Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I damn lazy to update bout my Family trip.
So long kie.

DSC06980 (edited)
Note: Pangkor beach. With lotsa editing. rofl!

Just know that I was so damn worn out after the trip.

And one highlight.
Which incidentally, almost killed me.

I saw
on the 2nd night in Pangkor right OUTSIDE my chalet

Yea. Outside the darn window.
Like from my palm to my elbow.
When my auntie said it was a mountain/island cause we were staying on hill-ish area house lizard,
I almost died on the spot.
Cause I imagine that my house lizard could grow that size.

It's definitely not a biawak or chameleon.
It's just a damn fugly gecko.

Nightmare sial.
I saw it and my eyes popped out, my leg turned to jelly liao.
Straightaway sit on verandah, soh jor.
Really daze man.
And everytime I imagine that that feckin' lizard is real, I feel damn geli.

Am still having nightmares.
And some person said he loves geckos cause they are so cool some more. Lame. Bleah~

Leave you with one photo of my beach adventure.

Note: Bro says I look like a sea animal. No la. Not mermaid. More like dugong or platipus. HEE!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Rakuzen = Yum!

I don't know why my posts' fonts are appearing smaller than usual! Aargh~
Deal with it kie? =(

One thing bout holidays is that it always leaves me feeling,

I’ve been eating so much lately.
*looks at wardrobe* sigh.

And one of those culprit days was on the 21st.
Headed to Rakuzen with Shyuan, KM, Jian, Terence and Terence’s Wen Jie. I said his Wen Jie cause I have a friend with the exact same name. Hee.
And to think I had Jap food like at least 2 days before.

Buffet 1
Note: See the girl in Brown? That's Terence's Wen Jie. HEE.

We so rich kan?
Not really lor.
Because it was a celebration for Jian’s Birthday, Jian’s Farewell, Evie’s Birthday, After Semester Reward and Semester Holiday.
Very dai ddi la.
We are that kiamsiap.

The food was SO GOOD.

But before that, Shyuan and KM fetched me from KLCC, Jian was there ddi and Terence and his Wen Jie were already sitting down.

Saw the menu and zomb! All kinds of food to choose.
It basically works like an order-all-you-can menu.
Like if you love teriyaki, order 10 of it.
Craving green tea ice cream? 10 of it!


So we had:
Salmon Sashimi : Special Salad : Raw jellyfish : Raw scallop : Chawanmushi : Teppanyaki Chicken : Teppanyaki Beef : Teriyaki Chicken : Beef Sukiyaki : Seafood Soup : Miso Soup : Variety of Sushi : Prawn Tempura : Yakitori : Edamame : Karange : Vegetable Croquette : Unagi : Soft Shell Crab : Soft Shell Crab Maki : Soft Shell Crab California Roll : Green Tea Ice Cream : Fruits

Buffet 3

Take all those and times 2 plates each.
Yea. We had almost everything on the menu.
We had like 3-4 servings of the Prawn Tempura, Soft Shell Crab Maki, 10+ bowls of Green Tea Ice Cream.
Gila stuff ourselves.
My first experience with sashimi is not bad. I don’t especially love it since I prefer cooked food. But it tasted quite fine to me.
No fishy taste! Whoot!

Buffet 2

All the time we kecoh la.
Except me.
Cause I had no voice.
Trying to put across what I wanna say was so frustrating I almost had a headache.
Owh. Camwhored too!

Buffet 4

We sat there until the end of the buffet. Buffet was from 11 till 3.

Owh, although food was yum.
The service was eeugh~
Rude waitress *frown*
So KM gave her this look:


He is a retard. ROFL!
Then decided to go Starhill Gallery.....for TOILET!
Ya Allah. Jakun kan some people~
But we really went there and camwhored lor.

Then we headed to Pavilion for a while baru balik.

Buffet 5

T’was a good day.
Company was good.
Price was good *cough*


Owh, did I mention the food was good? *GRIN*

Buffet 7
Note: Mwehehehe!

P.S: Sick of updating liao. Boo!

Embarassing Birthday Version 2

If you thought I only had one embarrassing celebration.
Guess again.

So on my birthday itself, it was ball night as well. Ball specially for me mar. -_-‘’
Anyway, so celebration with parents was in the afternoon.
Thank goodness my parents love me enough, so no embarrassment.
Just simple birthday noodles, red eggs, birthday cake and ANGPAO. =DDD

Birthday 2
Note: I like the bottom left photo. I look so cute. =P

Daddy & Mummy,
You both spoil me so much, seriously.
Sometimes my stubbornness and argumentativeness may annoy you both but it doesn’t mean I love you any less.
Hee~ *sniffles* <3>

The siblings were nice to me also la.
But my lil-est bro cried cause he wanted to blow candle and he couldn’t. Mwehehehe!

Got ready for ball.
Rofl. I very ciplak, everything was either D-I-Y or borrowed from someone. *shy*

I started to get ready at 3 something and was done by like 5. Sien.

Got my bro to send me out to Aman Suria so Sam could fetch me to Sime Darby Convention Centre.
Mana tau, he may not know where’s my house kan? =) *cough* RAWR KM! *cough*

Went to fetch Min Huei with Sam.
Reached SDCC pretty damn early. Pleasela, waited damn long for humans kie.
I walked like a cacated penguin in my 2 ½ inch heels which I rarely wear.
So I was walking damn gently horribly.
Waited a while for people to arrive, camwhore-camwhore abit.

Sam was so sotted he even forced me to teman him to the other end of the waiting hall where another function was being held.
I think he went pretty nuts that night. ROFL!
The people were barely there but the waiters were starting to lay out the food. It was a buffet mar.

People started to pour in or walk in rather.
And the lecturers all look good!! No picture of Ms.Winnee but very pretty la she. =)

Finally can masuk dah.
Our table consisted of Me, Sam, Leong, Mae, Leonard, Jorida, Nicholas, Min Huei, Shaun and Khoi Yit who came late and Angelreena who couldn’t make it. Poor Sam.
Damn kecoh lor our table.
People Year 3 prom we kecoh sial. Rofl!

Prom 5
Note: Our table.

Was so damn hungry. It was the only thing I was kecoh-ing about.
Talked to Jorida, Leonard’s date. She’s a dancer and a hot one too. Whoot~
Sam was busy running around with Mae’s DSLR. Rofl~

Performances were relatively good.
I love HELP-Street boys who had Dr.Goh on vocals, Dr.Albert on drums, Mr.Gerard on guitar, Mr. Kenneth on piano and Justin Yiap on guitar!
Super chun-ted can!!
And then there was Dr.Anasu singing “It’s my LifeWOAH!!!!!!!!!
Love the lecturers' performance.

Food was yumm.
I was damn stuffed. Gotta thank Sam for helping me get the food.
Hey, I’m not so siu che kie. I went for 2nd round myself. ROFL!!!!!!!!

Gawd. This headache is making it hard for me to recall details.

Sam and Leong performed for the ball too.
Leong on guitar and Sam on vocals.
That’s not the best part yet.

If my previous birthday celebration was not embarrassing enough, Mr.Sam Kon had to announced to the whole world during his performance
This song is dedicated to my bestie, Ms.Evelyn whose birthday is today
Thanks la Sam thanks.
No. I don’t need the whole psych department to know my name.
Owh. And Leong dedicated the song to Mae. =))))
But it was sweet of both of them la. =D
The song was “When You Say Nothing At All”. *smile*

Of course, throughout the ball it was mostly camwhoring, eating and watching performance.
Ooo! I really like the one of the performance which was a duet of the song “Lucky” originally by Jason Mraz & Colbie Cailat.
The girl’s voice was so awesome. *dreamy*

And then kan, they had the crowning of the Ball Prince & Princess, Duke & Dutchess, Mr & Miss Enchanted.
But no, the crowning wasn’t the highlight for me.
Before the crowning, Mae was already scratching her head because Leong, Sam and Leonard kept playing MIA.
She said that if they disappear sure something up wan.
Well, she was right.
As the emcee was about to announce Duke and Dutchess, the 3 guys came waltzing in.....
Each with flowers in their hands!!!! -_-‘’
Leonard’s one got balloon some more.
And it was for the 3 girls who came with them. Though my flower I untung wan la, it was supposed to be shipped to Shanghai. ROFL!

Damn attention seeking wei.
Me and Mae didn’t dare to look up also. -_-‘’
Though again, as embarrassing as it was, it’s SWEET. Hee~
The open dance floor was so so only. I could never walk in those heels but I can dance with it. o.O
Songs weren’t exactly my type.
Left close to 12.

Prom 1

Prom 2

Prom 3

Dropped Min Huei.
And Sam said he still got one more surprise for me.
Ya Allah. My birthday equals lotsa heart attack can.
We were suppose to go to a park but since it was late, dangerousla.

Anyway, he gave me a homemade card and another gift for my birthday.
AWH! So damn sweet lor.
Rofl~ Thanksssssssssssssssssssss~
And yea, last to wish me Happy Birthday. =)

Prom 4
Note: Hey, no words can describe how much I am thankful for the effort you put to surprise me for this birthday. You are definitely an uncalled for blessing. *Hugz*

Embarassing Birthday Version 1

Remember this photo?

17th bday
Note: I looked so young.....


Well, it was nothing much.
Just me being EMBARASSED in TGIF on my birthday because I had to stand on a chair and make a speech with a ketchup bottle.
Yea. No biggie. And of course, this was the after photo when all my friends had finish their laughing and me pouting.
To think that they would only try embarrassing me once, gawd.

Since the failed but still embarrassing surprise failed for my 17th birthday,
They tried surprising me for my 18th birthday which again failed.

So to get back at me,

How? Read on people. READ.

I finished exams that day, so very happy day.
Xiang said wanna go gaigai at night but before I could meet him had to go fetch Stef first.
Smartla Stef say she cannot come cause she had to detox which I half-believed since her mum can be quite strict with that; but of course, how could she miss my birthday?
I thought Stef coming was the only surprise they had in mind. They referring to stef, xiang and jing. Those were the trillion people at my lil celebration. =)

Reached McD at 6 something.
Was still early, ate fries cause hungry.

Birthday 1

Drank Starbucks since it had been a while and no one was there yet.
Couldn’t tahan being so alone so I called Xiang to teman me as Stef could only come later.
That boy thought I had Stef with me and called me silly cause I didn’t tell him earlier I was alone. -_-‘’

Before 9pm, it was Jing, Xiang and me.
So I sat there listen to them to their guy talk, football and cars with my I-am-amused look.
Makan until 9.
Then Stef came with Yinxie! HEEE!
She gave me a scarf she brought back as a souvenir from Cambodia. Me like. I’m using it at the moment actually. Hee~

Sat there and continue cakap-ing.
At about I-cannot-remember-what-time, JENG JENG JENG JENG!
Zhan Shuo kor appeared with Xian and my birthday cake!!!!!
Can’t believe I totally didn’t expect that!

This is where the embarrassing part popped in.
They started singing Happy Birthday damn loud! Xiang was singing at the top of his voice can.
And I was hiding my face in Xiang’s Santa hat.
Hello. Memalukan.
And they had to point to me and say my name. -_-‘’
Thanks loads. THANKS. =)

After that was my usual after-embarassment glare especially at Zhan Shuo kor seeing that he lied to me for at least half a year! That’s how long it takes to plan an unspoiled surprise for eVie.
Can you imagine?
He actually has to make sure that every bit of his story in the past year has to be a lie that could cover his ultimate lie. Go to him for lying skills, seriously.

We stayed until about 11.30 plus and I was suggesting them to go home cause Stef looked unwell and she and Xian had work tomorrow.
So we all parted and went off.

I drove home and before I reach my house, I saw Zhan Shuo kor’s car!
So sweet. Again, he was the first one to wish me Happy Birthday.
Rofl~ Of course, he lied again since he said he was heading home. -_-‘’
Sat in his car to talk for a while, saw his bear couple, rofl!
The rest called to wish me, HEEEEEEEE!

I was really that gembira la. ROFL!

Birthday 3

Birthday 4
Note: Don't ask me why the guys have such funny expression.

You’re still a bad liar. How could you not be there for your cupcake’s birthday kan? Mwahs~ Thanks for everything!!

Thanks for the scarf! I suka!

Rofl! I know you were so tired that night but you were still there. THANKS~~~~~~~~~

Who probably didn’t realise it was my birthday until it was time for the song. Thanks anyway, conversations with you never failed to make me laugh. Hee~

Birthday 7

Hi boy. I’m not stupid, can. You assumed I was with Stef mar. Bleah~ You have a great future as a liar, rofl!!Thanks loads~

Birthday 5
Note: All are candid photos kie! Someone is such a great poser. See Xiang, I even have a pic of your santa hat ball.

Zhan Shuo,
YOU MAKE THE WORLD’S GREATEST LIAR. =) But I still trust you. Rofl~ Thanks tissue paper for cranking your head and enjoying for the lies and the effort you take to make sure I enjoyed my 19th birthday eventhough this is one of the busiest time for you. It was really very sweet *loves*.

Birthday 6


Birthday 8
Note: Ugly pictures are due to eating sour-cherrylike-fruit. =(

I told you I had to be embarrassed on my birthdays!
By same bunch of people some more. Almost la. Rofl!
See see see!
I holiday also so rajin update.
Islanders have no steal-able Internet. Damn.

I am terlampau sleepy now.
Why am I not sleeping yet?
Waiting for drama rerun. Whoot. *snores*

Remember Colloqium?
No? Apala.
Remember Colloqium which TORTURED eVie?
Betcha do now.
I complaint non-stop bout it can.

Just a summary of that torture process.


This one torture kao kao.
Week 2 already went berserk and OCD.
I literally couldn’t breathe until the ERB forms were passed.
The himbos were going crazy that I pushed them much.
Hey, in my defense, I sama-sama gila too kie.

Pass ERB ddi.
Then got la experiment trial, real experiment, mock presentation.
That hasn’t included other assignments and the classes to attend kie.
The week of Colloqium (Colloqium was Sat, 29/11), STRESS!

Stress to the extent that we were so worried about presentation on Colloqium day, we ended up in KM’s house for the night; practicing BOTH presentations.
And I drove down to Melawati and BACK!
Am I awesome or awesome? *GRIN*
Had dinner and breakfast together, see those himbos until sien liao. =)

Colloqium 1

Colloqium 2
Note: See the lil pic in which Joel and KM look so happy. No la. It wasn't presentation. It was just KM kacau-ing Joel webcam-ing with his gf. -_-'' Btw, Joel went abit sotted that night singing Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours".

During Colloqium

The day finally arrived and we’re still stressed. Du-uh.
Kept practicing before our presentations.
One was at 12 something, the other was the last slot at 5 something.

Colloqium 3
Note: Us doing door duty. Bonus marks mar. =)

Surprisingly, the presentations went well.
I was proud because I am aware we all put in the maximum effort.
That to me, was way more important than any winning.
Of coursela, winning would be the bonus. Hee~

Didn’t eat from 8 to 3.
Had lunch at like 3pm. Maggi Goreng Bungkus Minyak. *vomit*
Horrible can.

Finally finished presentation.

Jeng jeng jeng jeng!
Results time.

After Colloqium

We won best group for PSY201!! HEEEEEEEEE~
Then Terence, Me and Kah Meng each won Best Presenter.
Fulamak. Proud sial!

Proves our effort paid off.

Colloqium 4
Note: Tengok. Damn letih ddi. Happy people. =)

To the himbos,
Yesh. If you’re gonna do assignment with me, expect lotsa OCD-ness and STRESS. Owh. And San Francisco too =) The numerous times one of the guys had to buy me coffee or some sort of food to pujuk me cause I was really going KO. THANKS LA.
Next sem, whee!

It was a long day for me.
Cause I went to meet the Aussie bestie FINALLY before she started work.
Was fun. How can our chats not be fun?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ola! Bye-la!

Just dropping by to let you people know,


On a happier note, expect lotsa updates after the long weekend. Hee!

On a random note, my eyes actually lit up when I saw that my antibiotics were capsules.
And those are a gazillion times better than huge white BITTER tablets.



Friday, December 19, 2008

Filler post

I'm very life-full now.
So no nice posts YET.
Apala woman ini? Lifeless no post, Lifefull also no post. Sesat sial.

Before I blog about how life-full I am after all the exams and assignments what not.
Let me show you a tiny view of me having a life BEFORE all those annoying semester issues.

Remember the Halloween post I promised to be overdued?

Halloween 1

Halloween 2

Halloween 3

Halloween 4

Halloween 5

You don't expect me to elaborate kan?
Picture/Photo speaks a 1000 words and you can go count how many words I have with the photos on top.
Bigger versions on Facebook.
It was fun.
Open dance floor saje-saje.
I had a hot witch for a Best Friend.
I was nominated for Best Dressed because my lecturer thought it would be funny to try and embarass me. Hah.

We didn't get enough food.
Halloween Trio (The Witch, The Fallen Angel and The Swan) to McD. Fries, yum~
Ghost house/corridor was not that scary.

T'was overall.....FUN =)
I enjoyed it.

Halloween 6

And yea. I went as the FALLEN angel.
Not the Suicidal/ Clumsy/ Normal/ Emo/ Death and the list goes on angel.
Though I quite like the story of me being the angel who failed driving school and ended up it an accident. Cutee~


After the Halloween,
It was H-Factor.

Lessons learnt:

1. I get culture shock
2. No sleep = Bitchy eVie
3. I learn so much
4. Coffee doesn't work no more

Owh, thanks to H-Factor, I did something on my 100-things-to-do-before-death list.
Last minute work
Bloody hell. Rush like crazy.
NEVER gonna do it again.


Xiannie came back!

And we gym bersama-sama.
But now she working.
No gym partner.


Coffee really doesn't work for me anymore.
Not after the semester.
I just drank Caramel Macchiato.
Damn sleepy now.