Saturday, January 31, 2009

I feel so *wueek*

I don't feel well now.


Will still blog. Been too long liao.

G O N G H E I F A T T C H O Y!

No. Not planning to bother you with my new year activities. =)

Last night was a meeting with long-time-never-meet-people/person.
Very retarded one btw.

Starbucks 1
Note: Retarded siblings. I was coerced into it. Not my free will. Mwehehehe~

Starbucks 3
Note: Even more retardation. Why are they my siblings?

Starbucks 2
Note: People who were there. New face cause new story *wink wink wink*

It was fun.
It was la. I just don't sound like it because atm, I do feel like dying. =((

Owh yea.

Ending of an alien-stole-my-hair story:

Note: Before and after. Bad bad alien. Tsk~ *grin*

On another note, it's also an ending for the I-sat-lun-saw-Jessica Simpson's-"I Belong To Me Video-and-mimic-it.

I don't care if you don't get it. Sick girl talking.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lights out and screaming.

I'm sleepy.
I am close to having a migraine.
I slept through 4 of Dr.Goh's slides.

And it's only 3 weeks into the sem.
Great. D.I.E stands for Damn Innocent/Intelligent/Ignorant/Indifferent/Impossible/Interesting Evie. OMB. I'm good and definitely outta my mind.

Blogging simply cause I do not intend to read journals.
Save me? =(

The most life-ful thing that happened to me last week besides the tutorial rugby,
was studying.
I'm not done la.
Studying with Xiang.
Ya Buddha, if studying itself is life-ful, I won't be here blogging.
Will instead be OCD-ing over studies which I'm not and I'm worried. Owh dear.

How does an engineering student and psychology student study together?
Easy. Ignore each other.
Literally what we did kie.
Sorryla. I so cannot do anything with Physics or close to it. Thermodynamics. @.@
But I did use lotsa Psych terms with Xiang.
Just so I can rub it in his face and he can't use his Engineering terms back at me.
What? Takkan he goes? "Calculus you la eve!" Doesn't make sense can.
See. Psych is so applicable in daily life!
Screw those who think otherwise. Hmph.

There was one point when we're studying in the Think Tank.
Digress. Their library is HUGE but lack Psych books, they have a two-level study area with THINK TANKs, a HUGE carpark at RM1 per entry and a swimming pool for bai leng purposes.
I think I wanna move to SEGI.
Back back.
Yea. So, studying in Think Tank and then this girl started screaming.
I was thinking "Should I be scared like now?". Hee.
Xiang thought it was me, apparently I have such a high pitch voice la kan.

Then, while studying halfway. The lights went off.
Just in our Think Tank.
So cutee. He didn't find it cutee though.

Study for 3 hours, MY ATTENTION SPAN DIN LEAVE ME. Everyone go woooaahhh~
More like do assignments actually.
Left at 6 go IKEA makan.
Yum meatballs yum. FRIES! WHEEEE~
And then lights went out again.
Rofl. I was referring to the light above our table in IKEA.
Random I know.

Thanks for teman-ing me to the Pasar Malam too.
I know you don't like Pasar Malam-s. Hee~
But your di pan mar. Met so many of your friends.
I felt so unwanted. =)

Xiangy boi
Note: See! Ssshhooo many photos of Xiang. Excited la. Ignorant la. Artistic also got.

Before you get any funny ideas that require you to bang the wall in order to get it out of your mind, there are reasons why so many photos and only of Xiang:

1. I didn't manage to find my camera even though I recall leaving it in my bag. Rummage whole day also cannot find. Only found it last min after food came. You can say my camera loves Xiang if you likee.

2. I forgot to camwhore with him cause as you are aware, eVie's brain ain't functioning well.

So yea.
No funky monky ideas. Hee~

I enjoyed the dome-mosque joke, the almost-banged-by-carS moments, the soda-water moments and the I-feel-bad talks. *GRIN*

Toodles. DINNER!

P.S: I'm getting more prosperous nowadays. Note: Face. Just in time for Chinese New Years. Damn.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Accidents = eVie?

My gawd.
I think I'm subconsciously trying to kill myself.
Or unconsciously. Since I'm seriously doubting an intention to kill myself.

But hor, in the past month:

1. Stubbing my toe
2. Hitting myself in the face with my specs. Red painful indentation as a result
3. Scratch myself with my nails somehow.
4. Bang my head against car ceiling, doors etc
5. Getting my finger caught between tables, clips
6. Scratching my car. Now that was OMBWTF bad.
7. Scraping myself against rough surfaces
8. Knocking into tables & chairs with my big bag

And that is as much as my memory serves me.
Take the happenings on the list and multiply them by a couple more incidents each, you'll probably get an idea of how much I am trying to unconsciously hurt myself.

Serious klutz I tell you.

Just a lil update to tell you I'm finee. =) I think that sounded a tad bit ironic.

Leave you with an awesome joke I heard in class.

We were talking about paraphilias in Forensic Psych Class.
Definition is something by the lines of being sexually aroused by unusual objects that in normal circumstances do not result in sexual arousal. Don't go ahead and believe me, go find your definition.
Anyway, Ms.W was talking about a form of paraphilia whereby the person is sexually aroused when they see a cockcroach or someone stomping on a cockcroach.
Yea. Cockroach. Lipas. Ka Za.
So it went something like this:

"You know, as weird as these people are, you gotta pity them. I mean, they're sexually aroused only when they see someone stomping on the cockroach. And it's really hard to get your wife to stomp on a cockcroach eveytime you know".

*class erupts into laughter*

"Seriously, imagine this. You show that person a porn video. And as the woman undresses, the guy is not the least aroused. He's asking, where's the cockroach?"

*class and eVie especially indulges in fits of laughter*

If it's not funny.
Too bad for you. And boo you too.=P

P.S: Ms.W, if you ever read this. Hee~ Sorry for not following the APA format. I think I was being careless about it, not nonchalant. No worries, not gonna happen for the lab reports. Rofl!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Uni start.

Uni start.
Here we go again.

Owh owh!
First post of 2009!
*dance dance*

I celebrated New Year's Eve just like the rest of you.
At Sue Mae's house with Booze & Camwhoring & Silly Games & Pillow Talks
Owh. And the bonus fireworks we saw from her house. =)

Note: Lotsa booze. But I only had a few cups here and there and they weren't even full cups.
Taste too uugh for me. Regardless of how chun they sound, like our version of quickfuck without the kahlua I think, so it's slowfuck. =)

Note: Macam biasa. The camwhoring. Small part of it only. More crazy ones in Mae's facebook. No worries. She so nicely tagged me. So you too can access it from there. How convenient.

NYE 2008
Note: Happy New Year peeps! It was great fun! I would miss you humans so much. With so many silly things happening, I could barely remember. Alcohol memory kan? MWEHEHEHEH~

P.S: I wasn't drunk that night btw. I'm over the drunk period. Emo? Maybe? *wink*

Then we wanted to have Japanese buffet at Tenji on 2nd January.
But they were fully booked!

So we had Korean food instead.
Which were alright.
My dish was a bit too spicy though.
I still wanna try Korean BBQ. Hee~

Note: The only few pictures I got from the outing. As a matter of fact, the background pic is the only pic I got of humans. Rofl!! Yummy egg-omelette starter.

And more recently, an outing with the high school mates.
To sorta kinda meet Sheen and glare at her for meeting up so lil these holz and say byebyee before she leaves to UK again.
We had dinner at Island Cafe before heading of for more chatz and grow-fat sessions in McD.

Note: Sheen being sheen. Twister fries model. =) So cutee.

Note: Photos of me and the individuals. ROFL!

Note: Group pic. And Xiang never seems to look at the camera. -_-'' You funny la boi.

Note: This deserves a photo on its own. Wazzit? Some herbal pill. It's very very veli the bitter wan. But since that very very veli the bitter leaves are now crushed and encapsuled, less bitter la. I shall eat your magic medicine kie boi? If not owhkay, hrm. I go your house steal the leaves and makan. So that you don't get entertained by seeing me suffer. Mwehehehe~ Thanks. =D

Last but not least,
I sound like I'm writing a report.

My hunnie wrote to me:
Life is like taking the first sip of a bitter coffee, you struggle through just to find that there is still some undissolved sugar at the bottom. =)

I don't drink bitter coffee to start with.
But it doesn't matter, cause I don't have to look for the undissolved sugar.
I have a sweet hunnie in my life. *GRIN* <3