Sunday, April 29, 2007

Owhkie...I have like so much to blog about...unfortunately, this a-lot-to-blog-about phase came at the wrong season..for now is Evie's lazy season..
Lets start with urm...2 days ago.....

I think it was a Friday..yeap..Friday...
Being the still-enthusiastic me, I went to the gym in the morning for this dance class and I almost died...
Lucky my heart did not betray me...honestly, I so need to get my cardio up...almost die ddi~
That's not the point...the point was that me and my friends who happen to be rreeaalllyy sampat decided that Friday should be jakun day...
So what did we do?? Since we were all so poor and broke...we decided to save money...and have a picnic...
I brought Tuna from home
Shyuan brought Cucumber
Kah Meng brought Bread
Jian brought the Mayonnaise
Owh owh! Shyuan also brought really good coleslaw (WITH RAISINS!) and boiled egg...hee~
And the drinks?? Water for home..
I was already rushing from 1u when Jian called and asked where i was,
My answer: "I'm coming lar...don't rush me..I need to drive safely"
And those sampat friends of mine started laughing...-_-''
I drove to Jalan Kasah (YES! I drove all the way down to Bangsar!)..where I met those 3 and we headed to Lake Gardens..
Found a spot by the playground..and MAKAN! (We were all so damn hungry~)


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ On a nice day...nice place...jakun people start well..being jakun~ +

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ The ingredients +

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ Lady Boss doing her thing +

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ Sandwich in process...YUM~! +

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ The finish product +

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ After people eat, people pose..jakuns alike +

Not only we had a picnic...We went for some place in Bangsar...I got lost when Kah Meng took like don't-know-how-many-rounds around the area...Cendol was fine....until it became too sweet when all the ice melted..hrm~

That was Friday...on Saturday..I did something...
Wait..let me think..I can't remember..
I did my French Manicure! (Which is non-existent now because it looked too horrendous overnight)
Shall show you people the pics of my first attempt.....hee~

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ My manicure/pedicure teddy bear paper bag +

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ The French Manicure set +

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ Still in the process......+

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ Done..but can't see too clearly that's why it looks perfect when its not +

And is Sunday!
I went out for my personal training session at the gym to realise my personal trainer is at a course and he did not told me!! *sobs*
I got stood up...APALAR!!
*stomp stomp*
But since i was there...I decided to do simple gym stuff since there weren't any interesting classes...i think my 2 weeks of gym has improved my strength ddi...
Again..that isn't the point of today...the point is..Sam..yes...the Sam who has "neglected" me since forever (HEE!)..smsed me while i was in the gym ranting about how he was alone in 1u and the guy models on the catwalk were too gay for words (o.O)....hee~
So being the nice me who never neglects people, I told him that if he wants to, he can wait until I'm done with my exercise and go teman him...
He did wait....and we walked around for a while and he complained bout the male models wearing plastic as clothes and how his holidays were...
Owh btw, I hope I'm not gonna get into trouble with *cough cough* because I bumped into Sam at 1u...HHHEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!
We were hungry since both had not had our lunch yet...and after a while of indecisive fickle minded-ness...we settled on Dragon-I...
I felt like eating noodles anyway...
So went there to talk abit...and we went home......that boy was so blur I was afraid he would not realise he's actually going home..
Glad to see you after a while of neglection lar....HEE~ pics....lazy to take...

Owh yea~ I went for breakfast on Saturday morning alone...aaah...the freedom of being able to drive....hee~
It's at this restaurant in Aman Suria known as Kafe Teatime.....I had Chicken Curry Nasi Lemak...which was so filling I had to force myself to down it......and also their Teatime Teh Tarik which happens to be teh tarik with a sprinkle of chocolate CAN I RESIST THAT????? Its chocolate! mwehehehehe~ Of course, there wasn't much chocolate would be too weird if teh tarik is too chocolate-tey...but I really like the teh tarik because it wasn't too sweet yet was strong smelling enough...yyyuuumm~
This one got pics....HEE!

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+The yummy and owh-so-filling nasi lemak +

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ I heart this teh tarik! +

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I am so sleepy...
As Stef says, Evie + Sleepovers = Sleep Deprivation....hee~
I am still so sleepy cause I went back to Ipoh today to visit grandma since we would be busy on Sat..
This post shall be dedicated to to my 3 day 3 nights somewhat exhausting but fun trip..
Mind you, my memory isn't very good when it comes to chronology and it worsens especially when i am deprived of don't blame me if some event goes wrong somwhere...

1st day (23/4/07):
Met at Wangsa Maju LRT usual Evie's early...obviously not as early as Shyuan but still earlier than the designated time at 10 am.....
Went to KM's house, changed into short pants because these people were planning to get wet at the waterfall, something which I wasn't informed about....hee~
Both cars (KM n Jian) went back to the LRT station to fetch Crystal and Terence.....
Journey starts~!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ In the Car+

Drove to Chamang waterfall.......was hoping it would be beautiful...
Technically the falls were beautiful lar, the structure is beautiful at least...Just that the colour of the water resembles Malaysian's very own popular "teh tarik"....HEE!
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+ Malaysian~ +

Our lunch was pot luck cum picnic which was made more "troublesome" by some butt butt because he just had to choose the hardest place to eat where it is full of red ants..
After a while, we settled for a huge rock beside the waterfall, lay out the food..
Lunch consisted of Shyuan's spaghetti, KM's nuggets+sausages, Evie's mash potatoes, Jian's egg sandwiches and Terence's balls....OOPS! I mean meatballs....eheh~
Damn filling lar...sounds like a lil stuff only but actually really full..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ Yum yum Lunch!! +

We did what we do chat chat chat chat and take photos...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ Aiyah~ We actually very camera shy wan...*rolls eyes* +

I tell you arh, people like Kah Meng damn horrible wan...wanted to push me into the "teh tarik" and got Jian to help some more....but obviously I put up a struggle and did not end up in the water...
I got wet because my hunnie just had to splash water on me...apalar~
It was still pretty early after lunch so we decided to pay a vist to the hot water springs..
I was imagining a really nice place like how they always show in the TV, but reality was it looked so rundown i thought it was some Indah Water pond...-_-''
There were like 3 ponds...and all 3 were full of algae everywhere..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ Kolam Air Panas...eeyer~! +

The sides lar, the floor lar, even the surface of the water had brown algae...We all did not swim in was such a hot day owhkie...but all of them with the exception of me dipped their feet into the water with the most algae...I did not dip my feet into the water because:
Number one: IT WAS SO HOT LAR!!!!!!
Number two: There was a biawak in the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAWD! I screamed like crazy when i saw it scurrying out of the water under the had a striped tail!!!
Selesa Hillhomes was the place we stay for the night...
Kah Meng did not tell me it was at the foot of Bukit it wasn't cold at all, and i brought so many long pants...-_-''
We played this really cool game called "Cranium"..(or was it spelt with a 'K'??..hmm) wasn't so THAT cool...but funny...especially when people have to act out..I'm positive Terence will never win an Oscar..
OWH! And some smart butt butt don't know who is Marilyn Monroe..........
OWH OWH! Did i tell you the modelling clay use for sculpting (one part of the game) smelled like asam boi??? o.O
Soon, we got tired of the darn game and decided to go swimming...
I did not bring any "proper" swimming attire...but peduli apalar...tank top+short pants is my swimming attire whether they like it or not.....
Kah Meng kept trying to push me into the water and I screamed which garnered the attention of the paiseh~
Swam for like erm....1 hour++ i think.......evil people like Jian tried to drown me, while horny people like Kah Meng tried to pull my pants.....YEAP! My friends are the epitome of Evil~
So lucky hor me...*rolls eyes*
Crystal initially did not wanna come down, but Jian being the evil him pulled her down..
While those two had their own sweet time, me, Terence, Shyuan and KM discussed the plans for the night...being very fickle, we took a llllllloooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg time to come out with the plan....
After that, we got Terence to pick a "buah pinang" so we could play with it..
Buah pinang (or what i think its called) = small red fruit from a coconut look-alike tree....
Someone was suppose to throw the fruit into the water while the rest look for it...
We look like silly people frantically searching for the fruit....
But the initial red coloured fruit decided to peel of its first layer of skin and turn yellow..
So we or at least I was wondering how come no more red fruit.......
When we threw it again next time....i was wondering if it would turn green....MWEHEHEH!
Red - Yellow - Green = TRAFFIC LIGHT!
Swimming was good exercise.....for lazy people like me at least..
Went out to dinner...had the normal dishes and rice....we had:
Fried Watercress with Garlic, Gong Pou Mantis Prawn, Pork Belly with Salty Fish, Hot Plate Tofu...not bad lar...price was also reasonable....
Owh...Terence was so flirting with this lil gurl kie...its bad enough that she kept staring at him and not choi the rest of us..
He had to drag her on by flirting back...HEE! So afraid her parents would come and beat us up wei.....
Kah Meng said the lil gurl look like me....NO LAR! I look way cuter kie??? HmpH~
After makan, we head back to Selesa Hillhomes for a karaoke session!
My first time wei...lalalalala~
So sad only me and Shyuan were really singing...ding dongs like KM just wouldn't do anything...and you dare to call me a party pooper...grr~!
We sang like a total of 6 songs...and all got so tired......
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ Sing with me! "Tralalalalala" +

Went back to the apartment.......we did something which I can't remember, then I went in to the room to have a girlie talk with Shyuan until Jian who obviously isn't a girl (i hope) decided to come in......hee~
We then went out to the living room, talk a while and went to sleep...
Wasn't too bad sleep for me...I had my comforter mar! Hee~

2nd day, 24/4/07:
I shall officially dubbed this day as the PDA day...and doesn't stand for Palm Desktop Assitant (or something like that) stands for
If you're so don't know these people...*rolls eyes*...hee!
Woke up one of the latest..stupid birds so noisy.....
Had breakfast at mamak...maggi goreng...wasn't too bad...just not very healthy....
We sat at this table but because the people at the next table were smoking and blowing the smoke towards us, we move to another table...which next table was smoking too...-_-''
But it wasn't as bad cause the smoke isn't blowing towards us...
After breakfast, we decided to head up to Bukit Tinggi...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE HEART HEART HEART having the cold wind blow my face.....nicceeee~
Our first stop was the rabbit farm but we did not end up going inside since rabbits are not my real interest...hee~
Then we drove further up to Colmar, the French-themed Village...and it was bbbeeaauuutttiiiffffuuullllll~
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Me and Shyuan agreed a wedding here would be so sweeeeeett~!
The buildings are really nice, very taste lar~
And the gardens are really really lovely...
There's this part of the garden where butterflies were literally flying around just like how movies are....I LIKE!
We walked up to the bell tower and took photos.....was really nice lar..I wanna go holiday there!
Who wanna sponsor me?HEE!
Then we went to look at the swans...there were 2 white and 2 black swans....
After visiting France, we decided to go to Japan...we drove to Japan kie!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ Gomenasai, Aishiteru, Itakidemasu -_-'' +

Or the Japanese garden lar...hee~
The scenery there is really great as well...I WANNA GO SPA!! SPA SPA!
But couldn' ex....*sobbles*...SPA!
We then trekked into the Botanical tiring kie?!?!?!
Who's idea was it again? I think it was the Lady Boss's....hee~
As we cross this bridge, i saw a lizard and screamed....and Kah Meng who thrives on seeing me suffer kept telling me the lizard is near me..MEANIE!
The Botanical Gardens were enough to work our appetite...we left Japan...SAYONARA!
And went to Genting Sempah to have our lunch....lunch was "dai chao"...the usual "wan tan hor", hokkien me and fried rice...
Rm30 all togethere which makes it RM10 for a plate of 2 person...EX!
Drive-thru McD's to get Jian the ice-cream i owe him....
And then headed up to Genting!
Guys being guys....just like to both guys Jian and KM were trying to outdo each other on the way up to Genting...KM exerted his poor car like mad wei..hee~
Genting is so not cold as it was sad...sobs sobs~
Went to 1st world plaza hotel to check in.....our room was 27-934....since it was so at the corner...I was hoping it would be big...but no...First World Plaza just doesn't have cheap big rooms...HEE!
As everyone was tired out for some weird reason, probably from the walking and eating...they all decided to sleep...
I wanted to sleep too...but I had my contacts on so it would be uncomfortable if i slept since it would end up being dried later...
So i left Terence to be the lightbulb to the lovey-dovey people and went to jalan-jalan at 1st world plaza...
I wanna shop shop shop! Of course i didn't...
Waiting for Steffie to come back in July when we can shop together...I'm trying hard to save...hee!
After walking for a while...Shyuan called and I decided to go back...
We all met up in the room and decided to go makan...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ When you have nothing to do is a small hotel room having to squish everyone together, You Just Pose +

Where did we makan again??
AAH! KFC.....sorrylar..memory abit cacated....
I feel so fffffffaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt~! Sobs!
Thanks to all the oil, fats and the ladida' ulcer got worst...I HAVEN'T HAD AN ULCER IN A MILLION YEARS!!
After dinner, we decided to walk around 1st world plaza....pretty empty compared to when it is the holidays...
We settled on the RM6 bumper cars....(I mentioned the price cause I think its exlar...but then again..its Genting *shrugs*)..
Bumper cars was fun!!!!
Keep kena bang by people...and as if that is not bad enough, my car or me could not be controlled properly that I kept spinning in one place until someone bangs me...
To make matters worse, everytime i get bang, my left leg would knock to the side of the car against some blunt object creating the 2nd most wonderful bruise i ever had in my life..
Number one wonderful bruise obviously goes to the one I got from Trolak leadership camp~
We had 3 arrows for the archery...FREE!
Probably because the archery is located at some so deserted place they had to resort to this promotional tactic...
Jian shot 2 arrows and Kah Meng shot one...hee~
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+ Noob archers, damn "tepat" wei their shots..HEE! +

After that it was walking outside in the not-so-cold air...walk until sien ddi then decided to go back to sleep~
Go in the room...tried to fall asleep...but don't know why can't...and couldn't get any sleep for the rest of the night.....which is the reason why I don't have enough sleep.....

25/4/07 Wednesday:
Since I couldn't sleep, I went downstairs to walk at about 5 something...
Walked downstairs and saw this guy sitting outside Starbucks with his Laptop...
And that made me missed my Baby!!!!!! my XPS M1210....sobs~
Next time I'm bringing my laptop to Genting...
I bought the May issue of Seventeen magazine and sat at the coffeeshop in the Lobby drinking RM4.10 hot about Genting extorting cut throat!
Got sien of sitting down and walking around went back upstairs...
And i spent half an hour standing by the window at the elevator area watching one of the most beautiful sunrise I have seen in a while (not that I see the sunrise very often anyway..hee!)
But it is bbbbbeeeaaauuutttiiiffffuuuulllll~
Love sunrises...owh! and sunsets too~
Finally went back to the room, ding dong-ed and sleepy Terence came to open the door....
Wanted to fall asleep...but did not manage to do it very well...
Then evil friends like Kah Meng and Shyuan forced me to wake up and part with my comforter to die on the rollercoaster...SOBS~!
Had breakfast at the Bakery in Genting Hotel's Lobby...Heart the breakfast!
I had really cun-looking hot chocolate (which still does not beat Starbucks), and nice bread~
YUM!!!!! And i felt healthy....HEE!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ The very cun looking hot choc~ +

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ Healthy breakfast +

Headed for Theme Park....and the lady at the counter reminded us that if it rains there won't be a looked pretty cloudy and rainy-ish...but we had faith and went ahead to buy the tickets...
The moment all 6 of us had our bands on, it started raining...-_-''
Talk about having faith...cacat~
We sat the Spinner in the drizzle....but the rain was too heavy for anything else after that so we went to First World Plaza...
Since we had a coupon for a free bowling game, we decided to play bowling...actually it was just Terence, Shyuan, Kah Meng and Jian...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
+ No prize for guessing who are "B" and "H" +

I went to shop for my sunnies and bought a new hairband as well! WHEE~!
After the bowling game stopped and the rain ended.....we went back to the Theme Park...
Thrill-seeking weird people like my evil friends decided to go on the Corkscrew....they went on it twice and still failed to get me on it...HEE!
So in the end, being the nice friend I am, I made a deal with KM..
If he goes on the Space Shot, I would go to the Corkscrew....and he really did!
The poor boi looked like he was about to die before and after the ride........
We then headed to the Paddle Boats for a 15 minute workout on our legs...-_-''
Before going to the Cyclone...where I screamed my lungs out and wonder why I ever sat that...
We ended the day by going on The Corkscrew (finally!)....I was grabbing Terence's arm....and shouting like crazy....although I couldn't shout at the drop...which is where I'm suppose shout...
Decided to go back after that, since I can't reach home so late......
Headed down......and was craving for lemang so we had it...
Shyuan looked like she hasn't had food in years...SO CCCUUUUUUUTTTTEEE~!
Ta pao-ed some lemang.......headed home...FINALLY~!

Some random phrases I remember:
~ "Eh, what is the bug on the bed called arh?? I think its called bed bug"
~ "Baby, why you love me arh??" "Because...yer...because I love you lar"
~ "My heart desires for it, but I have a weak heart lar"

~ "You wanna swim in the waterfall arh?? After come out look like S.L"
~ "If we put Evie & Crystal in KM's car, and both of them jump to the opposite sides at once, the car will tear into half"

Owhkie...too many until cannot remember ddi...

I had a great time~~ Besides being forced to watch/hear PDA, I did pretty fine..
This post is too long ddi...not gonna say anymore...

No matter how evil my friends arh, I still Heart them...MuaxXxies~!
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Sunday, April 22, 2007




You people won't need to hear from me for 3 days...
Bet you people are..
*sobs sobs*

I guess that's what happens when you have teh ais in the morning and teh tarik at night.....
Horrible wei my night...
Its not that I open my eyes and toss around the bed entire night..
That still isn't too bad...
It was horrible because I was already absolutely tired and eyes were closed..
It was just thinking thinking thinking thinking and MORE THINKING!!!!!
Damn pissed man~!
No more teh ais or teh tarik...
So beh tahan~!
I slept for like 10-11 hours....but it felt like I did not sleep at all...TERRIBLE!!!!!

I just realised something...
My evil friends are going to put me on the rollercoaster....



Don't miss me too much kie???

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I AM SO FULL!!!!!!


And I was talking about fighting THE FLABS~


Evie Evie Evie......

I went out today with Yin, Sheen, Danny and Xiang..
To celebrate Yin's Be-earlied B'day since her b'day is tomorrow and she's likely to be busy...

Special Shoutout:
Lotsa Hugs & Kisses~!~!~

We met at William' was my first time there and when I told Xiang, he went "Serious shit???"
Me and Xiang being the first two to arrived waited a while for the rest....Xiang couldn't wait to see me fall erm 10 foot down the ledge cause we were sitting at the back....yeap..I have crappy friends, jakun friends and EVIL friends...HEE~
Sheen came soon and Xiang started to "reprimand" her for being later since she promised to come at 8.15..and then she debated back with him....
For like erm...hrm...10-15 minutes...Evie felt like a lightbulb....hee~!
Danny came to the rescue after that....with his anime-character looking hair...started chit-chatting bout anime...leaving me so lost...
Yinnie then came to rescue the rescue...cause we're both lost bout anime...
Spend forever as usual to order food...has Meatballs with Mash Potato, Mozarella Naan & Roti Triple H...not bad the food...service damn slow beh tahan~

I can't really remember what we talk erm randomly:

~ Medals can be broken into half but STPM cert cannot yar??
~ Xiang, 2As or more kie?
~ Still can't imagine Danny going "Darling, how're you today?"
~ You must order Ribena Longan ice blended at least 3 times before it comes to you, and once it does...the person comes again with another glass thinking you did not get it....-_-''
~ Yin loves food with long names like Almond Chocolate Marble Fudge & Ice Blended Banana Passionfruit
~ School, College and Uni are almost the same meaninglar....
~ Danny's cina apek way of pushing his really irritating hair backwards is so...erm...cina apek...HEE!
~ The longans in my drink berbau hanyir...i so the sedih...
~ Xiang has issues with people making redundant neighbour's son and brother's mother
~ I don't like Xiang, Danny and Sheen because they get to say "Its so hard to grow FAT!" and "I'm so happy to have gained weight"
~ I don't like Xiang and Danny because they are never mistaken to be older than their age...
~ Roti Triple H takes an hour to come and needs the Skinny Boy to go on a rampage before it arrives...
~ Food's good....
~ Yin doesn't liek cream cake..shucks!

I love you people and the times we have together lar!!!!
Kiss kiss~!


Friday, April 20, 2007

This is the first time i'm blogging using my baby~


My baby is the new Dell XPS M1210...WHEE~~~

I don't know what to name it yet...shall think soon...


This was suppose to be a last night post...but i got too caught up on Skype with Stef and Xiang dat i lost the want to blog...mweheheeheheh~

So anyway...


and some butt butt can't be there to receive his baby....hEE! i'm so rubbing it in wei.....

I just made banana crumble and i'm contemplating whether I wanna let you people see how it looks or not....since I made without preparing beforehand...
So it was a spontaneous thing...
It tasted fine....but I think less margarine and a lil more sugar.......then it would be perfect...
I need to find where i put my kitchen weighing machine and measuring spoons....ISH~
Just now I made the banana crumble by following my intuitions for the measurements......
And see?
It did not turn out as good as it should intuitions suck lar....mwehehehehe~

Owh....remember my personal training session at the gym?
I did not get a cute guy trainer....sobs~ I saw this really cute angmoh trainer though...HEE!!!
My trainer was a decent guy....pretty nice guy...he just lack cuteness...and lotsa it too..HEEE!
I am so the meanest person wei....................

I'm feeling really broke and poor at the moment...need to save up...

Shopping in July with Steffie!!!

I don't think I've got anything to say anymore...not in the blogging mood yet....

Owh btw, my bestie just dreamt I got killed by monkeys...
Tell me...where can you get besties like that????

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My leg sakit~~~~~~~~


Because Evie went to the gym today......more like the dance classes lar..
Yeap...Evie joined Celebrity Fitness.......
Have no idea whether i can commit or not....but I like...erm...HAVE TO since the price isn't all that cheap....

Went for 2 dance classes.....and end up with a tired body and leg pain...
Eh...i never faint good enough ddi kie?
This gurl is a bed potato who doesn't move around unless she is forced to....
Money is know the motivation.....dowana let money go to know?
I'm having a personal training session tomorrow....pray i get a cute guy trainer kie????

I heard something that totally freaked me out today at the gym!
It was between 2 elderly guys (40-50 years old)...and goes like this:
Guy A: *knocks into Guy B*
Guy B: *smiles*............Baby....don't like that lar..anything happen how?
Guy A: *smiles back*
I almost fainted hearing that kie????????

That's not the real point....
The real point is i drove around MYSELF!
Somehow feels easier then when my mum sits beside me...maybe she makes me feel subconsciously pressured.......hrm~
I realise I like to drive with one hand...NOT GOOD! Especially on straight roads....i only use my right hand...left hand i don't put on the steering wheel...but everytime mum sure nag wan...
Not only that...I realise that it really isn't advisable for Evie to drive when she's unhappy/depressed/emo-ing...
Damn dangerous.........I so cannot concentrate...either that or I drive too fast...
*shakes head*

I'm going to get busy soon........
But owh well................its good to be busy kan??

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I couldn't blog for the past few days...either because I no mood, or MY COMP'S BEEN HIJACKED...mostly because of the latter...

So erm, lets just put it all in short simple form (I hope...hee)

I was worried over something...cannot remember what......
I HAD MY NELSON'S ICE-CREAM the day before!!!!!!!! WHEE~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!
Bought my laptop online....
Dell's XPS M1210...........WHEE~!~!~!~!~!~!~!
Hopefully the order gets through without much fuss.......
Owh...and I drove to fetch my bro from tuition at mum still doesn't trust my driving.....shucks~
My laptop's gona come soon.....gonna come soon....lalaalalalala~

Went to Ipoh to visit my grandma...
She's always so sleepy when I'm there to visit her so she ignores me..*sobbles*....
I drove my mum's Fortuner for the first time!!!
On the highway...........not the whole way...just halfway when going to Ipoh and halfway when coming back from Ipoh......
I wouldn't dare drive the Fortuner in KL though...too many cars....grr~
On my way back....i forgot to pull up the handbrake so for 45 minutes, it was so damn hard to drive...especially when I have to overtake cars...ish ish~
Kena from dad and mum for that....*sobbles*
On the way back...I saw this freak accident involving like 4 cars......a Kancil, a Proton Saga and two more other cars (one of the other two cars was a really nice sports car!).........the Kancil and really ncie sports car were hit from the side, while the poor Saga was hanging horizontal on the road divider.....SCARY!!!!
But the first thing I said when i notice the accident from far was "MUM!!! Look! The poor car!!! *points to the nice sports car*"....-_-''
So people, drive carefully yar......................I don't want to see anybody I love or care or even know end up in any accident....KIE?!

I'm a good girl today...
I love my mummy~~
I woke up early today to drive my bro to tuition and then teman her to the market....
Good girl hor????
I haven't woke up so early for ages...sure gonna miss my sleep when coll starts!
I had a pretty hard time trying to side more poels to follow ddi...but no worries...i still managed it well....
Fishmonger stalls are still my worst nightmare...*shudders*...
Went to my uncle's house after that because his daughter is celebrating her full moon....
My goodness!!!! SO SMALL LAR THE GIRL!
So damn adorable.............................AWH~!~!~!~!~!
I love babies~~~ hee!
Erm....owh~ I became a glutton today...I'm a glutton whenever there's a family gathering...
My grandma's cooking is just too good!

Sorry yea ppl if I haven't been replying your messages online kie??

Good luck to those having exams next week!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Today has to be one of the more eventful days of my life...

Honestly, its only today I realise I have the CRAPPIEST, WEIRDEST & JAKUN-EST bunch of friends wei......
Because Shyuan, Kah Meng and Jian manage to find my house.....
No one has ever done that cause as i have said takes 10 years to find my house (in their case its 1 hour and 1 bar of petrol)...HEE!
My goodness! These people even had some kind of super thick book of the Klang Valley + Kuala Lumpur map...where they scratch off the roads they have been to while looking for my house!
Damn proud of these silly people even though i don't wanna admit have to know that they don't have my house road, and it was raining uber heavily...
Kah Meng's car's suspension is officially KO....roads to my house not very nice to drive on you know~
Now you know i don't live in a bungalow...happy?

Since they manage to find their way to my house, I've got no choice but to go out with them as I promised....hee~
So we went out to Damansara Perdana for dinner, we were all so hungry......
Although we wanted to watch movie, but decided against it since there weren't any nice movies..
These evil friends want me to watch The Reaping owhkie?? Crappy people!
Owhkielar ppl, if we watch Wild Hogs, I spend you people kie?
Went The Curve to play foosball and pool...
As usual, Evie is really really honestly sucky at those two games...those poor people have to put up with me lar..mweheheheh!
Sorrylar humans, no ice-cream.......this girl is B-R-O-K-E......lalalalala~
Now that you people know where I stay, YOU HAPPY?????
I tell you arh, this bunch of crappy people....too free after exams....need to find something to get high so end up house-hunting for Evie's house..
You tell me...weird or not?
HEE! Love you people lar kie....and I'm still feeling lazy bout tomorrow~

I honestly think I'm going to be the first person to die from PDA overdose....PDA= Public Display of Affection...
And the PDA isn't my own...its from my 2 besties who claim that they are acting normal...pffftt~
I can really train ignorance when it comes to them....crappy people..
Tell me, is lying down on your boyfriend's lap while he drive NORMAL???
Tell ME!
PDA issues~

I hope I don't have anymore wu liao friends who find it high to find my house...


Wednesday, April 11, 2007



Today has been pretty eventful...compared to my other rot-at-home days lar...

First things first...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIN HUEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU'RE 19! WHEE~!~!
HOPE YOU ENJOY TODAY! you better.....

Yeap...went out to 1u (AGAIN!) celebrate Min Huei's bday...being the time respecting person i am, i reached there earlier than the rest.....
Smsed Sam, waited about 15 minutes...walking here and there before Sam arrive with Jenna and Min Huei......wished Min Huei "Happy Birthday" and we went to Bar.B.Q Plaza....yeap..the place where the advertistments depict people roaring like wild animals...-_-''.....
Btw, while i was trying to peep into the place from outside, this bunch of people kept staring at me.....what?? I'm shy owhkie~
Masuk dalam....and a whole group of other ppl came, so it was like 8 of us eating at first:
Me, Min Huei, Sam, Jenna, Juju, Joshie, Poh Sim and Sheng Mae, later this other girl called Shea Lin joined in...mwehehehehe~
Food wasn't too bad......i enjoy the garlic rice...yummy~ But its only nice to eat there in groups... alone is just miserable lar~

To Sam: whose 2nd nature is half-a-girl.........always speechless when me and Jenna are around...MWEHEHEHEHE~ And boi...your jokes are....redundant...hee~
To Josh: who will always be a llama to me.....i knew PohSim lar...can't believe you fell for that lame crap...and you look so enthusiastic when i saw you coming.......i know you can't wait to see me!! HEE~!
To Juju: who always will be Ju with his Ke-julian-an....HEE!!! You are funny lar i know you no assignment frustration? If i knew you did not bother bout assignments......i would have tarik you out when i'm bored lar...and i do tag on your blog!
To PohSim: who thinks i'm cute....thanks~!........I've just been rotting at home dear.......nothing much...Evie is pretty good at this rotting-at-home thing
To Min Huei: who owes me the Matrics Bumper issue...i wanna read lar!!! Owh..and i did not mean to curse you on ur bday...but u noe me...i'm a simple person kan? hee~ Happy birthday!
To Jenna: who is such a cute petite gurl..hee~ We should zha that Sammy Wammy more kan?? Wait for may...i'm coming~~~ HEE!
To Sheng Mae and Shea Lin: Nice meeting you gurls~!

Today was fun fun fun lar~!

Now comes the Evie's drama part...owh btw....those ppl above especially Sam, Ju and Josh...don't believe me when i say i'm shy! believe that Evie is shy don't you??? *puppy dog eyes*

Do you know how much Evie loves her bestie who is currently in Aussie eye-ing cute guys and playing with cute dogs?? Let me tell you her story~

It was after lunch with her group of friends. She went to the Information Counter at 1u to check if there was a shuttle bus to Ikano Power Centre. Unfortunately there wasn't. So she walked down alone lonely to the New Wing's taxi stand to discover there wasn't any taxi. She called her mum and ended up in a confusion because of timing issues. She decided to walk, then hesitated because it was too far and dangerous since she was holding her handbag. He mom called her again and said they were going to go tonight, so there was no need to rush now. So she walked all the way up again and met her group of friends at MPH. Just as she thought she could rest, her mom called andasked her to take her cab. Thankfully she need not do that because her nerdy ditcher friend said he could send her there. So she walked in to MPH with him so they could explain the situation to his special someone so that Evie would not die because she might have caused a third party scene. She reached Ikana Power Centre and ran across the very dangerous road and reached safely. She ran here and there because she was rushing for time. She found the boutique after going up and down the escalators a gazillion times. Saw the pants, and had to wait before the changing rooms were available. After buying the pants, she thought she could relax. But her mum told her to hail a taxi back to 1u where its easier to pick her up. In the midst of confusion, she found the taxi stand and asked the price. RM 15. (YOU TAKE MY HEAD BETTER LAR IDIOT!). She then called her mom and told her the situation and her mum finally decided to fetch her.She walked around aimlessly alone & lonely for half an hour before she finally reached home safely in front of the comp.

DRAMA?!?!?!?!? I had to go through loneliness, flights & flights of escalators, dangerous roads, the rain, and conman taxi drivers just to make my dear bestie who is in Aussie eye-ing cute guys and playing with cute dogs~

Dare you to say I don't love you Stef Chew......

HEE!!!! I know you love me lar...and the pants i bought...ITS PINK!! and in 2 DIFFERENT SHADES!!!!!

See?? This is why i said i had an eventful day which i'm pretty sure doesn't happen every other day when i rot at home..............HEE!!!!

I was about to blog last night but i got caught in a fortunate/unfortunate series of conversations...

STEF CHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I CAN'T BELIEVE I LOST MY BET LAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went out to 1u yesterday in the rain, walking for hours ALL ALONE, got somewhat freaked out just to shop for something MY DEAREST BESTIE WANTS~
I went to Jaya Jusco to buy something for myself, and twice i line up in front of the counter, the person in front of me TAKES FOREVER TO PAY~
The 2nd time i lined up, the lady was paying with a platinum credit card....a PLATINUM~
I just couldn't help eye-ing it from time to time....afterall...she was taking forever to pay....
I also want a Platinum credit card........and i don't have to worry bout the debts....
I wanna complain bout Jaya know they have the Jusco member/Aeon card right?
And they swipe it before you make any payments right?
So when the cashier swipes your member card, the phrase "Good Customer" appears on the screen of the machine(where the price would usually be shown)...
But guess what....when you don't have the card you swipe, the machine doesn't "praise" you...
That means if lets say i buy products worth RM1000 but don't have the card, I am not a good customer lar is it?????
*complain complain complain*
Nah...I don't care whether i get praised by a darn machine or not...i just wanted to rant..

I came back home aroun 10 something cause had to go fetch my bro from tuition....
And although i wanted to bath......i ended up not doing so until 12+...
I was caught up with an Internet call with someone, a 7/8 person MSN chat window, a 4 person MSN chat window, a 1 person MSN chat window......takkan wanna interrupt and say i going to bath meh?
So chat chat until about 12am...haven't took a bath so late for a long time ddi~

I think i have something else to blog but i can't seem to remember...probably isn't important lar then..hee~


Monday, April 9, 2007

I'm bored............

I can't wait for college to start~~
Or at least the trip with Shyuan they all...HEE!!!

I cooked today....YYYEEAAAPPPP!
I did........i really did lar!
Got photo to show you...hah!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I cooked everything from scratch....
It was my first time cooking the sauce from scratch..usually I just become lazy and use the bottled sauce...hee~
But today...since I was so free so decided to cook from scratch....
I bet you people wanna know how did it taste like lar...
Well..on a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being the unedible, 10 being DELICIOUS,
I erm..rate myself 5/10???
A lot of improvement to be done...HEE~!

Other than that my life has been pretty normal...and sien~~~~

Saturday, April 7, 2007

I'm so sleepy...............

Just came back from Ipoh........

My grandma was so drowsy when i went to visit her just now..
But her condition is good all the same..
So i'm a happy girl....

I LOVE CLOTHES FROM P & Co.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know why....
I just love their style....
Me want~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Why does money always have to be an issue arh?????

I shall starve myself from now onwards so I can have enough money...
(You wishlar, Evie can never go hungry or she gets cranky)

I don't know what to say....
I'm bored~

Owh...and sleepy too~


Thursday, April 5, 2007

I'm planning to write a story...
Its going to be titled:
2 Guys, A Girl and 3 Countries




You know who you are...


Its so weird how simple happiness can be at times...
And we just choose to complicate it....

Owh well...i went out today to teman my mum pay bills and stuff.....
And my mum decided that she wanted to start a joint account with me......for some personal reasons lar...
I had to fill in my address like 10 times on different forms...
Was getting so sick everytime i saw the address column!
I'm rich!
My joint account has.....*drumroll*...............RM10!!!!

So crappylor.....................lalalalalalalala~

I drove today!!! Safely without scratching cars.........blueh~!
I still have to learn how to park and reverse properly ler...shucks~
*peace out*

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Finally went out today~

Sorrylar hunnie...did not feel like going to college.....HEE!

I wanted to drive this morning...but i kinda scratched someone's car on the way out...
Well.....i wasn't too awake lar....but his car was parked way too yea..both in the wrong? Hee~

Went to 1u....ALONE.........what? Go alone cannot meh?
As a matter of fact, i enjoy alone walks when i need to get things off my mind........
I not as lucky as ssssooommmmeeeeeee the person they like to teman....mweheheheheh~ *WINK*
That ssssssssooooooommmmmmmmeeeeee ggggggguuuuuuyyyyyyy only has eyes for his girl that he NEVER realise this evie even when he looked in her direction...
Friends huh?

I did not buy a lot of stuff lar......mostly window shopping.....
Anyone wanna donate/sponsor??????
I did get a French Manicure set from SilkyGirl...i'll show you people when i get my nails done kie???

I drove from 1u to my bro's school lar.......fetch him....
Drove smoothly back home...
I need more journeys like that...HEE!

I wanna go shopping.........
Maybe i should get a weekend job...
Any recommendations?????
I think i sound pretty desperate now....
Because i am!!!
Not very...but pretty....just like pretty me....

I got bad news though...
My uncle took back his laptop....
Now i have to fight for the comp again.....shucks~ Till i get my new laptop lar...
Why isn't it the PC fair yet?? GRRR~

Lets see...
What else did i do??
Owh...i had Beard Papa's Cream Puffs......yyyyuuuummmmmyyyy~!
Was recommended to me by Melly.....btw......hope you are better ddi gurl!! rest well~!
I still want my Nelson's ice-cream *grr*

*dances around*

I'm abit jumpy today........woohoo~

Tuesday, April 3, 2007



*STOMP STOMP!!!!!!!!*



I actually wanted to buy the Nelson's Pick n' Mix ice-cream this afternoon..
My usual lar...Cookies & Cornflakes + Watermelon...
...........and then the lady said "Sorry, cornflakes tak ada stok,"


So disappointed you know?? YOU KNOW?

And now i want and need ice-cream more than ever...
These sudden cravings are so gonna kill me one day...ish!


ICE-CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is as too-free as any other day lar...hee~

But my mum was being pretty mean today......

First, we went to fetch my brother and we were early.....
Feeling bored..i looked out the window and saw this man in his 50s looking pissed...
He was walking from one end of the street to the other end, putting his hands on his hips, going back to his car and coming back again, looking at his hp every 2 minutes.....
So i guessed he was probably getting impatient waiting for his son...don't ask me how i know its a guy....i just know...hee!
I continued watching the poor man looking so pissed & impatient for like 20 minutes,....
Then we had an amusing conversation:

Mum:If lets say the kid is late because he is in the toilet because having diarrohea then nevermindlar
Me: Yalor that cannot be helped mar
Mum: Ya...the kid got kidnapped ddi!
Me: are so mean...
And she started laughing......HEE! Now...isn't my mum mean??? MWEHEHEH! Joking onli~ the car...we fetched out bro ddi...but the man did not find his kid yet...poor father having to wait so long...poor son...wonder how terrible will his scolding be wei...

Mum: When is the PC Fair?
Me: Next week....
Mum: Daddy's laptop cannot use arh...
Me: I want my own to put in my own things...MUM!!!!
And she gave me this sheepish grin...isn't she mean??? But i know she's joking lar......she promised to get me a laptop ddi!!!

Promises to Evie cannot be broken.......unless you wanan hurt me... be safe...don't simply make promises to Evie..


I love love heart heart my mummy lar~!

I re-read the Foundation Psych text book...and saw that people who believe in Fate & Karma are considered to have an internal locus-of-control (LOC)..

And since i am a strong believer/supporter of Fate & Karma....
Does that mean i have an internal LOC???


Monday, April 2, 2007

I woke up super late today....all because i slept late last night just to write an uber long post for my dear loved readers.......MWEHEHEHEHEEHEHHE!


Today doesn't feel so right........just doesn't feel right...don't know why...

So not much to blog.....i made up with the long long post last night ddi right?????

Owh...i'm sorry Xiang *wink*...its still hillarious to me.....MWEHEHEHHEHEH!

Lalalalala...fat fat evie~

Finally home.....

Home sweet home~

If you people haven't realise, i was missing for A day and A half.......i never expect you people to miss this unimportant, invisible, non-existent, not-cared-for gurl anyway....sobbles~

I went back hometown for Qing Ming celebration...of course, Qing Ming does not = April's falls on the 5th...but for convenience sake, we Chinese are allowed to do the praying ritual thingy 10 days before or 10 days after (Fact No.1)

As usual, my Saturdays are allocated to visit my grandmother in the hospital...we reached about 4 something..a lil bit later than grandmother is much better ddi, she cud smile, nod/shake her head and grab my hands...
The only thing is she can't talk..and i don't blame her because she tried to talk but she had a darn tube down her throat or something like that...i think its call tracheotomy *shudders*
Owh wait, before that my family were feeling hungry so we decide to hunt for a coffeeshop around the new town of Ipoh....when my brother went "Eh! Got KimGary lar...lets go there".. We took a turning to that cafe and i was thinking what on earth is a KimGary doing at a relatively deserted place (since its a newly developed area)...
Turns is actually SIMGary......................-_-''
Malaysians are just doing what they are always good at doing...piracy~

By the time we lost our way/took the longer way from Ipoh down to the town of Ayer was about 7 something...
My rained the whole day and that made the Ipoh-Ayer Tawar journey so sucky because the cars were sssssoooooo slow~
We went to visit my great-grandmother, grandauntie....and it was still raining (trying to highlight the fact that the rain was troublesome)
And then we headed for a family dinner on my dad's this SUPER PACKED restaurant...gawd noes why my uncle wanted that packed!
We went there and suddenly i met this KL uncle of mine with his in-laws bro and i were talking to mum was talking to one of my aunties and my dad was talking to a long time friend of his...
It suddenly occured to me that Ayer Tawar is a town where everyone knows everyone (Fact No.2)...and i meant that literally...freaky~ There is no way i can go back to my hometown and not let my relatives find out that i'm actually there spreads faster than broadcasts on CNN...and i'm not joking!
Dinner that night was crappily expensive and not really nice...SO NOT WORTH IT LAR!
Small towns are suppose to have cheap nice food..... dad's youngest uncle...which means he's my granduncle just "got" himself a wife from Myanmar....lets not talk bout how he got her...i'm kinda against the buying-a-foreign-wife issue....she's 20 sumthing and he's 40 sumthing....*sighz*

We all went to sleep pretty late that usual the ladies would be gossiping and me listening...we had to do the origami for the paper offerings...and there was so much of it!
I did not have a really nice dad snores.................which is why i dubbed my noise isolation earphones one of the best technological advances in the century....they are so useful~!
Woke up at lazes around abit...causing us to go out at about 7....and i was super hungry ddi for some weird reason because usually i don't have any appetite when i wake up and this morning i was exceptionally hungry....
Had breakfast...then drove down to Lumut towards the graveyard....

Climbed up the hill...yeap....the graveyard is locate on the hill....
I bet the stupid butt butt would have loved to see me worked my butt off cleaning the was covered with leaves, rotting leaves, sand which makes about a 1 inch thick debris and the rain yesterday "helped" make it worse by clogging all those uggh-gy things together forming mud...........................ISH~
Worked my butt of using the dustpan to dig out the debris and threw it away...clever us should have brought a hoe/cangkul.......
And since it was April Fool.........everyone should be fooled right? rained....yeap...IT RAINED...on the day where super chun offerings are burned......water and fire just doesn't mix you know...i have been doing the Qing Ming ritual for 10 years and it NEVER rained....NEVER....and it had to rain this year......................................
Well, the rain showed how fillial Chinese can be to our ancestors...we rather shade the burning offerings and let ourselves get wet in the doesn't matter how heavy the rain becomes..the burning must go on (Fact No.3)....of course...there wasn't much burning compared to the years before....hello~ It rained lar owhkay...we should be forgiven....
Towards the end where we were packing and me giving up on trying to clean the muddy uggh-gy thingy in the rain....2 indian kids whose houses were at the bottom of the hill said the could help clean up for a small price.....and obviously my mum agreed...even if she didn't...i would have...i don't care if i have to pay.....its uggh-gy debris kie!
Actually...i think the rain was pretty was early in the morning...sorta misty and cold...and the rain felt least relatively cleaner than the downpour we have here in being fillial me...i shaded the burning offerings and let myself get wet in the rain in my WHITE shirt.....It would have been nicer to walk in the rain if:
1. I did not have to climb down the slippery steep hill
2. My scenery was romantic/sweet instead of the cemetery...-_-''
Can't believe my wish to walk in the rain came true at the potong~
Btw...Chinese practice gender discimination...GRR!
Even in the afterlife....or at the tombstone at least...son's names are written before the daughter's name even if the daughter is older by 10 years.....
I mean...i know that's what makes the Chinese well...Chinese...and i don't actually give a damn...i just decided it would be fun to make a big fuss over it in front of my mom....HEE!

Went back to my uncle's house(where we stayed the night before) and mom said we have to go in the house through the back door because the house doesn't belong to us.......So i went in through the back door holding my stinky dirty shoes and towards the front door so i can put them down....and i was greeted by my mum's do-you-knpw-what-you-just-did look....then i was told that we supposedly cannot go towards the front area of the house which means we only can stay in the kitchen under the fan which was so cold since we were drenched...until we "cleanse" ourselves using flower water in the bathroom (Fact No.4)....and that to me...was utter crap~
I'm not trying to disrespect anyone or any culture...but initially..she did not even let us go to the room to get our stuff (its a single story house and the rooms are nearer to the front area)...I got pretty pissed because:
1. How am i suppose to be "clean" and get changed when i don't have anything except my stinky, muddy, drenched clothes?
2. There are 2 bathrooms in the house and the 6 of use were forced to wait for one bathroom because the otehr bathroom is at the front area of the house......................
You tell me....isn't that crappy????????
Honestly...even if we were to respect any sort of ritual/"pantang-larang" has to be practical right?????
Which is why....if in the future i am married to a husband whose mother is an ultra-conservative-all-ritual-woman, i would die...................owhkay...not die...just get into a whole lot of trouble...but that is if i can actually get married lar har...
I really really enjoy learning about all this brought-down beliefs...but i believe there should be a line between reality and spiritual.........seriously~
You know how we Buddhists/Chinese pray to ancestors and ask them to "gather" for a food reunion by cooking tons of good-looking dishes and praying?
My auntie says when we pray for them to "come back" we must remind them to go back to where they "come from" or they will get stuck in the house and the family will be blessed with bad luck.....and my mum who never knew that went "How ah? I never did that before wor?"..
And just to add a lil spice to the whole ritual thingy...i went "Maybe that's why Rae(my bro) is always sick.."
I know that's not true because my bro obviously has issues with taking care of himself and his has a sucky immune system for a hyperactive kid....i just wanted to show my mum my "support"...HEE!

Do you know why today Evie is guilty of gluttony?
Let me tell you the list of things i put down my tummy today:
1. "Kam Puan" (a type of special noodles in my hometown similar to our Wantan Noodles in KL)
2. Wantan in "special soup"
3. Milk Tea
4. Black Sauce Meat
5. Mixed Vege (Mushrooms, Carrots, Cauliflower)
6. Cuttlefish with Salted Fish
7. Bubur Gandum
8. "Fatt Kao" (the pink kueh used in prayers)
10. "Gong Pia" (a savoury biscuit filled with meat and onions)
11. 2 cups of Milk Coffee
12. Oyster Egg
13. Fried Prawns
14. Fried Noodles
15. Salted Vege Soup
16. Sweet & Sour Pork + Fish
17. Water Chestnut
18. Can of Coke
19. French Fries
20. Nuggets
21. Oreo McFlurry!

OMIGAWD!! A GLUTTON EVIE! 21 ITEMS! And i have a feeling i left out some.............obviously i ate small portions of everything...but it still makes me feel so guilty...ISH~!

I am going to be super fat~ Watch my words....

Anyway..back to my day......
We were suppose to leave at about 1 pm...and my dad (once again) decided to procrastinate and delayed our journey till about 4 something....
By the time we got to the highway..............
IT WAS JAMMED LIKE HELL! (I don't actually know if Hell is jammed or not lar)
Cars barely moved.....................
I was sleeping during the first part of the journey (i had micro-sleeps while waiting for my dad to procrastinate his time away) the time i got to the highway...i couldn't sleep no more..
So i was either listening to my MP3 or looking out to the sky and started thinking bout stuff...
We were stuck in a 5 hour jam for what was supposed to be a 1 and 1/2 hour journey...WTH?!?!
As it was getting late...i got bored....and i guess getting stuck in a jam for too long makes Evie goes started waving at the cars in the next lane...i went "Hoodles~!" (for some weird reason), did the "peace" sign, waved....and practically acted like a friendly Malaysian (or a moron in other words)..........i got pretty pissed because no one gave any reaction...only a few cars siblings joined in after that....and we kept laughing at their reactions..
There was this silver Saga Aerobeck with 2 guys who kept staring at me/us and i was so shy i hid under my blanket...HEE!
And then tehre was this Kancil with a pretty gurl (i think) in it who turns away everytime our car comes near.....i think she was terrified by us....
And then there was this crazy Waja with Malay guys who kept doing silly signs that made my lil bro laugh like hell...
Malaysians huh....mweheheheeh~

Then waving-to-strangers got bored and we played "Ji Gu Pak"...i hope you people know the game....we played damn many rounds and i did not win ONCE...NOT ONCE~ talk about bad luck......
My lil bro kept complaining we were going too fast so i said "What you want us to do? Say One, Two, going to Pak ddi, owhkay? Now...."
And he was speechless.........................HEE!
When that got boring we played two numbers game which i am so lazy to explain how to play...
Decided to go McDs 11.30 at night for "dinner"......

Which is why....EVIE IS A GLUTTON~ *sobs*

I am getting pretty sleepy ddi...need my beauty sleep...
Night people (morning to Min Huei)! you know the last and greatest fact i learnt today?
My Dad has issues with time...shish...guys~