Sunday, March 29, 2009

For the love of freaky dreams I do not love freaky dreams thank you thank you.

Ya Buddha.
I had this awesomely weird dream last night/this morning.
So, it was me driving a four-wheel drive the gung-ho terrain sort with my bro in the car.
And we were at this very green but hugely misty/foggy meadow trying to find our way to our new house.
Because it's a wide area with absolutely no signs, you basically just tembak your wya and for some reason or another, we both decided to take a right-ish turn, eventhough it was all foggy and we couldn't see the road.
It was scary at that point because the grass were wet and the puddles of water didn't allow us to estimate whether the ground was too soft that we would sink.
But we were fine, until we found out after passing through the mist that we were on a mountain ledge in Hunan, China.
As we drove on the ledge I have no idea how we balanced ourselves on the ledge with the car, we decided to walk, and there were orang asli-s passing us by.
At one point, we reached and area where there were black skulls all round.
Damn freaky, we thought the orang asli-s mau makan us.
They didn't.
We reached their village, and it was getting freaky cause we couldn't call, couldn't contact our family members, how to balik to Malaysia?!!!
I don't know how.
But we ended up booking at Airasia RM99 ticket to go back to KL.
I woke up with the thought "What the hell? Just cause took wrong road have to spend RM99 on an air ticket to go back."
Yesh tissue paper, that's the dream that woke me up.

I am so damn funkay. =)
Personally, my psychological analysis is thinking that it's a sign of sometimes, I make the wrong turnings, to a path that is not easy, and to return back, there's a high price to pay.
Or it could be my random neurons firing. ROFL!

Anyway, finally a post with pics!

Went out with the brother and someone's "lou por" since the rest of the family balik kampung. I went back last week ddi.
I am suppose to be stressing out for exams now, but I'm not.
As a matter of fact, I'm so sick of trying to study. Bah.

First stop, the A.Fair.Weekend Bazaar in Soho KL.
Bazaars don't appeal with me no more. It was alright la.

Note: The bazaar quite huge la. Got runway some more. But two models only, so it was so not smooth.

Walked around, took some photos. Bad lighting. Pooh. Need to learn need to learn.

Then headed over to Departure Lounge for some hot choc.
Bro wanted the one from Starbucks, but I manage to influence him to try a new one. Hee!

Note: Interior of Departure Lounge. I enjoy its cosiness. One day, I'll travel. One day.

Note: I actually like the arrangement of photos here. =)

Again, take photo like crazy.
I enjoy it mar.
The hot choc was obviously awesosme.
Next in line to Starbucks. =)

Then headed to 1u cause wanna makan and I have to buy stuff.
Had plans to go to Deli.cious since the Bro hasn't eaten there before.
I know. He hasn't *shakes head*.

Note: We did not have to wait to be seated. Hah!

Note: The awesomely yummy gastronomic food! Pasta was salty. But the wedges and the salad....Oo lala~!

Food was so yumms!
I am in love with the salads in Delicious.
And you don't often have me saying that cause:
1. I always have this idea where I can make my own salad at home and save money.
2. I'm a stingypot who rarely wants to pay for small-sized salads.
But Delicious?
Me no mind.
Who wanna go with me soon? Me want more salads!
I'm not a fan of their main course nor pasta, it's nicee. But sometimes too heavy. Salad YUM.

Note: The happy brother eating the heavenly chocolate brownie. That is meant to be shared, if not it taste horrible.

The dinner was really awesome, albeit a heavier-than-usual price to pay.
I tend to be quite happy and at peace with the stingypot in me if I find the meal worth it. =)

Note: I lovee the muffin photo! Chocs are heaven.

Since we were in 1u jsut before the designated Earth Hour, we decided to stay and see what action they would take.
Fail la. Even my hometown in Perak was in darkness for at least half an hour.
It's so BRIGHT! Eg: Jusco. -_-''
Only a few shops turned off some of their lights.

On the way back home, those awesomely huge billboards were ALL LIT UP.
Takut robbers mar.

Note: Top 2 are two shops that actually turned off their lights. Bottom two are culprits. Tsk

Reached back home.
We turned off all lights before we went out.
Came back home, whole house literally no electricity cause it tripped during the thunderstorm.
Awesome for us. =)

The robber-rumours made me so paranoid, I close every internal door to my house and lined the entrance with chairs so that people will fall if they come in.
And also turn on the radio which got turned off anyway to scare people away.
I know it sounds bimbo.
But paranoia can do wonders *beam*

Note: Dark photos is not bad lighting. It's Earth hour la hello. -_-''

That ends a productive day for mood and an unproductive day for work.
So means, more work today!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random sampling

.....because everyone, me included, deserves that fair chance =)

New layout?
Not really la.
I had no choice.
This looks better than the ugly no photo layout. Thanks to some buddy who privatize his albums and conveniently forgot bout mine. =P
Anyway, pink still looks good?
I'm just ugh-ed by the small writing space.
I need big large wide ones cause I like. Anyone offers their services? *insert innocent grin* which btw is plausible since I have been tagged as the "innocent one" by some people. =)

So, what have I been up to?
1. Attending classes
2. Finishing assignments last minute
3. Procrastinating
4. Finishing more assignments
5. Falling asleep in class. *insert ugh expression*
6. Not exercising AKA getting fat
7. Enjoying Ms.W's class, tremendously!
8. Try-ED to study
9. Conforming to my overzealous cyclical hormone pattern
10. Wanting to sleep more

And the lifeful one would be watching "Race to Witch Mountain".
I wanna be an alien.
So I can read minds. They read minds better than psychologists.
Honestly, the part where the lil girl said that we can do what aliens do so long as we use most of our mind power we only use 10% supposedly.
I was wondering, could it be that we humans are suppose to challenge ourselves by looking for the other 90% of our brain?
Were we never meant to find that 90% brainpower, so that we don't end up being overly brilliant and kill each other or so we don't become green lil aliens?

I was intending this to be an emo post.
Cause I'm conforming to my cyclical hormone pattern and I've never emo in the blog before eh?
Owh, and as a present to my loyal readers. Though I can't really see the connection between an emo post and a worthy present la. *insert grin face*
I've been thinking a lot la.
Bout the future and stuff and you know, the whole planning thingamajig.
Can be quite depressing la.

I feel sleepy. Still got assignments and studies.
This is as much as I can emo.
Proves I emo la huh? =D

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Deep, Morbid. Gruesome.

So guys, next round, we're watching Confessions of a Shopaholic.
No more mind-boggling, eVie-squeals-and-sink-in-the-seat movies.
It's silly watching a movie with your eyes covered with a thin shawl.

And that is the review of Watchmen from me.
I would never look at the Rosharch test and batteries the same way again.

=D But I enjoyed the outing.
Chilli's was yummy.
The talks were even yummier. Rofl!

I went Dessert's Bar with the hunnie yesterday. FINALLY.
And owh, Xiang, it's not a bar bar kie. =P
Too bad no camera. *insert pooh expression*

Nevermind, another chance to go right hunnie????? =DDD
It was good btw.
We went to the Casa Tropicana branch. Ambience was pretty nicee.
Had those great talk days.
Enjoyed each others company after being taken away by life's responsibilities (i.e. studies) for me, and for her, the dingdong bf. Hee.

Yummy banana stack. Sinful.
The vanilla ice-cream rocks! Sam, bet you would wanna try. =)

That was yesterday.

Moving on to way back from yesterday was the BPsych Freshmen Lunch for Jan 2009 semester.
Basically the gist of it is already on Sam's blog.

So I will post up similar pictures and some teeny notes here and there.

It was busy day for me since I had to rush from my PSY308 group meeting to the hostel since Suzanne kindly made me the deco lady for the day. -_-''
But I enjoyed the company of the people lots! They made my day. =)

The food was *feel free to fill in your word* compared to previous semesters. But well, recession.
And it always shows in the food. -_-''

Freshmen 5
Note: New venue for this semester's lunch.

Freshmen 3
Note: See scandal awesome picture on bottom right. I was trying to hide it amongst other pictures. Guess it's too obvious? =P Btw, the photo on the bottom left is the short-haired-girls photo. =)

Freshmen 2
Note: Leong gets a lone picture cause well, I realise we didn't have any group pics with him. Compensation la huh. See Sam so happy. Get the photo with all girls. =)

Freshmen 4
Note: The people who made my day. Let me tell you, these girls are damn awesome!

Freshmen 1
Note: Welcome to BpSyCh kiddos. All the best! *evil laugh*

Best joke for the day.

Eh, you Type A or Type B personality arh?
Some said
Type A la you definitely
Some went
Type B la me
Some said
Half half lor, not extreme

Some just shoot,
No lar. That one not Type A or B. That one Type C. Cheap jing *canto slang*

Sorry if you didn't get that joke. Maybe if I told you in person it would have been damn funny!
And yea, protection of names kie.


Assignments are ruining my life. In some way. Or another.
Though it's questionable if I do or do not have a life now. =)