Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happ-ied Birthday to me!!!

Bloody exam paper was the next day, can't even enjoy gao gao =(

Presenting, Series of Birthday Celebration.

1) First person to celebrate too early because he didn't realise my birthday, is Mr. Santa Boon. Rofl!
I was beginning to think that FB was giving out my wrong birthdate since quite a few people wished me on the 14th, apparently, it's cause they don't read small fonts, does it surprise you that they are all guys? =_=
Anyway, had a great dinner with him, thanks for the steak. =)
No photos, cause I was being surprisingly dragged out of the house, and I forgot my camera.
You owe me cake btw =P

2) On my Birthday itself, celebrated with the most important woman in my life; me mummy.

Note: Lunch with Mummy! I decided to go healthy and have Cod Fish =P Thankfully we both share the same interest in food. Hereditary eh?

Note: Mummy's gift to me!!!!! =D Thanks Mummy for always being there for me, I know it requires much tolerance to have such a stubborn, outgoing daughter who doesn't do windows, rofl! I LOVE YOU!

Went to makan at this new place in 1u known as Xian Ding Wei Tea Room, quite good, wouldn't mind going back =P

And then, when my workaholic daddy finally came home to celebrate my birthday at night.

Note: Missing younger sis. She don't want me ddi =(. ROFL!!!! More photos on FB soon =)
At least Daddy is smiling properly in the photos.

This is what I call happiness. Thanks daddy and mummy for the pressies! =DDD

3) With the CCB, Crazy College Buddies right after exam on Thursday

Note: Mummum yumyum! As usual with the sassing and photos.

Note: Leave it to guys to get you your birthday pressie and here they come telling you they got you a lubricator for your birthday pressie, and proceed to discuss about me needing a lubricator while seated in a cinema full of kids. Add on to that they worry you don't like the gift so they tell you, "Eh, the box very nice kie" =_=. That's my himbos for you. ROFL!

I did mention in recent post that Makan is our life, does it seem coincidental that we went back to the same place as the Princess's prince/kuli's celebration place aKa Sakae Sushi? ROFL!

Owh, before that, we tortured the guys by watching Princess and the Frog. MWEHEHEHEHEHE!
The story's not too bad. I feel like the girl, things in life can only be achieved by hardwork, and people say I'm cynical for not believing entirely in fairytales =_=

And my Hunnie so sweet, we celebrated again with just us girls two weeks later

Note: RIBS baybeh!!! Yumyum, though I had soup only cause damn full.

4) Food Foundry with High School Peeps.


It was a great day la, just a lazy afternoon lunch with Jing, Mund and Yin.
Cakes, and some quite awesome food at Food Foundry.

Note: Bobbi Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super sayang me these peeps; Edmund, Jing, Yin, Danny, Sue Mae, Yinli, Raechen. Eh, where's CHEN ZE XIANG? =P

5) Pressie from the Alarm Clock Bestie =)

No celebration yet, =P You still owe me makan =DDD

I nearly stabbed him for getting me the pressie. Effing expensive!

Note: Thank you so much!!! It's freaking expensive, so please, no more for next year. And it's so lovelyyyyyy.

6) Pressie from the Tissue Paper Bestie =D

Who tipu-ed me say he got my gift on my Birthday ddi. Cheh.

Note: My Birey-Birey all the way from NZ =D. Butt for 19th Birthday pressie, Body for 20th Birthday pressie, Head for coming 21st birthday pressie, Two Left Legs for Christmas Gift, Two Right Legs for New Year's Gift. Talk about kiamsiap. But masih sayang. =)

And that's it for my two decades birthday =D

Thankful to be blessed with amazing people who spend freaking alot. /guilt guilt
Not to mention the lovely wishes on FB, HEEEEEEE!

I'm officialy a -ty, and not a -teen. Almost quarter life crisis. Shoosh.

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