Saturday, June 13, 2009

One month later...

Hi! I'm back!


Kinda obvious from the MIA action. Missing in action action? o.O

But I wouldn't say I have no life, just less online life.
Which I reckon many people would commend as a good thing. =)
And it doesn't mean I'm less busy.

Do you think it's alright for me to rant that I'm really putting on weight in the recent months?
No huh? Nevermind.

Been taking on a lot this sem. As compared to last sem anyway.
And thinking it's probably a wee bit too much. We'll see how it goes. Mweheehehhe~

Attended the PAL workshop today as tutor/coordinator/kuli/etc etc.
Food was good. But I shouldn't be saying I'm growing fat kan?
Eh, eh, of course the sessions were good too. =P
Had talks with Elaine and gang, they so funny! At least I wasn't bored la. =)

One piece of crucial info I got from the girls, or rather, from Leeyana =P
"Your soulmate is never your husband, but your best friend"
As referenced from Boys Over Flowers, yumyum =P.

I was quite WHA??!
That's pretty sad you know. Imagine telling future hubby this:
"Hey dear, I love you, but you're not my soulmate yea? Just so you know."
But Leeyana and La Veina convincingly told me that the statement is true, eh, they serious damn convincing kie.
Too much of Boys Over Flowers. But who won't OD over that right? =DD
Just like OD-ing over food, making me feel fat now. Oops. =)

I'm still not believing that statement. It's damn sad can.

Other than that, a few other events:

1. Return of Nottingham Man *cough*.
The budak macam lepas dari jungle, damn gembira invite us go watch movie which I couldn't make cause rushing stupid assignment.
But we makan at Pasta Zanmai, sehingga membisingkan the whole place.
Quite paiseh.

With all those "Eh dude, eh dude" stories, "Sparkly!", and all those namedropping of Notthingham people. Mund is horrible I know =P.

Note: Para hadirin sekalian. DJ-ians will forever kecoh. FOREVER. =)

Note: Re-enacting a particular hand-holding scene from Decanter. Except one of them looks forced this time. =P The green tea dessert is awesome!

We sat till they close shop and they can't wait for us to leave. Terlampau bising la kan. =P
The food's yummy tho expensive. =)
Even thinking of food makes me feel fat although I shouldn't be saying that, so yea, shhh~
The dessert!! Stef, I bring you go makan. Green tea ice cream yumz~

2. Laksa Dinner di Cheow Yang

Rofl~ The guys were craving laksa.
So pergila makan di Cheow Yang.
Though it satisfy my cravings for fishy laksa soup, nothing beats my Ah Mah's!
This is the point where I would say I feel damn fat, but I really shouldn't say so.

Note: I'm not being unfair!! Xiang's face was there cause my awesome-possum digicam captured the other 2 in blur motion. =)

3. My First Work cum Clubbing Experience.

Cause the work was in a club.
No, I wasn't in mini sexy tight fitting dress which will make one vomit cause of the likelihood of a gargantuan in that isn't very enticing.
Owhkay, I shan't say I'm fat. =P

It was the LUST Magazine launch, there to teman my boss =)
And the bunch la. Great company.
Gotta thank Sam for being the responsible uncle.
Sending me and Mae. Heee~
And allowing me to have sips of Tuborg beer plus Bacardi Lemon I think la, but it was yumz for a girl who hates alcohol. Me thinks it's the 80% sprite, 20% alcohol. =P

No photos though. Not allowed, not I don't want.
Damn tired the day I was back. Next day hypersomnia all the way.

Note: Mata aku untuk clubbing moment.

And yesh, let's be emo for a moment.

Byee tissue paper.
I know I byee-ed that day ddi and I meant to upload this on the day you leave.
But hey, not like you will read.
Probably the day you're back then you realise. ROFL!
Jangan emo yea?
I jaga the dai sou for you. =)

But please come back soon and jaga her, no one boleh replace you.

Note: I loveee the pic in the bottom left corner. You look shooo cutee kan?! In colour some more. =) The rest, must grayscale and sepia a bit so more emo yea? Aren't you proud I didn't flood airport? You look like you were gonna flood it though =P. Take care la please. P.S: No books- da sao's orders.

Aaah! Long one~ Niceee.
Back to work.

Edit: I just remember a random thing I want to blog

Evidence that eVie may just not be a Female:
Situation1- She doesn't act like a girl

*eVie calls Xiang*
"Hello? Last resort kan? So I'm fetching you right?"
"Hi. Yea. Thank you. What time you coming over arh?"
"Err, now?"
"WHAT?!?! You are NOT a girl!"

Situation2 - No one believes she can be girly

*Just before 310 mid terms*
"Eh KM, do you and Shyuan do the blow-finger-boo-boo thing?"
"*bashfully* yea....last time la..when just start..."
"I can do also! *starts acting it out*"
"OEI!! Please stop! My bulu roma all come out ddi"
"You believe I do that to my ex or not?"
"OMG!!!! *rolls on floor laughing*"
"me = SWEAT"