Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happ-ied Birthday to me!!!

Bloody exam paper was the next day, can't even enjoy gao gao =(

Presenting, Series of Birthday Celebration.

1) First person to celebrate too early because he didn't realise my birthday, is Mr. Santa Boon. Rofl!
I was beginning to think that FB was giving out my wrong birthdate since quite a few people wished me on the 14th, apparently, it's cause they don't read small fonts, does it surprise you that they are all guys? =_=
Anyway, had a great dinner with him, thanks for the steak. =)
No photos, cause I was being surprisingly dragged out of the house, and I forgot my camera.
You owe me cake btw =P

2) On my Birthday itself, celebrated with the most important woman in my life; me mummy.

Note: Lunch with Mummy! I decided to go healthy and have Cod Fish =P Thankfully we both share the same interest in food. Hereditary eh?

Note: Mummy's gift to me!!!!! =D Thanks Mummy for always being there for me, I know it requires much tolerance to have such a stubborn, outgoing daughter who doesn't do windows, rofl! I LOVE YOU!

Went to makan at this new place in 1u known as Xian Ding Wei Tea Room, quite good, wouldn't mind going back =P

And then, when my workaholic daddy finally came home to celebrate my birthday at night.

Note: Missing younger sis. She don't want me ddi =(. ROFL!!!! More photos on FB soon =)
At least Daddy is smiling properly in the photos.

This is what I call happiness. Thanks daddy and mummy for the pressies! =DDD

3) With the CCB, Crazy College Buddies right after exam on Thursday

Note: Mummum yumyum! As usual with the sassing and photos.

Note: Leave it to guys to get you your birthday pressie and here they come telling you they got you a lubricator for your birthday pressie, and proceed to discuss about me needing a lubricator while seated in a cinema full of kids. Add on to that they worry you don't like the gift so they tell you, "Eh, the box very nice kie" =_=. That's my himbos for you. ROFL!

I did mention in recent post that Makan is our life, does it seem coincidental that we went back to the same place as the Princess's prince/kuli's celebration place aKa Sakae Sushi? ROFL!

Owh, before that, we tortured the guys by watching Princess and the Frog. MWEHEHEHEHEHE!
The story's not too bad. I feel like the girl, things in life can only be achieved by hardwork, and people say I'm cynical for not believing entirely in fairytales =_=

And my Hunnie so sweet, we celebrated again with just us girls two weeks later

Note: RIBS baybeh!!! Yumyum, though I had soup only cause damn full.

4) Food Foundry with High School Peeps.


It was a great day la, just a lazy afternoon lunch with Jing, Mund and Yin.
Cakes, and some quite awesome food at Food Foundry.

Note: Bobbi Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super sayang me these peeps; Edmund, Jing, Yin, Danny, Sue Mae, Yinli, Raechen. Eh, where's CHEN ZE XIANG? =P

5) Pressie from the Alarm Clock Bestie =)

No celebration yet, =P You still owe me makan =DDD

I nearly stabbed him for getting me the pressie. Effing expensive!

Note: Thank you so much!!! It's freaking expensive, so please, no more for next year. And it's so lovelyyyyyy.

6) Pressie from the Tissue Paper Bestie =D

Who tipu-ed me say he got my gift on my Birthday ddi. Cheh.

Note: My Birey-Birey all the way from NZ =D. Butt for 19th Birthday pressie, Body for 20th Birthday pressie, Head for coming 21st birthday pressie, Two Left Legs for Christmas Gift, Two Right Legs for New Year's Gift. Talk about kiamsiap. But masih sayang. =)

And that's it for my two decades birthday =D

Thankful to be blessed with amazing people who spend freaking alot. /guilt guilt
Not to mention the lovely wishes on FB, HEEEEEEE!

I'm officialy a -ty, and not a -teen. Almost quarter life crisis. Shoosh.

I Swear I Was Really Busy (ISIWRB) Pt.4

Me thinks this is the finale of the "I Swear I Was Really Busy (ISIWRB)" series?

Not enough evidence ke?

This last post is going to be a bit on the weird side.
As most of you would have known, I work with the H-Factor team on various events.
The most recent one being the Charity Concert, which all of us, awesomazingly manage to pull it off, yay us!
Despite super stress cause most of us had double identity as the Annual Ball committee which was due the day following the concert.
Crazy sial, but we had an amazing Big Boss, workaholic Boss and the awesomazing team.
Can't be more thankful really.
And the supper after the concert with Roti M-something plus the gossip on efftards and flirt issues etc was just fulfilling.

Although I had to tell them that I refuse to see any of them during holidays because I've been condition to associate them with work.
And please, holidays NO WORK. rawr.

But anyway, I have no photos of the planning or the event of the concert, go stalk on FB, you may find some.
Hence I will blog about our outing to a club few months back, with no clubbing involved. ROFL!

Note: Peeps at the table while dude prepares a flaming Lamborghini on the Workaholic Boss's tab =P. I asked for orange juice.

Note: The awesomazing team, who can work the crap outta normal humans! Why didn't anyone tell me flaming Lamborghini tastes like warm Listerine. wteff.

I know it's super backdated, but at least it's some photos I can show you to let you see the energizer-bunny team.

In Mae's words, we bite off more than we can chew in a way that we probably don't understand the underlying reason sometimes.

One event can take up alot of time, two is just shit-let's-just-die.


I Swear I Was Really Busy (ISIWRB) Pt.3

"Even busy also still must makan kan?"
Jing would say that this is my line ddi since I use it to drag everyone to events =P

And Malaysians right, MAKAN all the time as a past time. Tourists come, invite makan. Walk until tired in shopping malls, makan. "Eh, don't know what to do today', MAKAN.
Not fat cai qi guai.

With my gang, it's just M-A-K-A-N all the way.
Like the time when I was less busy though this could be counted as part of my busyness, we went to KL after coll for BEEF BALL NOODLES at Jalan Alor. I suka =)

And because I wasn't full with one bowl of noodles, I dragged them to A&W for float and curly fries yay!!
Monstrous appetite.

Note: Beef balls! Bounce bounce!

Note: At A&W with muh himbos =P

You think that's all?

Went to celebrate the Princess's prince/kuli's birthday.
Met Ms Winnee as we were about to pay o.O
How to celebrate? Yeap, got that right, MAKAN. =_=

As usual, it was alot of chatting and sassing, and stupid poses. Rofl!
It's really not easy to tell you how we enjoy cause I don't record convos, that's just too funkay.

Note: Retarded Birthday Boy. Himbos pose miang-ly

But before risking an image of pure gluttony, we do other activities as well.
Like racing Daytona, so healthy hor. =_=

Note: Racing after eating, appendicitis baru tau =D

This is da life I tell you. =P

I Swear I Was Really Busy (ISIWRB) Pt.2

And more evidence for your perusal.

They say all students should be active in both Academia and Co-curricular. Makes you wonder if they just looking for free kuli-s =_=

Presenting the club I'm active in, PSG. Peer Support not scandal Group!!
These people are just amazing la, damn funny!!!! And super friendly, way more friendly than me.
I guess that's why we're in the club "supporting people". =P

Thankfully I have an amazing team with peeps who are not afraid to be bombarded with phone calls, late night arrangements, last minute plans to come up with two activities that brought us closer together.
I don't think they backstabbed me la, hor? Ni men hen hao de hor? =ROFL!!

Activity Uno: Sg Congkak trip.

We usually have two club trips, one is a whole-day type which I will elaborate while the other is the overnight type elaborated later. wteff sound so formal =_=

Again, my amazing team managed to carry the activity out successfully even with a smaller number of participants, which in both me and my babe-da-president's view, is easier for berbonding sessions =P

So it was ME driving down to freaking Cheras, have I told you how much I hate Cheras, no offence for people who stay there, it's just as far as the moon! And the jam is ridiculous.
About 4/5/6 cars tailed each other from HELP Uni to Cheras, and ALL reached safely.

Activities, camwhore, makan, camwhore, splash freaking cold water on me, camwhore, makan, mandi, balik WHEEE =)

Note: Activities, posers. Babe-da-president enjoy makan; look at Xin Rou's expression! ROFL!

Note: Group pics during makan, and after mandi sungai =)

Note: Me with babe-da-president. Another photo with our sifu-president. And what did I tell you about the gang buay paiseh with the camera? =_=

These bunch of people never knew the word paiseh when it comes to the camera. ROFL!

Activity Uno+Uno I forgot what's two in Espanol: Overnight stay aKa Annual Camp in Ipoh

Which I did not eat Ipoh Gai Si Hor Fun or Nga Choy Gai. Damn wteff! Rawr.
I need to go Melaka AND Ipoh. mimumu

Day One:
Left KL friday night amidst the jam.
Reached super late, had supper.
Icebreaking activities

Day Two:
Talks and activities, indoor + outdoor.

Day Three:
Presentation + goodbye Ipoh!

Note: Reaching Ipoh, makan supper. Icebreaking activities with frazzled organizing team, shoo cutee.

Note: My groupie! The Profilahs; meet Chong Yong, Louie, Man Yee, Chee Yan, Jun Min shi wen bai lei and Kaven!

Note: Actitvity time, don't just play, got formal talks. Mr Eric Bryan, our advisor, probably smirking watching us with our activities.
Lunchtime also need to camwhore mar.

Note: Outdoor activities + Make-A-Bookmark activity. Poor babe-da-president so cham have to do clean up =P

Note: Some of my closest peeps in PSG. The random group pic was us actually singing to Jing Guo the birthday boy =)

Note: My bookmark! Cannot remember who took mine, it was a random draw. My mugshot + compulsory photo with babe-da-president.

Note: T'was an amazing time. I made new friends, got closer to my babe-da-president, and enjoyed berbonding with the already close gang =D

I really don't blog about details cause I can't remember, and don't want to confabulate.
Plus, with details, you will probably be bored outta ur wits! =P

I Swear I Was Really Busy (ISIWRB) Pt.1

And this is me trying to convince the world and myself that I was indeed busy enough to take such a long hiatus from the blogging world.
With minimal attribution to lazyness and procrastination. =)

B'Psych has events which tries to get students together, and they TRY very hard.
Students nowadays are just so hard to please!

The Council put together a Harry Potter themed Halloween party, which was awesomazing!
If you were there to see their effort in decorations, meticulous detail and the until-4am-teardown, you would be singing their praises too.
But since you are probably one of those who couldn't care less, too bad, lose out on the fun. Shit, I sound spiteful. ROFL!

Seriously, they recreated the Azkaban prison equiped with real life humans dressed up as Bellatrix Lestrange and Harry's Godfather-whose-name-I terlupa.
And these people were in costumes for hours, ACTING very WELL for hours. And you missed it, shame on you. Even Ms Winnee came, you say leh?

Note: My busyness inspired my costume. Tell me it's cool or I'll haunt you. =P

Note: I cannot decide whether I'm Japanese-schoolgirl-ghost or Moaning Myrtle. DID much? =P
Forgot to include the photo with one of my sayang, Mae the ghost bride. Check FB.

That sums up one section of the lotsa evidence I have, I promise =P

Aging Hunnie

I am so mean to her, but at least I do mean she's aging wisely =P

On the 7th of October, her prince cum kuli created a surprise for our sassy princess.
We only came in at night in a restaurant called Pizza VS Satay, funky name, but food's quite the good =D

I had to sit in as host before my Hunnie arrived while the himbos went and play DOTA next door, super wteff lor =_=

Finally she came, and we proceeded to order the food, and many of us encountered out of stock food, quite frustrated at times really. ROFL~
Btw, she wasn't surprised =_=
Sibeh potong!

Note: Sassy Princess Hunnie (SPH)'s Birthday. ROFL! The right photo would have made a good one if her idiotic prince/kuli did not have shakey hands. Boo.

Note: Princess's posse. I don't care, our gang gets the bigger photo space =P

Note: Princess, Food, Her Stargazer, Her Posse.
P.S: I realised I've been giving everyone Stargazers for birthday, I want my Narcissus =P

Btw, did I mention it was a "Checkered" clothes themed party? SUPER COOOL!

Note: Dearest Hunnie, thanks for being by me when I need it, giving me the harsh advice I wince at but know that there is truth to it.
I haven't been able to be there for you all the time, even in those times I know I should have and could have. But I want you to know that you are here in my heart, and here to stay, even though I suck at showing that sometimes.
Yes, us girls prefer actions + words, and not the lack of either. =)
Sorry for the late post, love you!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moving On

"Last post September 19, 2009"
OOPS! =)

Why HELLO blogging world!
I have been busy, I swear, like bottleneck cannot breath kinda busy.
Though I still have time to shop online, hrm, multitasking?

If you realised my Facebook status, assuming you DO have me on FB =P, I'm in one of those almost-emo phases.
Almost-emo, because well, I don't think it's entirely emo since I do encounter this at the end of the year for the past yearS.
It's just well, contemplative. VERY contemplative. Eff.
And just so happen this is one of those busy, situations-to-argue times, plus series of not-so-happy news. Please don't ask me to elaborate, I would have done so if I intended to.
So yea, reflective much.

Nostalgic too.

Which reminds me of those I missed during Summer, UK summer to be exact. Malaysia is just effing hot all year long with the exception of rains at the wrong time la shit.

In my bestie's words "Why la the summer I choose to not come back then you all had so much fun!!"
Well, poor her, but she was right. It was a lot of fun, albeit a lot of them just remaining memories.

If summer is all about party, drinks, fun and flings, I guess mine would have been almost there.
Highlight of mine was the clubbing with the UK bunch.
I do go to clubs, but usually for work events representing my boss, hence I don't go woo-hoo-all-out fun. Must jaga air muka wan kie.

We had our SPACE for fun.
Designated drivers being Agnes jie and Edmund. =D
Learnt that we should always take Clorets after clubbing session to avoid alcohol breath just in case some mata decide to stop you for kicks. =_=
Well, it's better than the old drunkies tale of sucking a one cent coin in your mouth to confuse the breath-a-lator/breathelyzer, I so do not know how to spell that.

Note: Poor Edmund, ALL ALONE. lie la actually.

Note: Yesh, I was kungfu-ing alot, with both Sheen and Agnes jie teman-ing me =D. Edmund's kungfu style was a league of his own. ROFL!

Note:People who put smiles on my face =)

Note:These bunch of people are the loveliest ever, who are the worst influence when it comes to the alcohol arsenal, glad to have known them better=)

Note: More pics of lovely peeps.

Most people who know my clubbing style, cheh ada style pulak =P, would know that I don't get drunk in the open, I just dance continuously, and drink WATER to replenish the dehydration.
As a matter of fact, only had 3 cups of alcohol that night *proud beam*

Went back home at 4pm with the uber heavy rain accompanying almost-emo mood. Lucky I didn't drink that much, if not the tears are sure to be winning the rainpour.

And then had to go to KLIA next day to send Xiang off, how to NOT EMO?!?!?!?!
But too emo plus hangover, so zoned out a lot.

I hope this short and sweet post will satisfy whoever who yearns to read my blog. =P

Note: I dedicate this post to those people who have transcended to be more than summer memories, you know who you are. For those who were remained memories, thanks for the memories.
And I hope you're happy Agnes jie =P

Lotsa staggered posts coming up!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Ugly Truth of life

See what I see?

I'm obsessed about food! =D
and posting that convo up is so gonna make me single for a long time to come.

My bestie thinks I'm crazy cause I compare boys to food.
But I think it's true =D

Sorry, this is the effect of stressing for assignment.
I have assignment during Raya. Yay lifeless lifee.

eVie the Food Hunter. WHEEEE~

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bittersweet Ending

To my summer, despite Malaysia's all year round summer =_=''

Before I post about what I did all Summer, I'll just do this special post for the boy who
couldn't pee before his flight
looked damn glad to leave all of us
was touched in some way on the plane
woke me up at 4.49am with his sms
played a cruel joke on me just now

is now in UK, far far away from us. =(

I damn brave didn't cry ddi so stop being mean. =/

Note: Goodbyes, for now. OMFB, Edmund still can pose?!?!?!! =_=''

Note: We were never very close, but it doesn't mean I likee the idea of you being so far away. Technology is not face-to-face. =( Let me emo la kie.

That's all at the moment.
Alot of back-logged posts and back logged WORK.

Byee summer~

Back to work.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I Hungwy

Or in proper English, I am hungry.
Damn my appetite, it's back to taunt me *shudders*

I went to the beach.
Yea. Can sense the non-excitement huh?
No wind, lack waves, not really beachy. And I'm being damn bitchy at the moment =P
Thank heaves, good company saves the day =)

Did you know we have a Gold Coast in Malaysia?
Tak tau? Apala, sesat geografi.
Takpe. I actually didn't know too. =P
It's located in Sepang, go Google it because "Google is everybody's best friend". Seriously.
Without Google, I would already be lost around KL with it's darn signboards while running errands today.
Google! /mwahmwahs =)

Whoopz, diverted. Eheh.
Sepang Gold Coast or its more Malaysian-ized name; Bagan Lalang was the destination that us 13 peeps went
Usual high school gang + New UK gang = 13 peeps = eVie, Xiang, Yin, Jing, Sheen, Mund, Agnes jie, Ashley, Jonson, Yi Ping, Sheng Jie, Christine & Jane

Note: Commemorating at Xiang's house pre departure and the beach. I lovee group pics. You can go match the names to the new faces. If you can see that is. =P

Suppose to leave by 3.30pm, but well, we all go by Malaysian timing, 5.00 baru keluar tol Damansara. Epic fail.
Jing was worried we wouldn't be able to make his sunset watch time. But we did, no worries.
Bagan Lalang is F--A--R. serious shit.
And so many turnings, I got lost ddi.
But it was funny cause my car had awesome peeps =)
Owh, and it was killing Jing to drive at 80km/h since the other 2 cars were trailing him.

Bagan1 (2)
Note: Awesome peeps in the car. Sheen was literally saying "Noooo, don't take my pic." Bleahz.

We reached the first beach. Unsatisfied cause macam boring.
Go second beach. Unsatisfied cause too near construction, bising sial.
Go third beach. Unsatisfied cause banyak orang, and guys were sensitive about wandering eyes of darn rempits.
We always go back to where we belong, the first beach =)

First thing we, or at least I did.
Open the mattress, MAKAN!
It was so long since I had potato chips kie, yumyum =)

Note: Jing so happy see sunset, and us girls love each other so much. Can you feel the lovee people? =P Tak payah jealous, mwehehehehe.

As usual, had the chats, the photogs.
Mund's eye candy was our main topic. Despite some of us hearing it for the millionth time liao.
Some things don't change. ROFL!

Note: Agnes jie is my new sweetheart. =)

Note: Got quite a few scandalous pics huh =P

We initially wanted to BBQ, but genius Jing I meant that sincerely Jing-o thought of the fact that there was no light and bonfires need license, hence we can't possibly BBQ in the dark. Eating under lamp post is feasible but not syiok.
And we had a bunch of uncooked chicken wings in the car boot =P
So, someone suggested EuroDeli.
Because we lovee the place, Edmund loveS the place. Sincerely, it's just loving the place, not the person who could possibly be at the place. Owhkay *cough* =)

Long journey back, but Jing-o happy, cause can drive at 150km/h.
And he did =)

Reached EuroDeli, make huge havoc. Kekecohan DJ-ian, legendary.
Manage to score a table to fit us thanks to Santa =P
Ordered food, which was damn yumz, plus damn filling I almost died trying to finish my plate.
And eye candy talks, but no worries, the eye candy not there. Yea really, not there. *cough* =)

Note: Kekecohan di EuroDeli

Some of us stayed on for some beer. Yin especially, despite presentation the next day =P
I really do like German beer, coming from a girl who despises alcohol, I could down this man. HEE! So who wanna beer with me yo?!

End of night. =)
Go back, 4 hours sleep before waking up 6am for classes. Sienz.

And because I'm awesome, I did the masterpiece below:

Note: See the bigger version in FB. We were that bored and creative =)

And also because my awesome-ness never dies, yet another masterpiece:

Note: Tell me it's awesome and you love it, =P

I just had a self-reflective moment and realise that my posts tend to be quite retarded and crappy.
Feeling a bit self-conscious now, I can't write!! /pmspms
See what I mean? I think I'm starting to annoy myself even. Eff.
All photos on FB, go there and check and don't blame me for squinting your eyes here.

Time to drown in work, and avoid procrastination. Keeping my hopes high. =)

Nak Cantik, Tak Nak Hidup

The above title is a very faulty direct translation from the Chinese saying
"Ai Mei Bu Ai Ming"
Don't ask me Chinese Characters, I'm a banana like that.
But it kinda means you rather risk your life for beauty.

And that is sorta kinda what I did for the Astro Nexgen Contentpreneurs Award on 6th August 2009.
I was dead sick, but I would still jump at the opportunity to put full-on make up and go for the ceremony.
Memang tak hendak hidup dah.
Owh, and because a thin yellow shawl was the best cover-up that for my attire, I decided to go against common sense of getting a thick cover up cause ceremonies like this are usually cold.
Yesh. I am gung-ho-ly vain =)

Went to pick my Boss up, at least, my direct boss for H-Factor; Mr Leonard Chua, otherwise known as Mr.Malaysia in the words of the Boss that pays me, my Boss-paying =)
Headed there and reach at Malaysian timing, cause that's what Leonard made me do =P
Otherwise I'm usually damn chat early.

Met up with my Boss-paying, and the dude that's suppose to bring us around.
Hang around about for a bit till we all decided we were hungry and hence headed to the restaurant.
Not too bad actually, it was RM35++ for a dinner buffet. Albeit less variety, I think it's worthy of the price.
Had dinner, chit chat about Leonard's high-class blood test and the other zest.
Time for awards.

Note: See my direct boss posing with his not-camera? He needed it to photog the pretty hot gals there. =) And me camwhoring in the toilet! Whoootz.

Serves me right kan?
How cold could it be though, really? Erm, cold enough for me to be delusional enough to have the intentions of snatching any random guy's jacket.
That sounds cold enough for you? Next time I'm bringing a guy, just for his probably awesomely warm coat and his potential to be my eye candy in distracting me from boring agendas.

But as the performances came in, the ppl started cheering, I felt that much warmer la.
Or maybe I tricked my mind into saying so.
Thank heavens for sms buddy who layan-ed me all throughout the boring parts. =)

Note: Try and spot my Boss-paying presenting award with another celebrity. And also the montage of performances. I would rate it above average, honestly quite darn good.

After awards, had our hugs and goodbyes, and left that darn cold hall.
Balik rumah tidur.

I initially started this post as an attempt to be late for my 9pm meeting.
I'm learning to be late to follow Malaysian timing you see, strong patriotism mar.
But my direct boss push the meeting later. Cheh.

Owh well, more posts up nextttttt. =) If I'm rajin enough that is. /gringringrin