Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Losing pinky-ness~

I cannot wait till I'm well again.

Honestly, being sick and having to deal with emo-ness of people leaving and at the same time lacking sufficient sleep?

It just drives eVie nuts.

And life has been pretty nuts recently if you ask me.
Imagine being stuck in an hour's traffic jam.
You're telling me it's normal?
Yeap. Pretty darn normal-everyday-will-happen incident if it's on KL's highways such as the Federal Highway.
But SO BLOODY ABSURD NONSENIC CRAPPY when it happens so near home, or college rather.
I was stuck on Monday at HELP's open carpark for an hour because there was a JAM that lasted AN HOUR at the parking area to the paying booth.

I did not bullpoo you.
I am telling the very darn crappy truth.

Can you imagine how frustrated I was?
Seeing that I could already have my blood boiling when it's jammed on normal roads and now it's jammed for A BLOODY HOUR at my college's carpark?!


And I had to miss my dancing class cause of that. Just great I tell you.

Also, it was freaking emo already since Steffie was leaving that night.
Yea. Ended up transiting between emo & laughing-like-crazy phase over the phone with the Prince-cess for an hour. Pity his ears.

On a happier-much-more-outdated-note, I was invited to an Open House last weekend.

+Open House..geddit?+

Whose open house you ask?

+Yes. If your eyes are sharp enough, you would be able to see whose open house it is+

+My PINK buddy!!!!+

She has an awesome Pink Room, Pink Water Dispenser, Pink Mirror Frame, Pink Curtain, Pink Beanbag, Pink USB Port, Pink Laptop, Pink Vases, Pink Handphones.......I LIKE HER PINK ROOM!

+See what I mean?!?! Pink everything!+

For once Stef was earlier than me.
Even when she had to fetch like 3 other people.
But not my fault.
The Prince-cess took 10 years beautifying himself. ROFL!

Well. It was nice waiting right Stef?

We reached there about I cannot remember what time.
I think it was 7 plus though.
And Sann wasn't home.
Her mum was really nice to us though.
Before you knew it, her house was packed with SSSSOOOOO many people.
I mean.
Her extended family lar, her friends lar (from so many different cliques)...you realli cud get abit lost there if you're alone.

Since Sann was really busy layan-ing other people, we decided to layan ourselves with what we do best.....CAMWHORE! Hee~
Sann did bring us on a tour around her house though.

Btw, just a lil reminder: Ignore all fats you see on the girl in pink (that's me). It's a bit eyesore, but well...concentrate on other aspects of the photola. MWEHEHEHEE!

+The 5 pretty girls are missing one pretty girl...XIAN!+

We stopped camwhoring for a while to fill our tummies.
Quite a wide selection of food.
There were prawns! Made me missed Xiang. Don't get the wrong idea. I miss Xiang peeling prawns voluntarily. Owhkay. I sound abit mean saying that. GRIN!
Kor tried peeling prawns with plastic spoon and fork. Which took ages.
So in the end, me being very impatient, just went along and dirty my fingers shelling those prawns.

And it's back to camwhoring.

+Me & the Bestie in Sann's toilet+

+Posing partner & me. She's shoo cutee~!+

Sann's pink room made a real nice camwhoring venue:



Towards the night, the sickest person which is me, had to be the one who was most hyper because the others were either emo or tired and the atmosphere was getting abit blah. -_-''

+We were so bored of posing. So this is a boring pose. ROFL+

+I don't know what we were trying to do here. Seducing each other? Fighting silently? Glaring at each other? Being hiao? Hee!+

+Prince-cess & Me. You don't know how long it took me to get him to take ONE decent photo with me owhkay+

+We were trying to prove how distant we should stay in a photo -_-''+

+Don't look into the light! Lame...-_-''+

After enough camwhoring in the house, we decided to go for a walk. Hee~

And everyone for the weirdest reason of all...so emo~~ -_-''


+emo Wefie+

We took quite alot photos on the road.
Including crazy ones such as standing at the roundabout. -_-''
Yes. We're really serious camwhorers owhkay.
Walked one round and decided it was time to go back.

But Yinnie was craving Starbucks!
And even when it was close to 11 and people were having curfew at 12, we decided to go anyway.

I didn't drink anything because I was feeling bloated, and my hyperness has already been depleted and I felt sick again. How annoying.
But I miss Hot Chocolate now. Booooo~

+Don't ask me why Stef was looking like that+

We sat there till about 11 sumthing and then Stef had to chao home with Yinnie.
Me, Zhan Shuo Kor and Shzen continued talking for another hour. Debating what not. Hee~
Then....it's home to comfy bed~!

My favourite pic of the night:

+Sigh~ Such harmonious siblings. Hee~!+

Signing off to study Marketing.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My wastepaper basket is brimming with tissue paper.

*kicks chair*

*throws books on floor*

*slams door*

*punch pillow*


Why I no date for Chap Goh Meh lar? *rolls eyes*
Please said you did not believe that.
if you did.
Shame on you!
I am !*&@#*^@&#^&@#^@# SICK again lar!

I wanted to take a photo of my tissue-paper-filled-wastepaper basket to prove how terribly sick I am but apparently my maid emptied it.
So much for tissue paper being everlasting. *wink*

Damn annoying I tell you.
Now I'm partially deaf due to an ear block in my left ear.
My nose has been flowing non-stop and is trying to run away from me.
The amount of trees I killed in order to stop my nose flow is making me so guilty. Save the environment!
I even skipped class today.
And my very-important-to-me MEETING!
Yes. The guys probably tried cursing me to death when they realise I am taking "sick leave".

I don't know how many times I've been falling sick just beginning of this year only!
Damn chat annoying.....................booooooo~
Start praying I don't get a fever. GAH!

Rants aside.
Today's the last day of CNY. *tears*
I like the CNY mood. Knowing it's going to end just gets me abit sluggish.

And since it's Chap Goh Meh, people are suppose to throw oranges into the sea/river/parit/longkang whatnot and wait for Mr/Ms Right or wrong to pick it up.
I am so not going to do that.
Come on.
Unless I know there's like 300 super cute guys waiting to pick up my orange, there is no way I'm going to let a round-orange-coloured-full-of-vitamin-C-fruit tell me who is right for me.

If I didn't mistaken, tonight is also the night where people buy lotus candles, light it up, make it wish and let it flow down a river.
I would do that. So cool owhkay!
Just that the only river I see around is a rubbish-filled one near my house.
So dirty. What wish also won't come true lar. Hee~

I don't have date tonight also nevermind.
Imagine him being disgusted by all the mucus flowing and my super red nose. Eeeyeeerrr~
But I had "DATES" for the previous V'day on 14th.



On the 14th of February,
I woke up early early to go see my date-SS.

+This is what happens when you force Himbos to be your date+

You didn't think they were my dates did you?
ZOMB lar.
How naive of you.

I just tarik-ed them to have a meeting for our upcoming assignment 10am in the morning and I had to cope with their endless whines and rants owhkay.
And that isn't what dates are suppose to do.

See how miserable they looked in the photo above?

You knowlar.
It's fine to be without a date on V'day.
It's barely bad to have to spend V'day with whining Himbos.
But THIS is ridiculous:

+A very "passionate" looking KM, horny looking Terence, and eager-to-kiss Jian+

Who has to spend V'day dealing with a bunch of gay-ish duded who cannot keep their PDA to themselves?!
As if that's going to make me feel lonely lar.

And you think they would ke-lian this poor sweet girl and stop their PDA sessions?

Think again

+Tak tahan betul+

Naik miang betul lar this people!

Well, at least one of them had a moment of sanity:

+eVie & Terence+

Suddenly only he say he wanna camwhore.
Naik miang jugak yea? HEE!


Makan lunch also cannot act happy a bit.
What's a girl to do lar?

They did belanja me ice-kacang though.
More like force me to stuff myself with ice-kacang because they can't finish.

+I intended to kill myself by getting fat on V'day. ROFL!+

So, after lunch, Kah Meng and I went to class.
Konon-nye be my 2 hour date.
He chao-ed to be with my hunnie after class break.
Leave me all alone. Jeez wei~

Terence's date was in dreamland.
Joel's date was an unknown girl whose juicy story I have yet to get it out of the guys.
Jian's date was his old friend.

Owh owh.
We had this really funny convo that day too.

Me, Kah Meng, Jian:

So Jian, who you dating today arh???
No lar. I'm going to pick up friend from LRT station only.
*in unison* HORRRRRRR~!
Friend only lar! 10 years ddi!
Yalar! 10 years ddi...time to move on!!

I so suka Kah Meng's answer man. Zha dou~

Which reminds me of another funny convo I had the other day with a friend.

Friend 1, Friend 2, Me:

Wearing the top makes you look pregnant from the side lar.
*stress* REALLY ARH??
*turns to other friend* Eh, eh~ Do I look fat like this????
Oei~! Do I look like I'm pregnant from the side lar??
*gives amused look* I don't look at your tummy lar. How would I know???

Not funny ke?
Sorry. I found it very amusing.

Enough of being sidetracked~

I skipped my 2nd class halfway to meet my other date.
And also because the class was getting SSSHHHOOOOOOO boring!

Went to meet him at main block's lower foyer.

+Leonard Chua Teck Aun+

Meet my date.
More like my "date". What to do? Gf go holiday ddi, need friends to isi his masa so he don't feel so lonely mar.

He insisted on belanja-ing me Oreo McFlurry and forcing fries down my throat even if I had felt like a stuffed guinea pig by then.
What did I tell you? My plan of suicidal on V'day almost worked kie!

At least he was sweet enough to carry my darn heavy laptop bag.
And teman-ed me talk until he saw a girl who "electrify" him with her eyes and there goes any focus he has on our convo.
Don't lie Leonard. You were so distracted ddi. HEEE!

But it was still fun talking to you lar.....mwehehehehhehe~


Left for home after that.
Was so damn confused by whichever whatever plan Steffie and Zhan Shuo has.
I was like o.O all the time, I couldn't care less and I just wanted to go home.

Reached home.
Steffie say she couldn't come.
End up only Kor came.
This time is no girlfriend, so find friend to also isi his masa. And he claims he's homeless on V'day too.

Chit chat for a while.
Then he SLEPT is same as rest kie!
Cause he had to rush to give tuition later.
Left at about 7 something.

And eVis is once again alone on V'day.
Doesn't matter. She went to sleep. HEE!

As V'day this year coincides with the Hokkien celebration of "pai tee gong"/ "bai tian gong", my family was busy preparing for it.
Literally translated into "Praying to Sky God".

Praying necessitties:



I initially wanted to take photos throughout the preparation up till the real praying and the after-eating.
But I got so carried away chatting with my cousin and siblings and also chatting on9.

Remember my eat-to-death suicidal plan? It didn't really work. I'm still typing this alive now kay.
But, something else happened that day that almost killed me!
This time "Guilt" was sent as the asssasin.

Both my dearest besties gave me V'day pressies!!!!!!!!!


And I didn't do ANYTHING for them. *guilt guilt guilt*

Shyuan the Hunnie:



Hershey's kisses and Cadbury chocolate!!!!!!!
My Hunnie is so nice to me~!

To KM: Neh neh neh neh boo boo~ I got V'day gift and you don't! Lalalalalala~!

Steffie the Bestie:





A super lovely card and awesome HOMEMADE chocolates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Betcha everyone's jealous. HEE~
And she stayed up the whole night finishing my card.
You shouldn't have lar woman.
Guilty gila!!

I am the luckiest person in the world lar.
I don't deserve to be treated so nice lar.

Owh owh.

To you-better-know-who-you-are,
Thanks for calling me on V'day even when I threathen to hang up the phone on you which I didn't and then listening to me talk so much nonsense you were going to pull your head out cause you will never ever slap me for being so bloody silly and always re-assuring me that I'm not the most evil girl in the universe who's going to be ostracized for all the evil deeds I've claimed to do.
Thanks for being my reality alarm clock.

My V'day wasn't too bad right?
I had multiple dates.
People who teman-ed
me throughout the day.
2 suicidal plans that failed.
Lotsa food
after midnight.

I'm way luckier than most people.

I feel so dead now.

I'm off~!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hi extra tyre around my tummy!

I didn't eat as much I expected too during CNY but I still have grown a new tyre around my tummy.
Must be the lack of gym-ing.
Ah well.
Poking the fats on my tummy during Marketing tutorial seemed to amuse Joel.

Chinese New Year POST!!

Whoot whee~

Actually I very lazy wan lar.
And I am really suppose to study now.
But for the sake of my lovely readers and procrastination.

Updates it shall be!

Chinese New Year's Eve

As usual.
It's the dinner.
Although this had to be the most "special" reunion dinner in 10 years or so my Auntie claims.
We had popiah for reunion dinner.
Not the usual 8 9 10 dishes.
Just yummy popiah with sambal petai. YUMMMMM~
And the reunion dinner was very "Sparking". Or so I told Kor.

*eat eat chit chat chit chat lights flicker eat burp chat lights flicker burp chit chat eat fart lights flicker*

Yea. That was how my reunion dinner went.
We had two difference ambience throughout the dinner

Ambience One:
+Dark, romantic and a lil mysterious+

Ambience Two:
+Bright, cheery and happy+


Not because of my camera's flash lar.
Because the darn electric metre thingy had a suicidal wire burning itself. -_-''
*spark spark*

+Say "hi" to the suicidal wire +

It was really annoying and damn scary kie!!!
I keep thinking it's gonna spark, burn itself out and burn the whole house down.
You knowlar.
CNY got damn alot house-burn-down news one.

But lucky, my dad got his wireman to come fix it.
Hey~ He got an angpao for working on CNY eve kie~

+That's my uncle helping the wireman. I used flash for this photo+

And the dinner/day/night was SAVED!
I could sleep throughout the night without worrying the house would burn down.
Although that night did start a string of emo-ness. Shh. Dun ask.

Kids nowadays arh.....

+Handphone, handphone, handphone+

That was what my cousin and siblings were doing on New Year's Eve. Tsk~

My grandma poses too. HEE!
But my cousin just had to kacau lar. See:

+She ah-bu-gi-ed my Grandma..HEE!+

First day of CNY

Went back hometown.
Got stuck in a jam from Rawang to Slim River.
Sibeh sien I tell you.
And my dad wouldn't let me drive. He doesn't trust his life on me.

Reached my hometown 2 hours later than I usually take.
It's in Ayer Tawar, Perak btw.

First thing we did when reach my Uncle's house?

Bukan makan lar.
How can you think of me like that???? *hurt*

We did this:
We as in me and my brother.



Rajin sad people study on the 1st day of New Year kie.
I wasn't on9 on my laptop.
No connection lar.
And you probably didn't see me on9 during that period too.
I wasn't appearing off9.
Why you people think so much wan?

My First uncle was nagging us for studying on the 1st day of New Year.

And he said some very wise words.
"Ru guo nan ren ke yi kao, mu chu dou hui pa shang shu".
Literally translated as: "If guys are dependable, the female pigs will be climbing trees"

Yes. My UNCLE said that.
Don't worry. I was O.o too. Random~

Because my uncle's house was next to a barren/vacant plot of land overgrown with lalangs, my 1st uncle decided to pollute the environment by burning some of the lalangs.
Claiming that it's safer when the kiddos wanna play fireworks there.

He started the fire with fireworks. -_-''
Playing with fireworks is dangerous kie kids?


I also met a lil kid.
Who was totally animal friendly.
Much MUCH more than me.

+He sibeh brave I tell you.+

That night, it was a lot of fireworks.
Kiddos playing.
I somehow don't find the joy in fireworks ddi. I keep thinking I'll burn off my hand or it would explode in my face. Rofl.

I was watching TV. Saw the very dumb "A Chinese Tall Story" -_-''

Second Day of Chinese New Year

Visiting time!
Angpao lai lai~!

But before that, we went for a hunt.
To satisfy my DAD's food cravings. He damn disappointed ddi when he couldn't find his favourite noodles on the 1st day.

Introducing "kam puan". Nolar. Not Mrs.Kam -_-''

"Kam puan" is similar to the kwan-lo noodles or black sauce noodles in KL. But is still different.
Damn popular in Ayer Tawar.
My family has cravings for it for we must have at least a few helpings until we're sick of it everytime we get back here.
It taste different lar.
I've had it since I'm young owhkie.

+A plate of "kam puan". It's different from our usual black noodles lar!+

The best "kam puan" is found in really old shops like the one below. Trust me. My hometown has tons of old shops like this.


Come to think of it.
Doesn't look that old huh?

+ Da chefs+

Owh owh. I forgot the most important thing in eating "kam puan". For me lar at least.
I must always ALWAYS have the garlic vinegar.
Adds the OOMPH to my noodles.

+Clockwise: Home-brewed Barley, "kam puan", garlic vinegar+

After satisfying my Daddy's food cravings and feeling absolutely full. Don't look down on that small plate of noodles. DAMN FILLING.

Went around to my relatives' houses.
They all stay nearby anyway.

Saw some really cute dogs in my 3rd grandauntie's house my mum's cousin my uncle in a sense reared.

+The sheep dog is fat wei. And the Golden Retriever is much quieter than KM's one+

After tons of visiting, eating my New Year diet consisted of tons of different types of cookies, and collecting angpao.

We headed back to where were staying.

At night, gambling.

Na-ah. Not me. My brother. Nuuppsss. Not Nigel. Rae. The YOUNGEST one. Yes. Be in awe.
And he was playing against my 1st and 2nd auntie. Geng mou?


+Look at his happy face! Tak puas+

+Of course happylar! Look at the stack of money he ended up with!+

And that sums up my 2nd day!

Third Day of Chinese New Year.

Had the same breakfast again. I told you we had to get ourselves sick of it.
Did a lil more visiting.
ZOMB la~
I was nearly driven nuts by my mum and her convo with my relatives about MATCHMAKING me.
So much for me getting married lar huh. Even my mum has no confidence I'll get married.
And I even have to bear with teasing from my siblings after dat.
Gek sei~

We went home at about 11 plus.
No jam.
But we took the coastal road which I personally despise.
And it felt SO much longer.

Fourth Day of Chinese New Year.

My whole extended family came to my house.
Lou sang mar.
And we had normal 8-dishes-kind-of-dinner this time.

+So blur! Getting ready to lou sang+

+Lou sang-ing+

I think that concludes my 4th day.

Why are my posts getting so long? ISH~

Before I end,


You can scream, shout, wince or laugh now.

That is my neck btw.

It's a kampung method of gua sha.
This is what happens to me everytime I get heaty.
Supposed to cure my headaches wor.

Not nice kie!
My mum so sadistic laugh at me some more.

I'm surrounded by sadistic people.
Ah well.

I cannot continue blogging ddi.

Just like to say that my New Year was pretty fireworks-y. Whatever that means.