Friday, September 28, 2007

"Owh, my poor pinky~ "

SOBS lar!!!!!

So pissed~

I spent so much money photostating and an adequate amount of time staying up and losing my beauty sleep reading useless articles!!!!!


You see.
I was and still am a good girl.
Went to the Library, got this awesome or so I thought book on "Applied Behavioural Analysis" which had a whole lot of info on behavioural conditioning principles.


All the applications are about teaching and parenting!

And I am not doing any of those titles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bloody bias-ness..

I'm doing Organizational Management.


So swey~~

I need my sleep lar.

But LLS 101 and MC 100 are like @.@
Mid-sems next week~~!~



Anyone wants the articles?
I would gladly give it away
Shish~ =(

Monday, September 24, 2007

"I'll marry the man who can get me a bed & my comforter"

I had an AWESOME night last night..

What you thinking lar?

Went out with the bunch of high-schoolies who are leaving one by one

Sheen's leaving...................................................
And dear...we are NOT going to send you off aight? chill chill~
No need worry about bursting into tears~

back to yesterday..
The whole bunch of high-schoolies (Me, Yin, Chris, Sheen, Xiang who surprisingly still exists, Jing & Danny) decided to go to the Curve for Sheenie's farewell dinner..
I reached at 1 pm because I am always so on time..
No lar..
I went shopping!!
When you get back we go to the bazaar kie??

I wasted my time somewhat shopping instead of finishing my book review, PSY103 essay & my forgotten LLS 101 assignment!

Met Yin and Danny at 5 something..
Went to look for Xiang at Borders and couldn't find the dude doesn't matter, he appeared anyway..out of nowhere
Sheenie came to meet us there and Chris too~

We had the time of our lives trying to decide where to eat
We were always a very fickle bunch

But in the end, with the decisive powers of the undecisive very fickle people,
Italiannies it is!

Was awfully fun talking with these people..
Danny was so happy to have extra servings of the bread without extra charge! Awesome right Danny??
Had Angel Hair Pasta Pomodoro and Garlic Chicken Pizza..yyyuuummmm~
But wasn't enough..
Dessert at Big Apple!
We bought each flavour and shared..
How did we share?? HEE! I shall show you another day when I get the photos...we did it the Li-Sheen way~
Anyway, we bought 12 doughnuts + (6 X 5) doughnuts to bring home go do your maths~

We "broke-up" at the fountain going our separate ways...

Let the incomplete photos show the perfect not very end:


Pretty pretty girls by fountain! Weird one too~


Let's play guess the fingers!

Shoutout to the Sheenie Weenie:

Will miss you sweetie!!
See you in December
Unless you are planning to leave to Japan like Stef..-_-''
Keep in touch!
Throw sheeps and give fishies on Facebook!

Back to today,

I swear no one should deprive me of sleep

I was so so so so sleepy today!!
And i did not drink coffee..
So lethargic during the whole time..
I couldn't even concentrate & dance properly in gym today..not like i can dance very well usually but still~

My title refers to me ranting out loud not very loudlar in class because I was SO SO SO tired

Not to mention I was hungry -_-''

Owh! And I annoyed the hell outta KM today
I told you I am terrible when I'm hungry and tired


And lately, I've been getting "smart" feedbacks from people about me being "choosy":

Someone said I should get a bf because it is interesting and claims that I am super picky and claims he has tons of good friends to introduce to me
Another someone says that I sound like a lady who will never get married until she's 40 and all his friends don't suit me
The last someone said that I am not that "picky" lar but still fine because I will find the guy some day

You wanna noe picky?
Here goes:

I want a guy who has round, big eyes, not too long eyelashes, dark coloured eyes
Nose must be sharp but not too sharp has too have just the right degree
Don't want too thick lips but cannot too small mouth either
Face shape cannot be too chubby or round, preferably nice chiselled looks
Should have a hot body but not too muscular
Needs to be tall but not overly tall, just right for me to lean my shoulder on
Must be gentleman
Listens to me
Exciting yet stable
Knows how to pamper me


If got such a guy, he would attract both gurls and GUYS attention lar..shish shish~

I don't need a guy like that if I can't connect with him thank you very much~

We will know soon what kinda guy Evie getting la

I'll find a bf to show all of you soon kie?

To end my long post,
My bro not Nigel but the 7 year old kiddo tells me about this gal he likes in class:
It went like this:
"So, is she your girlfriend now?"
"Yes, always"
"Huh? I thought last time not your girlfriend? Now she is isit?"
"Yes, we hold hands to the computer lab today some more"


I don't know if I should shake my head at the "maturity" or smile at the "innocence"
So I shake my head while smiling..

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My hands smell of garlic o.O

Next time I am not going to brag about having the best sleep ever.
Cause I haven't been sleeping for the past few days.
Not literally.
But it's the kinda sleep where you don't feel like you have slept at all.
And I'm so worn out!
Annoyed too.
Now my neck hurts
So I'm going to shut up next time and not jinx myself.


The assignments!
And I'm surprisingly not OCD-ing yet
You wait just wait
I'll OCD soon..
I don't want to lar!

Chill eVie Chill~

Can wan~

Assignments only mer....


Owh..and I haven't studied for my mid-terms!!!
Stress-nye aku~
Neck hurts...

I have put back my "hug counter" right below my tagboard
Wanted to do so when I changed my layout but couldn't do it right
Until someone reminded me about it the other day
Owh and the someone answered my question on "Why the hug counter jump from 40 to 70????"
Which NO ONE answered until the other day la..
You humans~

Besides being busy about my studies.
There's nothing else.
I don't have a life~

Did you people read about the poor 6 or was it 9-year old girl who was brutally raped and killed?
The poor girl doesn't deserve it!
She just wanted to go to the pasar malam to get hairclips!
What the hell did she do to offend you?
Honestly, I hope whoever who did this to her should face justice.
That's the least she deserve after the suffering she went through.
What a freaky world we live in huh?

That's why you have sweet sometimes emo fairy princess matchmaker to make your lives better kan?

I so the kembang lar...

taRaAh ^_*

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am a happy girl


MC100 presentation today was AWESOME!

And I owe it to my groupmates..
We all did a wonderful job..
Kah Meng was terrific with the PowerPoint, the coordination owh..and the lending venue part..hee!
Shyuan was wonderful with the last minute flyers which earned us praise for extra effort and hopefully extra marks! and also the great report she came up with in less than a week!
My poor hunnie is down with gastric pangs and headache..take care! LOVES~
Jian and his pictorial version of presentation which actually made the lecturer laugh
Terence and his effort to continue presenting even when he has so much air in his poor tummy



I am so the kembang-ing!!!

We really worked hard for this..
It's like giving a 101% for a 10% issue you know..

Maybe we're just kiasu o.O

We just semangat kie!!

Goodie Luck to everyone else who have yet to complete their presentation..
One presentation down..
Tons more to go...

Btw, I annoyed the hell outta KM today
If only you were there would have enjoyed it! I promise....mwehehehehehhe!

taRaAh ^_*

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Spin, Spin and we all Fall Down~


Mosquito bites!!
Happens everytime I sit in the living room
I have sweet very sweet blood I know
Darn you mosquitos!

I have my PSY103 essay journal due in 2 weeks!!!
And all I do is daydream the day away...
And my mid-terms
And my book review with the book that never seems to end

Where does a girl find time to do all that?
Me not supergirl kie...
I'm just Evie Ever-laughing -_-''

A very big HUG and Thanks to my dearest hunnie
for the comforting cup of Hazelnut Hot Choc even when you are utterly broke

FYVPP For You Very "Pat" People,
I wasn't in the Everlaughing Evie the other day cause my bro was admitted to hospital lar
And that's all you need to know..

I woke up in an UBER good mood today
Had the best sleep in the longest time last night
Woke up feeling super AWESOME
Evie + Awesome sleep = VERY HAPPY EVIE
Equation says it all

By the way, the title of my post refers to me being high at home lar
Prancing and spinning around
Lost control
resulted in me literally falling fat on my bum
Thank goodness my bum broke my fall
Surprisingly wasn't painful honest!
See, having a big bum ROCKS kie!
So don't mock me bum anymore...*bluekz*

I can't wait for Fri & Sat
and I'm not telling you why..
*neh neh neh neh boo boo*

Presentation tomorrow!!



Sunday, September 16, 2007

Of cravings and OCD ^_^

She pushed open the glass doors and stepped her foot in.
The delicious and comforting smell of savouries & sweets tingled her senses.
She wondered if it was there.
As she made her way to the glass panel, her heart beated even faster.
"Was it there?" She asks herself.
Her eyes frantically search the display behind the 3 glass panelling.
Now she was in front of the display.
No. It's not there.
She was disappointed.
Until she turned her head to the left and saw it!
"Excuse me, can I have 2 pieces of the carrot cake? Take away please." *smiles*


I call the short very short story above "The Search for Secret Recipe's Carrot Cake"



I can't help it.
I was craving carrot cake.
Really badly. Having your cravings satisfied is just umph~~
Ask the himbos and the hunnie.
I kept bugging them the whole afternoon.
My poor future husband/boyfriend weih~
Imagine this scenario:

In the middle of the night...
Sleepy, probably annoyed husband starts going "What?"
"I want to eat dimsum" *pouts*
"But it's 3 in the morning, where got dimsum??" *really annoyed and wants to go back to La-La Land"
"I want dimsum lar........" *starts doing stuff to annoy the already annoyed husband*

And the scene drags on until:
1. He gets so sick of my whining and rantings and love me enough to at least go try find a 24 hour dimsum outlet wonder if that exists..hrm~
2. He is still very annoyed but continue pujuk-ing and layan-ing me until 6 in the morning which is btw 3 hours more to go 6am cause dimsum outlets usually open then mer..
3. Gets totally sick and annoyed of my whining that he puts on noise-cancelling earphones & get back to sleep or tell me to go back to sleep if not he will get a divorce o.O

I wonder which kinda husband will I get..

That's if I ever get a husband or even bf lar..HEE!

Back to me being OCD.

Darn PSY 106!

As if it isn't bad enough that I don't get anything after 3 classes,
I have to pass up a topic proposal by Tues!
And I have NO absolute idea what the hell am I doing now.

No Terence.
It doesn't make a difference whether there are marks or not.
I still am @.@ and a perfectionist. *beams*

I got another quiz!!!
Not really another quiz...cause prize..
Just more of a poll/opinion-asking-question-thingy?

Here goes:

What type of guy do you think Evie would like?
This is so gonna be awesome~!

No date/dead line...


Monday, September 10, 2007


Mosquito bites!!!


Anyway, this is a short update on the answer to my personal quiz which you all failed to answer..and you dare call yourself my friend..hmph~ hee!
Thanks stef for reminding me I need to blog..

For the 27637125478349 actually 3rd time,

Question: Why does Evie like Starbucks Signature Hazelnut Hot Chocolate so much? (besides it being chocolate lar)
*drum roll*
*hum dee dum*
Got lar..
Scare you only..
Scroll some more..
*prances around*
I know you people wanna strangle me ddi...
Because "Evelyn" means "hazelnut" in i-cannot-remember what language go google sure can find wan
Isn't it so cool to have a drink "named" after you and it is your favourite drink some more??
I like~!
And this answer is valid so don't give me the (-_-'') face
Why else do you think the pink porcupine on my Friendster profile page is named "Miss Hazelnut" mean you never realised the pink porcupine?? *bish*

I am..^_^

I gave you people a VALID answer kie??



Sunday, September 9, 2007



Bloated tummy

Those are the signs of
EATING WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omigawd~I have never eaten so much in my life to the extent of vomitting...SERIOUSLY!
But I shall potong stim and get back to that later...

My day today..
Started pretty horribly...
Just before I woke up..I had one of the most horrible nightmare in my life..
I woke up at 12.45 and my LAN exam was at 12..
went hysterical in the dream..
Wailing and screaming..asking my mum why she did not wake me up...
It really felt so real!!!
Stress wei.........but yea..i did wake up on time..
4 hours earlier some more..
Because some smart donkey forgot to collect her examination docket..
Totally did not cross my mind!
Until like 12 midnight on Fri...then all of a sudden I randomly remember "Eh, LAN finals need examination docket arh?"
And shootz!I do need it..
Woke up early next morning, rushed to coll, no mood eat breakfast, wait for the late Registrars and collect the darn piece of paper


Owh, and my day was horrible too...cause I did not realise my left side contact lens got stuck to my wet finger
instead of the container where it should be..
No prize for guessing what happened to it...
It turn rock(plastic) hard lar..aiyoh~

Anyway, the library was when the string of a good day's events started..
I found lotsa useful info I need for my assignment from the library..
Didn't know our library was so huge..almost got lost..*paiseh*

At about 11.30, left for Level 6 for LAN finals..
Ladida...go the tembak-tembak game...came out in 1 and half hours praying I passed..
Went to look for my lunch...walk walk walk...did not lose weight..and settled for the RM5.40 chicken rice at Rice Bowl..
SO EXPENSIVE!! *stab stab*

Shyuan came and fetch me about 2.30
Headed to KM's house and met the 3 himbos..
We were there to discuss our MC100 presentation..
I would say that our ineffective team meeting was pretty productive wei..*proud*
Things got "heated up" when the himbos are at a different level with the gurls them obviously lower lar..hee!
But we all friend-friend again after that...

Owh, you want to know how himbo-itic they are?

Evie: Eh, does anyone know where's Sungai Long?
One of the himbos: I think it's near Sungai Chua...
Evie: -_-''


The next one even more awesome:
Himbo: AIYAH! You know where is Sungai Long or not???
Evie: No...*looking at his lame face*..
Himbo: Sungai Long obviously opposite Sungai Short lar!!!!!!*laughs*
Evie: -_-'' -_-'' *smacks head*

Adoi~ Heart attack man with them...hee!

We had about 3 hours of discussion..and then..stomachs hungry ddi!!

SO decided go makan..
Venue: Restoran Talipon

By the way, in the car...
I was talking bout myself being fat ddi..
And there is one way to slim down fast..
Which is to get one of them himbos and make him act as a snatch thief...
And I could pretend to be Gutsy Girl number 2..sit on him and get free slimming treatment..
Remember the original Gutsy Girl who actually sat on a snatch thief and capture him?
Then you know what KM said?
"Aiyah, you cannot be Gutsy Girl lar"
*evie thinking KM won't be so nice complimenting her*
"Cause you Gutsy Bimbo mar"


Back to the starting of this post...
I think 5 of us in total ate about 20 plates of ingredients..and that's barely scraping the minimum..
Cause we use same plate to refill mar...


Dinner although left Evie regrettably over-filled, it was honestly the best fun I had in a long time.
I bet those dudes enjoyed hearing Evie scream everytime the oil splattered on me..
Bloody pain kie~
I think we had almost every ingredient there............
Deserts included...


Hello..I wasn't joking bout the fact I puked..
Trying to tahan in Jian's car was so damn suffering....
Now I'm feel horrigible...sobs~!

I thought I had a lot to share about the dinner...
I do lar actually..but so hard to put in words..
It's one of those really memorable times, but to put them down in words is just hard lar...hee!


+ Happy Couple eating..jealous or not? HEE +


+He is DA DUDE+

+You seriously can't say he's not the dude when he has more stomachs than a cow. Cow has 4 btw. See the way he eat and reaction? *faints*+


+Eat fruits so guai hor? Foot lar you~ His oil splatters almost killed people o.O. Not to mention his vain-ness.+

+*evie tries taking photo* *jian's cap switch from front to back* -_-''+




+The lady enjoying her yummy cake+

dead full

+How me and KM looked like after the dinner+
+The dude actually grew a stomach+


+See the red dot on my skin? No..not some sort of skin's the after effect of one of the himbos splattering oil at me..SERIOUS! *ouch*+

By the way...forgive my bad photo quality..handphone mar~

For once...a full Evie is unhappy..


3 hours gym!!


Btw, before I end,
You people don't want Secret Recipe cake is it?
I'm revealing the answer to my quiz tomoro, so whoever who can answer before 12 midnite tomoro will still be considered the winner...

Lemme repeat questions for you forgetful ding-dongs:

Question: Why does Evie like Starbucks Signature Hazelnut Hot Chocolate so much? (besides it being chocolate lar)



That was last night's post which I did not get to post all thanks/no thanks to my bloody internet....

Today damn headache lar!



Please buy the biggest luggage bag you can find which can fit me..
And find out how much you have to pay for every kg overweight at the airport..
I'm running away~

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Never underestimate the power of procrastination.

No. It can't bomb the Parliament or anything.

But it sure can make Evie stare at her laptop for hours doing nothing (or doing everything she has already done for like 3 times) instead on doing her assignments which is a really huge pile and might just fall on her, flattening her together with her ego.


It the power of procrastination also makes me blog.

Now, aren't you people happy to hear that?


I went to college today.
I don't have classes but why did I still go and spend 3 bucks parking you ask...
I've decided to be more of an extovert and work the active-ness lying dormant in me, and joined PSG
Which by the way stands for Peer Support Group for those who don't know.

Yea, I am so desperate for support that I joined.


I just want to be active mer.
Gain more experience hopefully

I wouldn't say it was VERY enjoyable, but to a certain extend it was a new experience.

New ice-breaking experience
New being-sesat-all-alone experience
New knowing-there-are-people-as-"fun"-as-me experience

Still experience mar.
New some more!

We had free food!!
The one thing that never fails to capture my attention and make me happy...FOOD~
Spaghetti, potato salad, fried stuff..pretty yummy~
Fills me up and that's good enough.
I'm not a very picky eater mar.

I have to get back to work
Yea right.


Owh btw,
I realise this post would be my 100th post.
How so not special.
100th post should be more fun, interestin and special hor?
I actually like being at the 99th post better but that would mean I won't update my blog forever which would garner me killer naggings, rantings and complaining from certain people.
*cough cough* names like Sam and Jian sound familiar? hee~

To avoid being killed,
I shall settle with a very boring and uninteresting 100th post
And you,
Have to bear with that~

Too bad too sad, such is the reality of the world.

Hum dee dum~

Monday, September 3, 2007

*sTaB StAb DiE dIE*


Rain + Donkey Streamyx + Stupid B.Psych Front Page Con


Lucky I got the tutorial I wanted...if not...
Guarantee throw tantrum..
And nobody would want to be near me when that happens

Then again, even when I am high, friendly and annoying also people complain.

You people very fussy wei!!





It's been so long since we actually talked talk..
And i've got tons of things to tell you! besides those in the emails
Actually, I think we got tons of things to share with each other...
But my connection...
*stab stab die die*

I swear today is the last time any of my friends would let me touch coffee
Sugar-rushed Evie is a menace!

Ask KM, Sam and Jenna..
I think they literally want to die because of my antics...
Or they literally want ME to die instead..
Evil evil friends.
Killing a cutie pie like me ceh even when she's entertaining them so nicely..
Next time don't layan you people ddi!
I emo emo only~

Eh, you wanna see rabbit jumping in tall grass?


Sunday, September 2, 2007


Originally uploaded by her_evieness

I'm still procrastinating...

And i have to upload this...

ChEaP CloTHEs!!

Hum dee dum~

I really have to go do my work now....
*rant rant rant*

P.S: I'm bad at using Flickr...but that will do...TARAAH~!

I'm BACK!!!!!!

And that's because I'm lazy to:
1. Study for LAN finals
2. Start on LLS 101 book review
3. Start on LLS 101 journal
4. Start on PSY 103 essay
5. Start on MC 100 group presentation


The lazy-ness in me.....

As most of you who have my MSN would recall..
Today my PM happens to be "Feeling restless..ISH!"
That's a reminder not to step on my tail (if i have one) today...
Incurring Evie's wrath only leaves undesired consequences....

I finished work on Friday...
And coincidentally it was Merdeka...
So the country Merdeka, Evie also merdeka...
Tell me I am not patriotic..

The past week has been hrm..fine?
Studying and rushing assignments beat standing in GAP 9 hours a day..anytime...
Except when it is RM15 an hour..HEE!
I have one class with my hunnie...HURRAH!
And the rest of the classes are with my 3 "favourite" HIMbos.....hee~

PSY103 with Dr.Goh as usual is fast paced...I still find him so cute and amusing lar!
PSY106 is so "ho-hum".....wish Ms.Winnee was the one teaching instead..but we shall see~
MC100 can be pretty tiring especially on Monday mornings...8am class!!
LLS 101 is funny .....but the assignments are @.@........

Stefanie Chew...
Come back quick lar................................................................
I miss shopping...sobs~
And I need retail therapy now.....

I lost the mood to blog..