Sunday, May 11, 2008

My brother dreamt I married the Grim Reaper

I tell you.
My current post's title has to be my favourite-est so far.
And my brother dare tells me it was such a terrible nightmare for him.
I really doubt he was scared for me lar owhkay.

I know I lack updates.
And it sucks even more that I know I can update if I made a lil more effort.
But everytime I tink about having to upload photos on Flickr and then blog.
Lazy la~
Not that I have a lot of photos but photos make this blog more interesting than just plain words.

Recap of holidays:

Busy Busy Free Very Free Busy Hectic Free Free Busy Very Hectic

No. It's not in chronological order.
I just think that my holidays could very well be summarized in the extremeness of the sentence.
Yes. My holidays are essentially like me. Very extreme.
Never balanced.

Let's see.

After the previous outing I blogged about,
It was a very free period I was literally dying of boredom.
Yet I didn't make any particular effort to go out or release the boredom because it would not be very soon before I have no chance to complain of boredom.
Which became pretty true.
So embrace the boredom people~

The first of my busy period started with Psych's 2-day orientation for the latest May 2008 intake.
Wednesday was the campus tour. Which was quite short.
And I finally had time to ber-bonding with Ee Fei. Heee~
Thursday was "Meet the Seniors" session which literally consisted of games and lasted the whole day.
I went home and tidur straight away.
I tink I'll upload the relevant photos on Facebook la.

Friday was a spontaneous outing with Shzen in the morning.
Great time chatting with her in Wong Kok.
Realise our similarities.
And my dear, quit saying Sorry or I'll really bite you. Mwehehehe~
Then I sent her home, we chatted a while more in the care.
I made a turn back to 1u since I'm suppose to meet a couple more friends there for dinner.
Spend an hour in the Cybercafe. ROFL! Hard to believe?
Met Edmund, Raech, Fei and Tysern for dinner.
Had Pasta Zanmai. Pricey but I believe everything needs a one-time trying and the food was satisfying.
Left for McDs to keng gai even more.
Went home.

Saturday was me falling sick.
I poured down every single available supposed-to-help-me liquid.
Honey la, Pei Pa Gou la, Weird BITTER Herbal Tea la, 100 Plus + Water la, Normal Water la.
I am that desperate to get better!
Which I sorta did and did not.

Wait. Did I mentioned I had totally no voice on Sat night?
Which led to me being teased and mocked by my relatives when I went over to my uncle's house for an early Mother's Day get together?
Just because I had to do my lil charades since I can't talk, it doesn't give them the right to be mean.

I had a massive headache on Sat night.
Whether or not being sick makes me more drama than ever, I seriously think last night's headache was the worse ever I contemplated on just banging my head on the wall and die.
I even went to the extend of looking for Panadol to eat. Which I usually despise doing so you could see how desperate I was to alleviate the pain.
When I couldn't find the stupid Panadol, I found the miracle cure Hisamitsu which is the medicinal plaster you usually see on people who are older. Guess I'm not that young.
Finally after 4 hours of struggling with the pain, I managed to fall asleep at 5 something.
Damn torturous wei.

I've finish my essay on "How did I spend my holidays?"

It's photo-less and boring.
Can't help it.
I'm not feeling well and I'm starting uni tomorrow with a horrigible timetable.
What you expect me to be?


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Second part of Wednesday

I think the rest of you went @.@ reading my last post.
Except Shyuan who thinks it's cutee.

Credits to Shyuan for realising we spent 24 hours together for the BBQ + Roadtrip (1pm Tuesday - 1pm Wednesday)

My hectic day did not end in the afternoon.

I was at HELP having a meeting at CFP regarding an upcoming project which I shan't reveal much details yet as there's so much more to be confirmed.
The meeting was enjoyable and fruitful.
We didn't even realise 1 1/2 hours passed.

So I left HELP at about 4?
Took a bus to KL Sentral.
I felt like I was on the rough seas + airplane turbulence.
Damn nauseous~
It didn't used to be so bad the last time I sat on Putra buses. SHISH~

Reached KL Sentral.
Took the Monorail to Raja Chulan.

You must be O.o reading about my lil trip.

I needed to go Raja Chulan because I was going to Zhan Shuo kor's office so we could both go to pick Shzen up later.
I did not get lost! Heeee~

Reached his office at 5.
Waited for him for like half an hour.
So thank gawd no one ask why I was there.
I was actually sitting down on the couch acting busy and going "You don't see me, you don't see me" in my head. ROFL!

Left his office.
Got stuck in a jam.
Had to entertain the bored-pissed-angry-impatient boi with all kinds of questions.

After 45 mins jam, it was a smooth drive all the way to Shzen's place.
Picked her up.
As usual, squabbling took place and all I had to do was watch the drama unfold. rofl~
Went to 1u.
Wanted to watch "Definitely, Maybe" since both of them have yet to watch and I thought it was worthy of another watch. Heee~
But couldn't get seats in GSC since the line was ssshoooo long.

Headed to TGV but there was no "Definitely, Maybe"!
Chose "Lars & the Real Girl" instead cause Stef said it was quite good.
Bought tickets and headed for dinner.

After walking in rounds and ROUNDS.
Decided on "Chatterbox" for I-dunno-what-reason.
Shzen "diet" so she tak makan. -_-''
I fed her her fave prawns though. Hee~

+Dinner for the night. For some reason, I felt like I haven't had rice in ages+

+Kor had issues with taking photos and finishing his rice. Hrm~ +

We so deserve to hang in Kenya for not finishing the dishes.
But I was really full!!
We even forgot about the dessert which was not too nice anyway.

Headed to watch the movie.
I end up giggling half the time cause Shzen would have one of her funny expressions when there were O.o parts.
Kor didn't wanna layan me.
All he did after the show was to hope to get his own doll -_-''
The movie was quirky and different but the company I had made it tolerable *giggles*

After the movie, we headed to GSC cause Shzen want to buy tix for a movie with her family.
But the ZOMB-I-am-flabbergasted line was so potong we just left.

And I finally REACHED home.

Though it was a bit hard to sleep that night cause the two cups of teh ais and one cup of Ipoh white coffee did nothing to my body's physical energy but did amazing wonders to running the chemicals in my brain.
Why am I not surprised at that?


Have you people noticed I was gone for a while?
I'm not HURT.

Yea. I was busy the past 2-3 days.

Start with Monday
My post will be short.
So much and I'm so lazy kie.

Bestie gaigai : Wait outside Old Town Kopitiam : Curve : Kenny Rogers: "Definitely, Maybe" : Frigging Idiot Guy in Movie : Walk walk : Starbucks : 6 hours in Starbucks : Venti Hot Chocolate! : Emo Green Tea Frap : Talk Talk TALK : Laugh : Emo : TALK : Even more TALK : Murni : Fat :

Yeap. That's how I enjoyed my day.
Very short?
Very simple?



My bestie is abit the sotted one lor.
Especially in Starbucks.
Eh~ Stop lusting over Ms.Winnee and April Hoffman owhkie.

I really enjoyed that day altho I was so damn tired.


Tuesday & Wednesday

BBQ + RoadTrip

Tuesday + Half of Wednesday =

LRT : NOT Late : Grocery Shopping : Kah Meng is an Abusive RETARD : RM101.90 : No Mushrooms, sobs! : Prepare food : Fish & Prawns are EEEWWW to clean : Marination without measuring : Onion is Garlic : Rest : Talk Crap : Mamak Tea Time : KM Idiot with Shyuan's car : Teh Tarik! : Sleepyness : Buy Contact Lens Solution : Balik : Play Boggle : Shyuan WINS! : KM Sore Loser : Stupid Grey's Anatomy : Terence Drama Freak : Prepare for BBQ : eVie can Play Hula Hoop : Food which was HEAVEN on Earth : YUMMMMM! : Finish Food : Road Trip to PUTRAJAYA : Stupid eVie interrogation : KM driving scary : Nursery Rhymes : Lame Jokes : CAMWHORE on road : Stupid cacat Camera : Sweaty and Stinky : 7-11 : eVie is drunk 24-7 : Sleepy Ride Home : BATH! : Sparkling Juice Toasting : KM's DUMB Questions : KO : Waking up for toilet : Waking up almost every hour : Bath : Makan Breakfast : Nice Pan Meen : Ice Cream : Go online : Go for meeting in HELP : Setapak drivers are SOTTED :

You understand what I wrote?
I don't care if you don't.
There's SO MUCH to blog.


+ Preparing food+

+ The Retard +

+ Cleaning fish +

+ The pretty gurls in the kitchen +

+ We never fail to pose. HEE!+

+Boggle Playing+

+Chefs for DA DAY+

+ And the raw food +

+ See what's wrong with the picture? +

+ Guess what I'm doing +

+ Guess what Terence is doing +

+ First group pic! +

+ Yummy!!!!!!!!!! +

+ They really cooking and I have to admit la, they did a GOOD job. HEE~+


+ RANDOM. In KM's car+

+Blur pic of Putrajaya+

+ I have very dingdong friends. HEEE~ +

+ Horny? ROFL! +

+ Another group pic! +

+ My friends get abit sotted at night. +

+ We camwhore again! rofl!+

+ Me and my Hunnie +

+ Told you they get horny lor. Mwehehehehe! +

+ *Looking everywhere* +

+ They throw me on the road alone! sobs~ +

+ We can kungfu owhkie! +

+ KM: Eeeyer! Someone look so scared in this pic. Evie: SIT YOUR CAR MAR! +

+Breakfast the next morn+