Saturday, February 21, 2009

A mid term reward

I am rewarding myself and also you after the horrible mid term week.
Which reminds me. One more to go. Le sigh.

Did my Spina Bifida references until eye wanna blind ddi.
Bloody hell.

So here's my tons of backdated posts!

Xiang's Be-earlied Birthday Party

T'was at his house.
Once again. I never fail to turn up early.
Wasn't feeling that well that night but well, in company of good people, I recovered somewhat.

Jing and Edmund came a while later.
And the smart people straight away gave him his present.
Cakap ddi wanna surprise. -_-''

You must be wondering where's Yin. Came later la. ROFL!
Jing went to get her. =DDD

The highlight of the night was my short-relationship-fling that lasted about half an hour.
With Xiang's nephew who was ZOMBBBBBQ adorable!
In my defense, it's not my fault lor.
He flirted with me! And he kissed me twice kie! Twice!
How could I not fall la kan? =P

So imagine my heartbroken-ness when he left me later for a container of nga ku.
Doesn't help that Xiang kept saying I'm a pedophile. Bleah~
WAH! Nangis.
Whole night emo kie.
A week before Valentines some more.

I damn drama la -_-''

Xiang's Bday 1
Note: He's so adorable right! It was good while it lasted. *sniffles* =P But well, I'm ready to move on. I meant that both metaphorically and literally ;)

We had buffet. Yumyum.
Owh. And I burnt my tongue drinking soup.
I didn't realise it was that hot, so I took a spoon and put it in my mouth when OMFB! Bloody hot wei!
And no.
No spitting out cause there were adults on the table. Very the rude.
Jing kept laughing. Funny la hor. =P

Since Xiang was so busy, we had to layan ourselves.
By scouting for newspaper around his house to wrap his pressie and put it in another plastic bag.
Which awesome me manage to do very well when sliding it unnoticed into his pile of gifts.
Mwehehehe! =D

Left around 11 something. Since Jing isn't a late night person.

Ramly Burger.

Owh. I really can't remember all the dates of my outings. My neurons serious dying ddi.

Yea. We have a special outing to eat Ramly Burger.-_-''
Cause we are that happening. HEE!
And cause some girl from Aussie never had Ramly Burger her whole entire life. ZOMBBQ!
In the words of the guys: "Are you Malaysian?!" *insert flabbergasted expression*

How cutee right?
Initially we thought it was just a few of us.
End up we had like 3 tables of people.
Damn sweat lor.
Though most of the time I was bitching talking with Edmund. =P

I honestly can't remember the taste of the burger. Gonna go try it again soon anyway. Lalalala~
It was a great yet emo night.
Cause she was going to fly off the next day *nangis nangis*

Ramly Burger
Note: We shhoo cutee right? What to do? Belum pernah makan itu burger mar someone. I miss you la muffin~ =(

Lookout Point

Yeap! Went Lookout Point.
I remember it was a Tuesday.
Rofl. Ya. That's it.

It was the half road trip we could never have due to everyone being so busy and having different schedules.

Basically we met at Stef's house, with Jing and Xiang being acting macho running under the rain. Tsk~
Pick Yin up. Headed to Setapak to meet Zhan Shuo kor.

All the way that Stef was making a huge fuss cause she wanted to answer the call of nature but so choosy over the toilet.
Ya Buddha. At times like those it was jam too, how to be so choosy?
But she was, almost ended up putting her at Bulatan Pahang. Mwehehehehe!
Reached Steven's corner. Separate into 2 cars.
Jing, Yin and Xiang in one.
Me, Stef and Kor in the other.
Poor Xiang felt so bright that day. =P

Reached Look Out Point in due time
Ordered our food.
Nope. Didn't taste very good.
I reckon the chicken would have tasted better. Hee!
All the time we were camwhoring and the flashes were quite annoying. Especially for Xiang. Hee~
Kor brought his chunted camera some more. I damn noob at it. =)
Sit sit chat chat drink camera action.

Went up to the looking out point tower-ish thingy.
Took even more photos.
Made a whole lot of noise macam biasa.
Poor couples. Damn potong. Hee~

Lookout 4
Note: Special kan the photos? All side view. Only guys. Cause they didn't wanna look at my camera. Rofl!

Lookout 1
Note: Doing what we do best. =)

Lookout 2
Note: I likee me collage. I reckon Stef won't. Rofl!

My contact lens was so troublesome after that I was literally crying in the car.

Sighz, good 'ol days.

Lookout 3
Note: It will be a while, a very long while before this could happen again. *emo*

Will upload the tons of photos we took on Facebook once I get the hang of it.
Darn uploader banyak masalah.

Back to routine. =/

Wait, before I end:
~ 1 year is not short! Saying it as 11 months is not going to be any better
~ 6 months without Internet connection is so nonsense and NO not short either
~ 3 years is way way WAY too long to be smiling about it when there's no coming back anytime soon.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mosquito bites!

Why are the mosquitos biting me? I just bathed =(
Not very happy.
Eh, why suddenly everyone talking bout mosquito? Sms ada, msn PM also got. Quite freaky.

On a happier note,

Yuan Xiao Jie Kuai Le!!!!!!!

If you don't know what's "yuan xiao jie", go wikipedia.
Sorry you had to hear it from a half-banana.
Clue: Oranges!

Pretty darn OUT-dated with my updates. Not surprising.
I got the:

1. Half Road Trip cause it's not full.
2. Ramly Burger
3. Xiang's Be-earlied Bday Celebration

Since I'm so bothered by my assignments, one of which is due tomorrow, I'm not gonna update those now.
Sabar la kie~

Shoutout to Xiang:

Happy Birthday!

Xiang Bday 3
Note: Rolls On Floor Laughing!!!!!! So cutee kan? Sorry la, your photo had to be my experiment for my photo editing software. Mwehehehee! Jangan marah.

Joking only la. You're siu hei if you were annoyed/pissed/angry. =P

Xiang's Birthday 2
Note: Nicer ddi la. Happy? =) You're 21! Whoot!

Till assignments are over!