Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Long while?

Busy with exams mar.

I'm still stoning.
The sleep debt not repaid yet. =(

Exams was do-able.
I'm quite worried bout the results though. But well, that's for later kan?
Decisions decisions.

On the 2nd day of my exams, I went for my dear ol' pal, Yinxie's birthday celebration.
Nothing big, just a small cosy get together. =)

It was at Decanter Setiabakti.
Which we spent quite a while looking.
Ya Buddha, Decanter-s are too close to each other la. Hot red sexy GPS not working some more. =P
But we found it la.
As usual, took a while to order the food.

Yin 1
Note: The peeps. And of course, our main star for the day.

If you haven't realised until now, my outings with this bunch of friends is always talk, camwhore and makan wan.
And there's no way I can blog about every single bit of our convo, that's a bit OCD and personally, quite freaky.

Yin 3
Note: See! Camwhore lagi. Jing and Xiang's face damn priceless.

Though one of the highlights of the night is the 3 guys,
We were talking about treesome/threesome inside joke,
And they all had telepathy because they just spontaneously showed the action of joke. ROFL!
To those who knows the joke, remind me to show you! Damn 7 funny~ =D

YIn 4
Note: Xiang! Told you the nicest photo blur liao. =( Not to mention, the bottom one isn't even in the right form. I didn't rotate it. Someone took it that way. -_-''

I tak puas. I don't want another few hundred collages of your funky photos to remind me of you in the next 3 years la wei.

Yin 5
Note: A great night! Less and less people liao. =( But still great company.

It was a great breather from the exams la. =)

Dear Yinxie,
Not 12am yet! At least when I posted this la.
Happy Birthday!!
I hope you loved what we did.
Have a great 21st year and many more blessed years ahead~!
P.S: No worries, won't lock you for long, if not your future boy boy kill me. =P

YIn 2
Note: Happy Birthday sweetie! Sho cutee la you!

Blog another time!