Friday, March 28, 2008


I finish my Lab Report I finish my Lab Report *jumps up and down*
I procrastinate and still manage to get it done..not too bad ddi lar owhkay.
I think I just encouraged procrastination.
Sigh. Hopeless lar you eVie.
But anyway.
Albeit having 800++ words over the maximum word limit.
So I guess I should say I finished my OVERCRAPPED Lab Report instead? Rofl~

I'm gonna be talking about random stuff in this post.
Just because I like it la. Then? *rolls eyes* HEE!

I had a pedicure lately.
Not because I had to much money to spend that I decide to try live a rich tai-tai life.
I had a free voucher.
Kiamsiap people like me only go for this kinda stuff when I don't have to pay a penny.
Stingy eVie!

It's pretty fun la.
Partly because I had my nails painted glitter pink!! And my pedicurist is a really nice lady.
The whole process was quite fun too.
Sitting on a massage chair, having your poor pedicurist touch your stinky feet and still not showing that they mind it.
The best part had to be the chance to observe tai-tai's behaviour.
Which I reckon is a thin line between assertive and snobby.
But I think it was more snobby to me because I found myself praying very hard I do not end up like that in the future.
I really much prefer and am in love with idea of being the "lil" wife like my Mummy. HEE!
Whether it would really happen or not...hrm..ask me in 10 years.
IF I have gotten married la. ROFL!

+ Pink nails! Can't see the glitter clearly though +

Moving on with the randomness, I developed a year's worth of photos.
Cost me RM160++ *faints*
Lucky 1/3 of it are family photos so my mum paid for it. HEE!

+The photo albums+

+ All the photos laid out. O.o Alot right? +

But well. Now that we have digital technology, I reckon people think it's more practical and economical to burn it into a RM0.50 cd.
Nicer to have them in albums.
And looks better when they're all old and yellow when you look back at it in 10 years time.
It's nostalgic la owhkay.

Again, with the random flow.
I notice a weird phenomenon in my lil-est bro's school.
I fetch him back, have to wait for him and me being observant obviously note my surroundings la.

Since the kids tend to start walking down, or leaving before the bell rings, they walk pretty slowly.
But once the bell rings..for the weirdest reason of all, they get damn hyped up and start running!
I've seen a few minor accidents attributed to the hype kie.

And one fine day, when I saw that phenomenon, I decided to be all Psych-ish.
It reminded me of Pavlov and his dog. -_-''
Yea. The dude who did the Classical Conditioning experiment with all the bell ringing and dog salivating.
In this case, there's the bell ringing, but the kids are running instead of salivating.
I think I just degrade these cutee kiddos to dogs.
Owhkay fine.
They're lil running puppies.
Fine. Nevermind. I'll shut up.
I'm just being curious la owhkay. -_-''

Back to being random,
I was so bloody angry at this stupid woman yesterday.
She doesn't know how to use the car signal and probably think it's for bai leng purposes.
Bloody woman.
It was a crossroad. I was at the South and she was in the West part.
I thought she wanted to go East because SHE DID NOT HAVE THE SIGNAL ON!
But the bloody woman wanted to head the same direction as me (which is my North).
Then when I let her go first plainly because I'm NICEE and LESS BIMBO.
She bloody GLARED at me.

Ya Allah Tuhanku.
I'm too random ddi~

I'll be going back my hometown this weekend for Qing Ming.
So dreading it. Sigh.
You know your emo case is serious when you emo to Jay Chou's songs. It's Jay Chou! -_-''

I've been cooking recently too.
No one got diarrohea. CHILL.
I made Salsa with Tortilla Chips, Grilled Chicken Breast topped with Mozarella & Mushroom, and my cutee Tuna Potato Salad.
They all sound nice kan???
Honestly, they don't taste as good as they sound. The dishes I could always lack flavour.
But I'll work on it. Jiayou eVie!

This is for Stef, Xian and Shzen:

+ Make this for you when you people meet me kie? Mwahs!+

And I have favour to ask from ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO KNOW STEFANIE CHEW!

Do you think she's a guy magnet?/ Do you think she attract ALOT of guys??

You really have to seriously answer me owhkie?
PLEASEEE~ *puppy eyes*
Answer in my chatbox kie or msn me~! Rofl~

To end my randomness,
A VIDEO link for you people. It's not very often you see eVie acting dumb. o.O *wink*

edit: You should really watch it for my ZOMGWTF face when some smart person shouted out "small fish big fish". Or so Josh thinks. Yes. Sheenie, your Josh. The llama in a human costume who secretly adores pink but will never admit it. ROFL!

cuteE= Cute AND Adorable *wink*

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Miss. Re Placé


Everybody say Hi to procrasinator eVie who is blogging despite her not-yet-started lab report and upcoming presentation report.

Before I start this post,

New Fashion Blog alert!!!!

*spark spark*


You never know.
You may see the item you've been lookin for! HEE!



What did I wanna blog about again?


Went to LowYat yesterday.
No I did not get lost.
I have a bad sense of direction but I got a muka tembok platinum to ask for directions owhkay.
Owh. I used the LRT + Monorail btw. Lucky not so packed. Phew~

I knowlar.
You wanna ask what the hell I'm doing at Low Yat kan?
I mean.
A bimbo like me should go to Berjaya Times Square or Sungai Wang Plaza right? *insulted*

I was being a nice bestie teman-ing the Prince-cess to do shopping.
Rofl~ For his Cerena.

Reached there early. As usual.
Found my way in the drizzling rain. *cough cough sneeze sneeze wheeze HEEEE!*

Waited a while at Auntie Anne's.

Then he came. Which was pretty fast cause I was expecting to wait longer.
Started with him repairing his phone at one of the booths.
Then continued with the hunt for Cerena's stuff.

Managed to buy the stuff he needed for her.
Pretty happy with our findings la. hee~

Hah! ATM machines like me!
He couldn't withdraw money when I was a distant away from the machine, but when I came nearer, it worked! HEE!
I'm awesome~

Went to makan at a Jap Fusion restaurant named Shikiya.
I took forever to choose. He ended up having to choose for me. Paiseh~
Mainly cause I'm not having much of an appetite.

+ His Onigiri +

+ My Somen +

+ His Soba +

+ My Tempura+

Wanted to die trying to finish my food.
SO FILLING. But food was alright.

We paid, went to buy one more thing and left to Pavillion.
Parking in Low Yat is 7 bux.
Crazy wanna die wei.

Pavillion has the weirdest parking! The highest floor can only exit outta the building and cannot get back to the lower floors.
And the smart boi got us stuck on that floor.
Lucky. Yes. eVie was lucky on Friday.
A car came out and we managed to find parking. MWEHEHEHEH!

Headed to buy some more stuff for Cerena.
He damn sayang "her" lor. Sigh~
Walked around some more. ZOMB! Burberry children's clothes damn cute!!! And the glow-in-dark Frankenstein shirt! CCUUUTEEE~
Left because it was almost time to close. Abit early huh?

Went to Kepong because he needed to get something from his friend.
I'm also very lucky because the cd in his car which had problems initially, played smoothly during the journey.

Headed to Starbucks for my long awaited Starbucks Hot Choc!
And on the way I made him listen to my favourite emo song over n over again.
Kor~~ I prefer hearing you play it. So you play again yea?? MWEHHEHEHE~

And Cerena appeared!!!!!!

Jeng jeng jeng!

Sei for~

Cerena is a laptop. His new Acer laptop.

But he still ignored us for Cerena, his new lover.

+You see you see! +

Btw, the rabbit is his wife.
Temans him all the time.
His wife is of Frennish descendant. French + Spanish.
And I decided to name her, Miss. Re Placéd (pronouced as ri - play - sed)
I don't care if it doesn't sound cool.
You said I could name her. So you better keep the name HEE!

+ Still ignoring!! Poor dai sou and me gotta stick together! +

Actually all the time I was like, "Eh! Don't look here~ Act like you busy!" ROFL!

+Him focusing on Cerena. ISH~+

+Poor poor daisou~ So lonely. +

+ She's being replaced. SOBS~ +

+ Sigh. What a complicated Love Triangle~ +

+ My finished cup of Hot Choc. YYYUUUMMM~! +

+ Him busy with Cerena +

I was annoying him with my endless questions.
While he was trying hard to concentrate on his work.
I don't like feeling ignored mar.
But I felt bad. So I did random stuff like this:

+ My newly painted nails! Nice?! Match my camera cover some more. +

Left to McD's cause he was thirsty and wanted to drink.
And then headed home because he realised he woke up early and was tired. -_-''

I was also sleepy ddi. So I did managed a good nights sleep. HEE!

That's how I spent my days. Teman-ing bestie to get things for his lover. MWEHEHE!



This is why I'm gonna reign over Emo Universe in the next 2 months.


I so tak puas!

How can I fail a birthday celebration?!?

My lie was perfect!

Think-too-much Mr. Over sensitive. BLUEH~!

Lemme start my long, SAD story.

It all begin on the fateful date of 12th March.

Actually the planning began like a week before.
Shzen's inspiration.
She was so gan jiong over making it work kie!
Seeing her stressing way was SSSHOOOOO cuteee~! Someone better be appreciative of her.

The night before (11th March), the both of us were busy squeezing brain trying to think of ways to lie to the biggest liar.
And also making lil cute carrot candles which had untimely deaths. More about that later.

Anyone who says lying is an easy feat,
It's so bloody not kie!!!
I almost died at 12 midnight when suddenly Jarreth (our designated driver) couldn't come.
Realli mau mati.
Lucky got Derek who saved our or my life.
Pray hard nothing go wrong ddi.

+ The barang-barang I prepared for the next day +

Went to sleep, woke up the next morning and headed to college as usual.

It was after class when the fun started!
Did I mentioned I forgot plasticin and wax candles melts in heat but I stupidly left the 22nd candle in my car with it's plasticin base and it was a terrible orange icky mess by the time I got into my car after class? GRRR!

Grocery Shopping

Waited a while for Shzen at KPD A after class because we're suppose to go shop for Zhan Shuo's birthday stuff.
Drove to Atria and shopped for the carrot salad and carrot milk ingredients.
His lil birthday surprise was themed or supposed to be themed Carrot Fest.
Yes. He's a carrot fanatic.
It was SSSHOOOO funny shopping with Shzen.
We took all the stuff ddi and went to the counter.
Then realise we haven't weigh the apples we bought so we had to stupidly walk back to the weighing counter while laughing like ding dongs. ROFL!
But really. Shopping with her is fun.

By the time we got back to the car.
Drizzling ddi.
And we were praying so hard it won't rain in the night.
Went back to Shzen's house to prepare.

+ Cutting carrot into sticks +

+ Hah! She's gonna cut Zhan Shuo up soon. oops~ I mean the carrot la+

+ Blender +

Why such a random pic of a blender?
Cause this smart lil eVie, first time go people's house already KILLED the blender!
Damn paiseh wei.
I was about to blend the carrots and milk.
Plugged in the main socket, turn on the switch, BOOM!
ZOMB! There was like a spark, and then a burning smell.
And the blender died ddi.
I felt so terrible and kept saying sorry to Shzen's mum. Even though she din blame me, I know she probably was a lil pissed la. SOBS. I so don't dare to go Shzen's house ddi.
Who wants me as a wife now huh?!

After that lil ordeal, we decided to leave the carrot milk preparation to the maid who used a juicer instead.

But I don't have the pic!

Helping Shzen prepare the salad was fun!
We kept laughing because we weren't sure why the carrot skins turned black, or if we need to peel the celery before cutting it.

+Finished product. It taste awesome too kie! Or so he says la+

+Tired out girls +

After finishing the carrot fest preparation, I had to rush home because the clever boi told me he was going to come at 6.
And I needed to go Starbucks.
Drove to Starbucks and got my car's butt banged!

Really damn swey day.
The stupid car behind me couldn't brake in time at the slope.
But I didn't stop to confront, cause his car didn't seem dented on the front so I presume my car was fine.
And it is fine la.
I seriously have no time and mood to confront some idiot who didn't make proper use of his brakes especially when I am rushing for time.
And when I'm a poor helpless girl. ROFL!
Went to Starbucks.
Bought Chocolate Cream Frappe.
Went back home, got ready.
And the boi wasn't here yet. Ish~

He came at about 6.35 ???
And I started the first part of the surprise.

Starbucks Surprise

Got him to try and repair my "not-working" Skype.
What are the odds you tell me? I couldn't repair it for the past few days. But 10 mins before he came I for some unknown reason, miraculously stupidly rectified the problem. So I had to fake the "problem"

Went to the kitchen and got my mum to pakat with me.
Mana tau that boi finished rectifying the "problem" in what? 2 mins?!
Gave him his Starbucks "cake". No choice la when he's such a picky eater and don't like sweet stuff.

+ Cute or not my Starbucks cake?! Heeee! Zomb~ Did you make a wish kor? It was meant for you to make a wish +

But I tell you hor.
That boi expressionless wan!
Or rather,
He didn't seem surprised at all!
All he did was " Thank you, auntie"
Gek sei~

Let him rest for 5 mins and we headed to fetch Shzen for dinner.
While on the way to the Curve, he was being so lame talking about the migrating plastic bag that did not have a passport.
Shzen was this close to dying of a heart attack.

The Apartment.

He initially wanted A the Ship, but we no money so we gave him An the Apartment.

+Lights above our table +

I tell you orh.
My swey day did not end just like that kie.
He wanted to sit on the beds, but we didn't manage to.
All we had was the bed AREA. More like the bedroom la.

+ The bed he wanted to sit on. -_-'' +

Owh. And what's more swey is that I forgot to bring the pendrive to return to Shzen and to assist my lie later on!
So Shzen gave me her house keys. O.o

+ Derek, Sann and Yin. +

+ No. She's not THAT innocent kie. Acting only. mweheheheh~ +

+ Looking through the menu +

We took damn long to decide kie!
And I didn't eat!
Not voluntarily at least

It's not my fault that I was just being a woman of my words and keeping to the words someone said: " You won't wont eat wan"

+ Yin's food: Buffalo Mozarella & Tomato Salad +

+ Cheese Platter +

+ Zhan Shuo's food: Lemon Sole ?? +

+ Shzen's food: The Apartment Soup+

I forgot to upload Sann & Derek's food.
They had spaghetti. Cannot remember the exact name though. HEE!

Remember I said I was a woman of my words?
I think I managed to annoy everybody on the table especially Kor trying to keep to my words.
ROFL! So sorry~ Not to kor though. HEE~ BLUEH!

Because I didn't order any food.
Kor tried to stuff food into me.
And he kept failing.
Resulted in a few accidents.

+ Such as the cheese dropping into water +

+ Note the difference? +

All my food end up being piled up on Shzen's plate. HEE!
And I kept trying to feed other people because I think we all should try the food right? HEE!
Then we know what's nice and not right.

After numerous attempts of trying,
I swear he was this close to banging the table and walking off.
Fortunately he didn't. Probably because it was the public.
But he did try killing me by asking me to eat oranges on an empty stomach and trying to poke a fork into my eye.

I gave in in the end because Shzen grabbed me and whisper "If you don't eat and we don't get to do the surprise then you know."

Fine. I eat.

Owh. And because he wouldn't continue eating and was torturing the cheese by hitting it with the knife.
*rolls eyes*

+See that small bit? That's how much he manage to get me to eat before threatening me kao kao. SOBS+

After a very dramatic dinner, Sann said she and Derek had to "go back".
Yin and Shzen followed cause they were "tired" and have to "wake up early" tomorrow.
And I had to stay a lil while longer cause I wanna look for a "lime green paper bag".
So just took photos, paid money and left.

+ Group photo! L-R: Derek, Sann, Zhan Shuo kor, Yin, Shzen, Me +

Actually, they were all suppose to go Sandy park and prepare for the surprise.
While I distract him.
I fail as a distractor lar.
We walked around looking for my "paper bag" and his laptop bag until it's closing time.
But Shzen haven't called! She was supposed to call me and ask me to return her house keys she "accidentally" left with me.

When she didn't, I pura-pura said she sms me and I needed to call her.
And then I "realise" I ter-took her keys!

But he didn't buy the lie. He acted like he did though.
So I cleverly thought that he did, and continue acting.

Called her again and found out she was at the park with her friends.
How "weird"!

Sandy Park

Parking at the park ddi.
You know what the clever boi tell me?
"It's very obvious ddi right?"

Wanted to die on the spot.
Gek sei!

+My lil cute carrot candles with lil messages from his loved ones written on the outer layer+

You see.
They were made out of orange paper onli.
So when lighted, it BURNED.
Obviously the one in the photo wasn't the one in the park.
By the time we reached the park, the candles were already burning up.
Which means the messages on it were burning too!!!!! ZOMB!
Quicky sing birthday song.
And he blew the candles.

I mean.
We were laughing at the candles burning away in a totally dark hut and taking photos in a totally dark environment and some of us were even having doughnuts!

Unsurprising birthday surprise.

+ Burnt-down candle vs Perfect Candle +

+ Salary celery giving ceremony +

After our lil "surprise" at the park, which again failed to elicit his surprise expression SIGH,
We sent Shzen home and collect the carrot milk she forgotten to bring. Hee~
And then sent Yin home.

Old Town Kopitiam

He didn't want to go home yet.
So we decided to hangout at Old Town Kopitiam.
Where he introduced me to his "lover" Cerena, and opened his birthday present from Stef, Yin & Me.

+ *steadily opening wrapper* "Hrm~ Wonder wat isit?" +

+ "ZOMB! What is this???"+

+"ROFL! Why did you girls get me this?!?"+

+ "But I love it all the same!" +

Well. At least he enjoyed his pressie!

But I still have lotsa regrets.


1. I'm so sorry Mrs. Lee!!!!!!!!! For killing your blender and making a terrible impression of myself the first time I go to your house. SO SO SO SO SORRY for being such a careless person.
2. Sorry Shzen! For ruining the blender and failing to make your surprise plan work!!!
3. Sorry Yin!! You were so sleepy ddi but still had to stay in the dark and feed the mosquitos at the park.
4. So SO SORRY XIAN! Your daddy replied you late that night cause I took the phone away from him to avoid him realising the surprise. Which didn't make much difference. And I'm SO TERRIBLY SORRY that the messages on the lil carrot candles from you imported all the way from Australia burned up! Nevermind. I'll personally make sure your daddy gets your messages. PROMISE!

2nd: Why did my surprise fail?

1. I didn't take photo with him at The Apartment or so he claims. I almost died hearing this excuse.
2. We forgot to sing "Happy Birthday" without a cake like planned. Again, I was so carried away by being a woman of my words. SOBS!

My verdict?
I planned 3 surprises for him on that day. First the Starbucks, FAILED. Second getting Jarreth to come, FAILED. Third surprise at the park, FAILED!

I have 3 good reasons to emo for TWO months!
And "it's the thought that counts" is not a good enough reason to counter my 3 reasons.

Emo queen alert!

All in all,
I'm glad he was really happy with the celebration even when he was NOT surprised.

Next time don't think so much liao kie??
Very potong la!

Owh, glad you liked the card. HEE~


+ His "surprise" face. ROFL!+

Don't so mean to you.

+There. Lengzai ddi lar. Heeeee!+

It's too late to be blogging


Never too late to blog.

But fruits,
I owe Terence the some parts from the Marketing Assignment still.
So sorry! Creative juices currently running low.
I usually have to trade in normal/beauty/precious sleep for creative juices kie.

Just a short update on something that was supposed to be up a while ago.

If you thought angels never existed.
Think again.

For on the 2nd of March, 3 angels descended from Heaven to do their angelic jobs.


We did not eat up all that kie. Jeez~

We just nicely woke up on Sunday morning at 6 SIX a.m. to do charity work.
Not angelic enough?
I personally don't mind doing charity work. Because I think it makes me feel like I'm not wasting the world's resources.

Remember the place where I blogged about the charity work just before my exams?
We're back to the same temple.
With the same slave-driver.
But different angels.

+Kuli-master in the back, new angels in the front+

Xiannie & Steffie angels were smart.
They decided to ascend back to Heaven australia and no need to be under the torture of Mr.Kuli Master.

So in order to fill up their spaces, we got Sannie & Shzennie angel.
And the atmosphere got more sampat than ever.

This time it wasn't touching feet.
It was just simple packing food.

+ So many people+

+ FOOD +

Owh wait.
I forgot about the part where we had to carry the heavy donations for the elder citizens.
Sorta like escorting them with their items.
You meet all kinda of old ppl.
Nice ones who talk to you.
Polite ones who say thank you all the time.
Strong ones who insisit on doing the carrying themselves.
Marfan ones who ask you questions you don't know cause you're not in charge
Short-tempered ones who start arguing over small matters.

Banyak manusia, banyak ragam they say. heeee~

We managed to finish everything patiently and well, it felt rewarding!

+Happy angels!+

After that we went to lunch at Zhan Shuo's kor's apartment.
Dumb boi drive banyak giler. Gek sei~
And then chilled in his apartment.
Damn funny lar our topics! Kor~~~ I want the emo song you played on the pianooo~!

Went back home after that.

But cannot remember if I tidur-ed or not.
I think I did?

I don't know.
I think this means I'm sleepy.
Nitez people!

PS: More posts to come! Chilll~