Friday, January 1, 2010

Ball Necessity: HAIRSPRAY.

I'm getting more updated! =P

Still feels so surreal la, brain still living in 2009; 2010 is just far far far *start squinting eyes* FAR away. Denial much =P

I officially dubbed meself a KLUTZ with capital K, or in this case, every alphabet is capitalized.
First day in the house, I went into my mum's room, knocked the corner of her bed and rolled over.
Then I scratch my arm against the door lock.
Second day, I missed a step and fell down the stairs, leaving me feeling the ouchies on the first day of 2010.

Swey-ness or Klutz-ness?

It's my final one, technically. Unless I decide gung ho and go crash the junior's one this year. =P

It was the day after the hectic Charity Concert.
Basically rushing whole day, Fei had to remind me to chill.
Highlight of my rushed preparation was the war with my falsies, which resulted in us being late, and Fei having to call Mae and say "Sorry Boss, Evie had some mismanagement issues with the falsies, will be late"
Paiseh sial lor.

Managed to reach not too late, helped a bit with registration and voting.
And then began to enjoy my ball =D

Note: Balloons as deco on the table, though Zhan Shuo was mentioning about it blocking our view of the awesome performances =P My awesomazing mask is thanks to Ms Toh Ee Fei, rocking babe!

Note: My guests Fei's not btw, who were more gung ho in cheering for the performances I actually felt so paiseh that B'Psychers were so potong.
Yesh, we had that much food for 4 and a half girls =)

Note: Food lineup! Not as good as last year I feel. And the AWESOMAZING staff band, CRAZEEE good! Love them!

Note: The compulsory toilet photos, more on FB for your perusal =P

Note: Pretty photos stolen from various DSLRs, I had to wrestle with falsies and hairspray to look this good, so yesh, I will brag about it. =P More on FB!

Continuing my nostalgic phase from last night, these people below have been my besties since forever. Too long perhaps? =PPPP Joking!
See how much we changed?!

Note: Muffin! We switch dress colours! Rofl~ So coincidental. My my, we've been with each other for the longest time wei, and glad to know we have both grown in our life and are there to see each other grow. Yesh, I'm damn proud to say that you definitely have grown since those days. Lovee =)

Note: And you! Omb, you still have the same hairstyle =P Goodness me, we've really known each other that long, and are still wanting to keep each other. I'm proud of our tolerance; was expecting us to bite off each other's head long time ago, mwehehehehe! Thanks for being such a constant in my life. =)

Okay. Cukup dengan ke-emo-an. Let's end with something funny. Like how girls rock a food photo =P

Note: ROFL!!!!!!!!! Editing is thanks to LesbieKhor, captions thanks to mua. =D

More posts coming up!
Ya Buddha, getting lazy ddi =P