Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Swear I Was Really Busy (ISIWRB) Pt.4

Me thinks this is the finale of the "I Swear I Was Really Busy (ISIWRB)" series?

Not enough evidence ke?

This last post is going to be a bit on the weird side.
As most of you would have known, I work with the H-Factor team on various events.
The most recent one being the Charity Concert, which all of us, awesomazingly manage to pull it off, yay us!
Despite super stress cause most of us had double identity as the Annual Ball committee which was due the day following the concert.
Crazy sial, but we had an amazing Big Boss, workaholic Boss and the awesomazing team.
Can't be more thankful really.
And the supper after the concert with Roti M-something plus the gossip on efftards and flirt issues etc was just fulfilling.

Although I had to tell them that I refuse to see any of them during holidays because I've been condition to associate them with work.
And please, holidays NO WORK. rawr.

But anyway, I have no photos of the planning or the event of the concert, go stalk on FB, you may find some.
Hence I will blog about our outing to a club few months back, with no clubbing involved. ROFL!

Note: Peeps at the table while dude prepares a flaming Lamborghini on the Workaholic Boss's tab =P. I asked for orange juice.

Note: The awesomazing team, who can work the crap outta normal humans! Why didn't anyone tell me flaming Lamborghini tastes like warm Listerine. wteff.

I know it's super backdated, but at least it's some photos I can show you to let you see the energizer-bunny team.

In Mae's words, we bite off more than we can chew in a way that we probably don't understand the underlying reason sometimes.

One event can take up alot of time, two is just shit-let's-just-die.


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