we can't decide. Damn paiseh.
And we talked SO LOUD. The people behind us kept looking at our table. Paiseh maximum la.

Note: See happy Jing-o? And pretty girls =D

We sat until it was time to last order.
Mostly about teasing Edmund and Jing-o.
I still can't believe you hid that from us Jing. SERIOUSLY. Rofl~

Then we decided to head back to EuroDeli to meet the new friend I mentioned in the previous post. =D
Took so long for us to decide, but our entourage of 5 cars decided to head there.
Unsurprisingly, I'm the earliest again. =P
Besides yumcha yumzhao, we plan to go there so Jing can actually blow a real candle on his cake. =P

Note: Jing-o's new wallet, damn nicee!! Then you can see Agnes jie and Jush posing. Owh, and the huge German beer for Jing.

Note: Mug as big as Mund's face VS Mug bigger than Sheen's face. Rofl. Can see real candle ddi!
And the pretty girl next to me is Jushen =)

Note: Scandalous photos. Tsk. =P

So again, it was a usual long long LOOOONNGG chit chat session.
Ranging from funny topics to scary topics like cross-cultural shocks. =D

Note: Groupie!!! You can go spot the difference between the 3 =P

Owhkie. No more posting for today. All my bosses chasing me for work ddi. -_-''
Le sigh.
P.S: Damn stress.

I'm too tired to think of a title

I have a lot to blog.

Hence it will be staggered, because I'm feeling fat and lazy.

List of backlogs include:
1. Edmund's Birthday
2. Jing's Birthday Dinner
3. Outing with The Gals
4. Interview at INTI + Dinner/Movie in Klang
5. Lunch with High School Gang + BBQ Celebration for Jing

Don't ask bout exams.
It was a disappointment.
Though Sheen think I'm being drama about it la. Shhhoo mean. =P

4th July 2009 - Edmund's Birthday Dinner.

Yeap. This pompuan turned 21 on 28th June, but celebrated later.
No choice la. So happening kan, so need more time to plan. Tsk. ROFL!

Note: See the pompuan? Hee! Mund, you know I damn sayang you kan? =D And the EuroDeli colourings.

It was just a small dinner at EuroDeli, which in every sense, was memorable to the pompuan. =P
I didn't join the after-party at Cynna I think, cause I had exams, and knowing how good girls are like me, we stay at home lifeless and studying. Pooh.

As usual, I was early.
With Yin and Xiang.
Of course, the crowd gradually poured in. =D
EuroDeli is known for porky delicacies, and COLOURING!
Which us early birds fully utilize. =P

Note: Xiang, the colouring enthusiast. That boy cakap je not colouring. End up colouring MY paper. Which resulted in a C-. Heloo, look at his blue cheese-ham-thingy. I'm very kind ddi lor. But after the haggling for more marks from SueMae (macam highschool!), he got a C+. And he's very happy at that too =D

Of course. We took forever to order as well.
But really, that should not come as a surprise. I mean, we are DJ-ians. Lambat lagi kecoh.

When we finally did order food, the service was a bit haphazard.
So we ended up self-serving especially for water.
We each ordered a different dish.
I almost died trying to finish the pork knuckle. Someone should add in the menu that it's for a portion of 2 - 3.
We had yummy dinner rolls, and ROSTI. Me likee. =)
Jing was initially complained his bratwurst is too little, but he was so full at the end, he couldn't even help me finish my pork knuckle. Hee~

As usual, we had the talks.
And I can't remember what we talked. =D
Then when Edmund come, we would imitate his standing pose, betul-betul pompuan. =P

Note: The peeps. Raechen and me were wearing the same design!!! In different colour. =D You can see the peeps colouring and some looking at menu.

Note: Mund say I don't know how to pose. Sobs sobs! And Xiang was distracted by a pretty girl *cough* You know the hardships one have to go through to get a decent photo with him? Btw, my gals for the night, Raech, Yin and Mae =D

Note: Food ambassadors!!! And our food. See the huge pork knuckle I have? I know it looks small, photo scale mar. -_-''

Note: The happy DJ-ian bunch =D Please disregard my ghostly face, I've been really frustrated trying to get the colour of my foundation right so it doesn't have a white cast in lighted photose, any ideas? *frust frust*

Besides the laughter, Edmund/us met a new friend in EuroDeli as well.
Part of why that pompuan had a memorable birthday =P
He gave Edmund 3 slices of cake to celebrate the birthday, so nicee kan? HEE!
Look out for his photo in coming posts.

Sekarang aku nak tidur.

Later alligators! =P