Monday, June 23, 2008

The meaning of blessings~

I don't know how to put this in words.

All I know is that tonight may be one of my best nights in my life.

Just imagine...
Speechless, tears, hand flapping, ZOMB-ing.

That's how I felt.

Thank you so so so much.
Not for the part on activating my tear glands though. Hee~

But thanks for telling me how much I mean to you.

You make me think I don't deserve you.
Yet, I can't help feeling blessed...


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Me no likey conventional interventions

PSY 206 assignment. Pooh~!
I don't think it's the assignment.
Me thinks it's the mood. Pooh~!
I happen to like Winnie the Pooh a lot. Sue me. *bleah*
But I don't wanna do conventional interventions sien
Terence! Dowan do can arh? rofl!

This is one of those posts without piccies.
Don't like then don't read.

Owh owh.
I'm surrounded by egoistical-full-of-themselves-yet-very-lame guys.
One example was Xiang and his hot-girls-hands idea and today, I've met one that can rival him.

Let's see.
It goes like this...
This morning I had 4 hours of PSY 207 replacement class.
And had to rush my 207 assignment the day before. Don't remind me about it. Was so annoyed by my carelessness.
Then while I was sitting down enjoying my July issue of Cleo magazine, guess what?
Mr.Lam KM comes strutting in like the girl he is ROFL! and said

"I feel like Brad Pitt la"

*eVie terpegun-jaw-drop-o.O*

"Sometimes my hair messy....sometimes neat..."
*eVie starts praying..dies of lameness!*
Can you imagine out of the blues some dude who does not resemble Brad Pitt in any way possible tells you he feels like Brad Pitt?
I don't know if I should laugh at the lamest joke ever or cry cause it is the lamest joke ever.
I chose the former...feeling ABSOLUTELY AMUSED!

We had McDs after that.
Courtesy of Himbos.
Thankew thankew. Can I have a Banana Toffee Sundae pweeasseee?!?

Btw, does eating too much McDs lead to lack of mood for assignment?
Cause I felt that after I came home but I could not even sleep...stress sial~

I dowana do work!!


I have a feeling I'm going to be OCD after this.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

I don't understand why I'm in a mood to blog.

I have assignments not done.
All/No thanks to *cough cough* You know yourself la huh. *GRIN*

And I'm blogging
Owh. and I have not started revising.
And I got email from my PSY 206 lecturer: "Be prepared for DIFFICULT final exams"
I wanna cut my throat on the spot kie. Metaphorically that is.

Updates updates!
And with photos too.
Ain't I such a loving lady? Rofl~

I wanted to update on my Sungai Congkak trip with the Peer Support Group but no pics.
That gotta wait lor.
It was fun watching them enjoy suffer in the games we planned (Lynnette and Me).
But they enjoyed watching us "mouthing" for 5 mins too. Fair's far lar hor.

Digressing from Sungai Congkak,
On Tuesday I got a message at 6 something in the morning: "Ah yee! I'm back!!!"

My sayang's back!!

+Me sayang+

Yea! The Aussie people are gonna come back and ditch the kangaroos! Whoot~!
And she bought a whole load of choccies with her.
Presumably to fatten me up.
Sweetheart, there is a better way to show your love for me right? Instead of making me round so there's more of me to love. ROFL!

On Tuesday I had the sudden enlightenment that Xiannie feels like having ice-cream.
And so ngam she's back on a Tues.
So off to Swensen's!

+SWENSENS...only worthy on Tuesdays. *grin*+

With Shzen and Zhan Shuo.
I was the driver of the day!
Their lives were in mua control! Rofl~
I bet the rest of the himbos shudder at the thought of them being in such a situation.
I drive well owhkay.

We're all so excited she was back we posed for funny pictures such as this:

+Cutee kan my two sweeties? +

And this:

+It's going to be common knowledge that he hates taking photos with me. Bleah~+

Plus this:

+ He abused my camera +

And zomb....this:

+ Kesesatan maximum~ +

Of course, besides the funny piccies to celebrate her return.
We talk, talk, eat ice cream, chat, speak, argue, talk, eat ice cream, giggle, laugh, argue, talk, chat, TALK.
I hope that is enough to illustrate our wonderful time and the wonderful sound decibels we created. HEE!

Feast your eyes on more decent photos!

+ Xian, Me, Shzen+

+ *cough* Suddenly, the guy and the girl look so good together. ROFL! You go guess which girl me talking bout +

Send them back home.
Went back do assignment. Le sigh.


On Wednesday, which was a particularly long and not to mention energy-draining day.
Went college early abit too early for PSG General Meeting preparation.

Met Lynnette, cook sausages for lunch later, went through agenda, send my book to Shzen.

PSG 2nd General Meeting:

+ Meet Mia, one of us 3 girls who worked to prepare the General meeting. ROFL!+

+ Aiyo~ Miang hor the 2 girls? Hee~ The one in the back is Mia and the one in front is Lynnette. We were playing the Cloth game -_-''+

+ The groups discussing their drama script according to given themes which turn out hillarious!+

+ Mr.Gerard giving a small speech +

+Suzanne giving her small "leaving" speech+

After speeches and cert-giving, we all watched a video Nic made which was really cool!
Although all you could hear in a particular scene was Lynnette laughing hillariously. Hee!

Then it was lunch.
Nasi Lemak with the sausages we cooked earlier.
People said the food was yummy kie?


+This is Ian. She had N-th plate of nasi lemak. ROFL!+

After general meeting was over, I walked it the rain.
Cause I very emo.

-_-'' If you like to believe that, work harder.

Came down from bus then rain like hell.
My umbrella in my other bag so had to walk in the heavy rain.
With my laptop bag and 207 textbook.

Went to Xian's house to hangout cause we wanted to go for MPS which btw stands for Minggu Pusat Sumber for some lost people out there *coughs*
Zhan Shuo came and we went to visit our favourite Pn.Monica and also "Italy" rofl! Don't play play got Mount Vesuvius wei.

Left about half an hour later.
Went back home.
Left with Zhan Shuo to pick Krystine up cause I needed to tumpang car to 1u. Hee!

Left both of them to their dinner.
Met Edmund, Agnes and Jing.
Mund, shut up with Aussie kie? Make me jealous je~

Xiang came LATE.
And zomb~
He became super lame.
Question: "Xiang! Why your hand so cold wan?"
Answer: "So I can hold HOT girls' hands"
*eVie dies on the spot*

Kungfu panda was funny!
And awfully cutee!
And awfully good reminder to the himbos of eVie. ROFL!

Went back home.
Assignment lagi.

And here I am.
Blogging about my yesterday.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oops! Missed my dateline~

There goes my posts in the month of May 2008.
When I look back at my history of posts 2 years down the road, I'll forever remember how miserable my May '08 was.
And how it left a scar in my heart.

Sorry. Drama opening abit mar.


Yoodle-le-hee-hoo people!!

I'm a bit excited blogging while watching CSI and eating papaya.
Wanna go get more papaya.



I sound abit manic.
Actually, after taking Abnormal Psych class for a few weeks, I kinda start to think I do have Hypomanic phases. Supposedly more mild version of Manic.
And it proves that I pay attention in class *beams*

Life hasn't been all that interesting.
I eat, sleep, risk being called a pig, study I actually study, read journals @.@, lifeless on MSN and not blog.

Yea. That's about it.

Randomly, there were a few cool events here and there.
I hope I remember them right tho.

Lecturer's PayBack Day was one.
No. We're NOT supposed to throw rotten eggs mixed with flour and pink colouring at lecturers to pay back for the times they made us read journals AARGH!, meet assignments dateline blabla.

We paid them back by APPRECIATING them boleh?
Which makes me wonder, wouldn't "Lecturer's Appreciation Day" sound more approriate?
Payback just gives people crazy ideas hor? *grin*

It was fun.
Especially charades!!!
To see my 3 fave lecturers playing out charades in a row was sssshhooooooo AWESOME!

Other events.....hrm~
I fell so terribly sick on Sun-Mon AGAIN.
And I take care of myself VERY WELL boleh? Jeez~
Had a really terrible headache, felt giddy, practically slept the whole day, NO APPETITE that is rare! and couldn't attend my tutorial on Monday.
But I still woke up at 7 to send my partly finish tutorial to KM so he could pass it up for me.
eVie ada nilai Kerajinan dan Bertanggungjawab.

Last week,
Last week,
Last week,
I cannot remember what happened.


I didn't go gaigai at all recently.
No wonder boredom sial.

Will blog more often and hopefully with pictures.

Back to journals *pulls hair!*