Thursday, December 31, 2009

Aging Hunnie

I am so mean to her, but at least I do mean she's aging wisely =P

On the 7th of October, her prince cum kuli created a surprise for our sassy princess.
We only came in at night in a restaurant called Pizza VS Satay, funky name, but food's quite the good =D

I had to sit in as host before my Hunnie arrived while the himbos went and play DOTA next door, super wteff lor =_=

Finally she came, and we proceeded to order the food, and many of us encountered out of stock food, quite frustrated at times really. ROFL~
Btw, she wasn't surprised =_=
Sibeh potong!

Note: Sassy Princess Hunnie (SPH)'s Birthday. ROFL! The right photo would have made a good one if her idiotic prince/kuli did not have shakey hands. Boo.

Note: Princess's posse. I don't care, our gang gets the bigger photo space =P

Note: Princess, Food, Her Stargazer, Her Posse.
P.S: I realised I've been giving everyone Stargazers for birthday, I want my Narcissus =P

Btw, did I mention it was a "Checkered" clothes themed party? SUPER COOOL!

Note: Dearest Hunnie, thanks for being by me when I need it, giving me the harsh advice I wince at but know that there is truth to it.
I haven't been able to be there for you all the time, even in those times I know I should have and could have. But I want you to know that you are here in my heart, and here to stay, even though I suck at showing that sometimes.
Yes, us girls prefer actions + words, and not the lack of either. =)
Sorry for the late post, love you!


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I love you too Hunnie!