Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Swear I Was Really Busy (ISIWRB) Pt.1

And this is me trying to convince the world and myself that I was indeed busy enough to take such a long hiatus from the blogging world.
With minimal attribution to lazyness and procrastination. =)

B'Psych has events which tries to get students together, and they TRY very hard.
Students nowadays are just so hard to please!

The Council put together a Harry Potter themed Halloween party, which was awesomazing!
If you were there to see their effort in decorations, meticulous detail and the until-4am-teardown, you would be singing their praises too.
But since you are probably one of those who couldn't care less, too bad, lose out on the fun. Shit, I sound spiteful. ROFL!

Seriously, they recreated the Azkaban prison equiped with real life humans dressed up as Bellatrix Lestrange and Harry's Godfather-whose-name-I terlupa.
And these people were in costumes for hours, ACTING very WELL for hours. And you missed it, shame on you. Even Ms Winnee came, you say leh?

Note: My busyness inspired my costume. Tell me it's cool or I'll haunt you. =P

Note: I cannot decide whether I'm Japanese-schoolgirl-ghost or Moaning Myrtle. DID much? =P
Forgot to include the photo with one of my sayang, Mae the ghost bride. Check FB.

That sums up one section of the lotsa evidence I have, I promise =P

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