Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What if the ANCOVA is not significant?

If not significant, cry for you to see.
*nervous nervous*

I'm back to procrastinate eventhough I have 3 deadlines to meet this week.
Hey, I managed to correct mistakes in a 395-item-SPSS-data. I want my break.

Before I talk about my Halloween event which would be eons away by the time I actually blogged about it,
I wanna say I had an interesting Saturday.
Just the recent weekend.

So again, in spite of the multitude deadlines which I feel like dying for but not actually dying yet.
My Saturday was booked with outings.
You know I've been procrastinating when my mum says "Still can go out meh? Not very stress wan arh? Ask you to help me you don't want"
Whoopsie~ I hear a merajuk-ing mum. Heee~

I woke up 9am that morning just so I can finish some work.
Not much was done.
I actually can't remember what I did. Rofl~
Head down to Bangsar by LRT. As usual, terlampau early.
KM fetched me and then we headed to uni to get Shyuan.

Stock-taking time!
Yeap. Shopping for Shyuan's bloggie.
In my defence, I wasn't shopping, I was merely doing my bestie a favour. Kan Hunnie? =D
Was really disappointed though.
I think we went a bit too early so it was still relatively same stocks as we last came but we could see new bags and they seem to be taking in new stock.
Darn~ And both of them say they don't want to go back there. Ish.

Had lunch at our usual place.
Started shopping.
Managed to buy some stuff.
Still quite satisfied.

Went for cendol after that.
Tapi macam sudah kurang. Drop price, less ingredients?
KM left to his church stuff.
Me and Shyuan..............continued SHOPPING!

We headed to the Absolute Bazaar in Subang.
Though it was quite late when we got there.
Not bad la the sale.
One thing we both noticed was that every stall had a guy looking after it.
Thus we decide that bazaars require training a boyfriend to sit and jaga stall. If you have a boyfriend la that is.
Owh. And it would be so risky to have an online shopping blog without
a) A boyfriend - kuli purposes
b) A bunch of best girlfriends - moral support purposes.
Don't have that? Then think twice about the blog. Rofl~

I bought a RM20 dress from the sale after much contemplation and probably a lil annoyance to my Hunnie because I kept being fickle.
Hey, at least I'm fickle in shopping and not other aspects kan? =)
It's quite sheer though. Thinking how to fix that. Hrm~

Later that night, I had Yumcha/Mamak session with my 3 Engineering Friends.
Had my Hunnie send me to Engineering Friend A's (EFA) house after much trouble.
Guys are so damn troublesome. Cannot make up mind wan I tell you. -_-''
Reached his house, dude haven't bath which is why he complained when I said I would drop by his house earlier than agreed. But he wouldn't let me go to Murni alone anyway.
He went "Waiting at Murni alone very nice is it?" in a super sarcastic tone. Sounds so like me. Get what I mean when I say I am be-guy-ed liao?

Spend some time at his place watching the Taiwan Basketball Drama which received never-ending mockery. He's a basketball player btw.
Mock about the drama being too drama la.
Mock about the basketball being fake la.
And we had to endure that cause Engineering Friend B (EFB) took 350 years to get ready.
Ding dong la. I girl also don't take so long. Be-guy-ed once again.

Finally we could head out to Murni.
By the time we reached SS2, Engineering Friend C (EFC) was already there.
Was quite hard to look for parking that night. EFA claims he always gets parking. Guess I'm his jinx? Hee~

We all had to sit right in front of the projector screen.
Showing football.
Great la great.
We ordered food. I stole their food.

Highlights of the night:

a) Their expression watching football is SO PRICELESS. I would record it down and send to America Funniest Videos or Malaysia Funniest Videos if there is one la.
b) Their inability to multitask (ie: Listen to me talk + Watching football) yet their effort to try and do so is AMUSING. Funny funny funny.
c) Despite the fact I was complaining how troublesome guys are, they are relatively simple.

Example situation:
Guy walks into basketball with new NIKE shoes looking oh-so-good.
Other guys see, all of them step on new shoe.
Excuse? New shoe very hard, so we step on it to soften it so you won't trip. -_-''
But the real idea is simpler than that.
We see new shoe.
We don't like.
We step.

d) Though I say I'm be-guy-ed, with EFB, I'm so damn more girly and bitchy even when compared with girls. Eh bang, I still waiting for the dude's photo kie~
e) Ordered some more food. Yay, happy me!
f) EFA ordered this really cool drink named "I Love You". So he went, "Kak, I love you ada tak?"
Swt lor.

We stayed up till the end of the football match with 2 very happy guys because their team won.
EFA sent me back.

And I fell sick.
Not sick sick.
Just not feeling well.
So I couldn't meet EFA for our study meeting the next day.
Neither could I tarik my Hunnie for the Pick-And-Grab Bazaar in Hartamas.

All I did. Was do assignments.

The reason why I blogged about this event first was cause it is photo-less.
My next one will have photos.
So you wanna see photos, have to wait! Hee~

And we did not talk about any engineering topics.
1) They're not nerds.
2) They're Xiang, Edmund and Jing!!

Rofl! Gotcha there didn't I?
Thought I had some lengzai Engineering friends I didn't intro is it.
Fat hope la you~

Monday, November 10, 2008

Effort to keep up

I'm making an effort to keep up with my blog.
Assignments, assignments.
They make you so lifeless huh?

2 weeks back, I went for a camp at the Lutheran Centre in Port Dickson.
It was PSG's Personal Development Camp.
Was initially quite reluctant to go Lynnette was even more reluctant seeing that my 205 essay was due that week itself.
As a matter of fact, me, Lynnette and Vin were actually rushing on our 205 hours before we left for PD.

But it was great!
So funny!

And beach!!!
I remember going there and the first thing was..."Oooo! Beach! Beach!"
But again, didn't manage to spend much time there.
What to do?


Note: All the waiting for the bus plus the horrible after work jam. Not that bad la. We were singing emo songs in the bus. I was trying to fall asleep. Fail la fail.

On the first day, it was the usual ice-breaking activities.
Then we had to design our envelopes so that people could write notes to us and make us feel LOVED. Rofl!

I had to bath ice-cold water at 1am that night.
Zomb la~ Hampir mati. Lucky we were all sweaty after the long bus ride and games. So didn't die la.
The committee girls had a room to themselves cause there were not enough in the members room eventhough we wanted to be there to start with.
We were trying to fall asleep when Pei San came in the room and kept wandering about because her hair was not dry and she didn't know where to sleep.
That sparked off a series of let's-not-sleep-activities which involved Lynnette's famous IQ questions. Which I could NEVER answer. Low IQ -_-''

Next day was a full day of activities mainly focused on reflection.
We went to the beach in the evening!
Played games.
I got into an unfortunate accident with Kai Rong because of some circumstances.
But we were both finee and still love each other and everyone else. Hee~


Note: PSG has this weird norm of everyone-crashing-into-picture. If you think you wanna take a photo of just two people. Fat hope la huh. Everyone will be in the photo before you know it. HEE!


Note: If you think you're not getting wet at the beach, think again. As committee, it was inevitable. Until the extent that I had to help myself to the water or I would be drenched anyway. Rofl! But it was cool except the fact that lotsa sand ended up in my nice black shorts and Suzanne said it would stay there forever! =(

That night itself was a celebration for Gerry since he was leaving.
I couldn't enjoy myself much cause my throat was acting up. Felt like I was coming down with a flu.
All I did to prevent that from happening was to down water like crazy, suck on Strepsels and eat my Vitamin C's. For once, I actually did not procrastinate on the pills.

It was mostly free time that night.
Me, Lynnette, Theresa, Ian, Suzanne and Chi Sum all had our girl talks.
And even more IQ questions. Which I still can't answer.
But it was really fun, and we slept earlier than the night before. One hour earlier is still earlier.

Did activities again the next day.
Was still fun.
But slept all the way in the bus. Rofl!


Note: My team, NASI IMPI! We rox kao kao! Hee~ Wanna know why the cool, unique name? Ask me la. Mwehehehehe~ Thanks Chia Wei (our leader), Kai Rong, Alicia, Xin Rou, Pei San, Chi Sum for being a great team. I really enjoyed being in our team. Really felt like we belong. Hee~

All in all,
I loved the experience.
It was a step towards my change, towards living my life.
Something that I tend to hold back on.
I've met some really wonderful people. You know who you are.
I'm glad I've actually managed to open up and they opened up to me in return.


Note: I think I found some missing parts of myself in the camp. Not all, but it was a start. A start I really needed.

Wait up for more random posting.

Toodles~ *chases after assignments*

Btw, guess how many hours of sleep I had in total for camp?

5 hours in 2 nights. WHEE!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Someone give Maxis a brain.

Like seriously.
So damn fucking pissed now.

They deactivated my prepaid number BEFORE confirming that I have my postpaid number.
So with one deactivated sim card and one not-yet-received activated sim card.
My hp is useless.

It's already frustrating enough that I couldn't use my phone the entire day.
And I'm so dreading full day classes tomorrow.

No. I don't have tons of people calling me.
No. I technically won't die without my hp.
But yes, I will die at their DUMB IDIOTIC NONSENIC STUPIDITY!

Who in their mind who has a brain would deactivate a number before making sure that the new number is received?
So if the new number is not received, which is my current situation now, I'm suppose to act all happy and tralala la?!

Damn annoyed owhkay.
And I didn't even realise it was stupid Maxis's fault and/or my dad's company's staff fault until one of me friends told me they sent a message and I didn't receive.

So someone, please kindly donate some brain to these people at Maxis.
Because either they are stupid or I make no sense.

Sibeh pissed now~


Monday, November 3, 2008

I spent 131.80 because of paranoia. -_-''

I am so paranoid I tell you.
And very sleepy.

Just a short post to make you realise how busy I am, hence the short post.

I mau tidur la.

And thanks to all those yesterday who gritted their teeth and grin through the lil bitch fit I had.
And were still sweet enough to ask me how I am today. Aijioh~ You people make me feel horrible lor.
I have half a mind to get myself a Lil Miss Bitchfit shirt. IF there's such a thing.

Told you no sleep makes me VERY HORRIBLE.

Guess that's what differentiate me and the rest of the population. =D

Will have massive updates soon! Seeing how this week has probably been the most eventful happening and tiring week of my whole sem.