Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Psych = LOS

Lack of Sleep


rushing PSY102 essaylar...not freelar...sorry if you feel neglected kie??
I doubt anyone feels neglected lar..
But if somehow anyone does...please feel free to come confront me and tell me...
Dun let me find out you are suffering in silence of i'm gonna kill myself with the guilt and then you'll be guilty for the rest of your life..

Owh....I tell you..I'm a gonna be a road-rage-cute-bully soon kie?
Just yesterday...this bloody van bringing KAO products (I think Laurier is under KAO too) kept tail-gating me...I knowlar 8okm/h on the fast lane not fast enough..
But its not my fault that i don't wanna bang the car in front of me..
Or i'm avoiding the bloody lorry which can't seem to go into its own lane..
So you can stop looking at me through your ugly sunglasses and your darn obvious pot belly you fat man~!
I don't discriminate horizontally challenged people....just that darn man...
BLoody hell~
Wanna cut into the 3rd lane also purposely drive so near me then cut...
Trying to kill me.....but at least i know if i die...people will for him...he probably doesn't..
Part of me was wishing that he would have to suddenly slow down when tail-gating other people, and swerve onto some kerb and has all those new packets of Laurier Maxi Flow hitting him on his darn bald head!!!
Now, tell me I'm not going to be a road-rage-cute-bully...
Owh, and he is really bald, wear sum stupid looking sunglasses (actually they are decent sunglasses lar, but on him it just looked stupid), and is fat....
He looked at me when he was so dangerously cutting lanes, I cannot glare back at him is it????

I tend to be abit impatient on the roads..
For some weird unknown reason, those vehicles that have been tail-gating me are mostly vans and small lorries..
Got problem with my car isit????
Can't you see th "P" sign??????
I'm a careful driver unlike you ninnies kie!!!!!!

Mwehehehe~ I like ranting lar..
You don't like?
Don't read my blog lor....*pouts*

Go download Delta Goodrem's songs..

What else arh??

I'm feeling so demotivated to run on the darn treadmill..
Feel like I'm about to die.....with my zero impossible is that kan???

Or i might just be the first person to die of essay-nitis~

*shakes head*


Saturday, May 19, 2007

What was I suppose to blog again??
This memory-loss issue is getting on my nerves..

Yesterday i had kidney cramps...
Owhkay, I don't really know if my kidneyS got cramps..
Just that the area around my know...the sides of your stomach....
I wanted to blog bout that last night, but have seem to left it out..
Maybe because the pain subsided subconsciously..
Blogging heals wei.....
Owh..and it's not the once-a-month-leak-pains...if you know what i mean..hee!

I hate Blogthings!
Because i just keep messing around with the quizzes till I neglect my assignments..
Bad temptation..
I'm putting half the blame on Sam cause he reminded of Blogthings on his blog..
Blogthings is just so amusing and cute lar!!!!

Two quizzes I find totally hillarious!
The results lar actually..

You Are a Light Pink Rose

You represent sweetness and grace.

Your vibe: Kind and gentle

Falling in love with you: is like falling in love with a best friend

You Don't Have a Boyfriend Because You are Too Shy

When a guy gets to know you, he finds a great catch
Problem is... you're too shy for most guys to get to know.
From meeting someone to dating, you usually have your guard up.
And while you're just holding back, it makes you seem like you've got something to hide.

Reada that...
Because the quiz says so....

On a very touched, happier note...

How many times in your life do you get salad sent to you over the internet?
And with non-fat dressing too..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And have a cutest drawing of your favourite drink sent to you at your emo times??
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Plus the cutest looking nuggets accompanied by BBQ sauce..

Owh! And your favourite drink magnified??
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Most importantly, how many times do you come across a bestie who is so super sweet and shines like a jewel in your times of needs??
I can answer that:
Luckily, I found my jewel....
A beautiful, very precious, one of a kind never to be found again jewel
My friend Stefanie...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Eh wait, she's my muffin with macadamia nuts for eyes...HEE! Jkjk~

You're a wonder lar my dear!!!
And may our friendship last... better last...and IT WILL LAST!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

"Curry Noodles Consumption Takes Life of Cute University Student"

That would have been today's headlines if I had finish my curry noodles at Mama's Kitchen yesterday..
Owh, and in case those reading my blog are blurries....cute university student = me lar kie?
Anyway, not to give Mama's Kitchen bad publicity or anything...but their curry noodles weren't really up to standard..
I was really great smelling.....probably due to the amount of santan they put lar...but for the same reason, if you don't finish the bowl of hot steaming noodles in 5 minutes, it turns into a yucky disgusting yellow mess of coagulated santan curry noodles..

Aren't you people glad I did not eat and then died????
I know you people are..hee~~

We watched a movie today for PSY102...
It was a New Zealand movie titled "Whale Rider" which talks about life surrounding the natives of New Zealand aka the Maoris...
Pretty cool movie I would say.......and they have really hillarious parts too!
Not the lame hillarious kie..more like the hillarious that is so darn straightforward hillarious but you just don't see it as hillarious yet you feel its hillarious...
That was meant for confusion...
Bottom line..there were pretty hillarious scenes that just crack you up...
I think the bottom line should have been me talking bout the psychological theme of it..but wth...done that in class wanna noe..GO WATCH IT~!

Centre of Lamoism = C.O.L
Bachelor of Bimboism = B.O.B = *sings* Bob the Builder can we fix it!
Faculty of Blurness = F.O.B
Bachelor of Handsomeness = B.O.H = BOH Ada UMPH!!!

People, we need the taglines leh...hee~


I tell friends....
Can die wei!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sorry for the somewhat long hiatus..
I did tell you people that updating this blog is not gonna be so common anymore..
I doubt many people need me to update this blog takpelar...

So...erm...this is gonna be a super random post based on my aging memory...more like a summary of my week actually...

Before I start, I think I need to clarify some stuff:
Lim-Teh = Kah Meng
Lim-Teh's wife = Shyuan
Lim-Teh's wife's girlie = me
Lim-Teh wife's girlie's friend named Jian = Jian...du-uh~
confused stef = stef...DU-UH~

Sorry for any confusion caused by this super wu liao people...I know, my friends are wu liao..hee!!

Owhkie, to continue...
Uni life is pretty owhkie...I have the funniest lecturers and friends...

Dr.Goh's PSY102 class tells us how hard sharing secrets can be, I quote him :
"Sharing secrets is harder than having sex"

Ms.Winnee's PSY105 class comes up with the newest psychological terms, I (somewhat) quote her:
" blablabla women also have testosterones blablabla aggression blablabla unless they are TESTOSTERONY WOMEN"
Darn hp ringing...*glare glare*.....cacat people...silent hp wun die kie!

My friend Jian:
"I've seen police driving Kancil, but never seen them drive Kelisa"
Evie and the rest (Evie especially) laughs like mad cows in front of the UN know how dangerous is that??? I could have died!....
Jian, produce does not = police..kie?

My friend Kah Meng:
Evie: What does MBSB stand for arh?
Kah Meng:...........Don't know...
Evie: OWH! Anak syarikat KWSP~
Kah Meng: *laughs sarcastically yet seriously*
Evie: WHAT??!?! It's said there....
Kah Meng: REALLY?? I thought you simply made up wan...
Needless to say, we continued laughing after that.

I have really wonderful friends and lecturers...especially lecturers...
They make me seriously...
Ms.Winnee has tons and tons of cute quotes, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances (my aging memorylah)....I can't recall many of them as they do not stay in my brain for more than 24hours..
Not good meh....I use my brain to store more important facts...I CAME TO STUDY YOU KNOW?
I can hear Terence, KM and Jian laughing ddi.....*pouts*

Owh, A BIG BIG APOLOGY to Sam, Ally, Ju, Mell for not making it tonight....
You guys still rock..hee~!

I'm stresslar..
Assignments damn stressing..
EBSCO is designed to kek sei me...
Proquest on the other hand treats me a lil better...
I'm still stressed....
So not gonna have a life....blah~


Saturday, May 12, 2007

I don't feel like blogging much lately....
I think I'm losing the drive/mood/motivation/inspiration to blog..
People....this is it........Evie's not gonna blog ddi...
This will be my last post.................





On second thought, NAH!

I'll still blog....
Less maybe...
Did i scare u people??

Owhkie.....let me try to blog bout the past few days..

Uni is fine......getting fun..I think...
I passed up my naturalistic observation proposal..
Pray Ms.Winnee is fine with it...*prays prays*

To explain my MSN pm yesterday...
I was pissed/frust/sedih-ing because I couldn't carry on with my early Mother's Day surprise!!!
I planned for it so long until the darn place had to be ssssssssoooooooo potong!!!!
So the sedih................and there's no way to really replace it...cause my present would have been perfect!!!
Owh gah!!!
But the gahs/grrs were for yesterday lar....I'm feeling better ddi.....

Assignments are piling~~~~~~~~~~
(I'm trying to convince myself to go and do my work)

went to Ipoh today to visit grandma....
She could sit up and talk ddi....
She doesn't seem to recall me...........
Lets not talk bout depressing.....

Assignments are piling...
(I'm trying to reinforce the fact that I'm procrastinating)

I am gonna redo my nails....*RANDOM*


Thursday, May 10, 2007


And i'm not used to it know lar..4 months ddi.......lazy lazy ddi~

But i'm bucking up lar......
Gonna be busy busy busy~

Share with you a joke...
This man's surname is Jackson-Franklin, which is a combination of both his dad and mom's surname..
When Shyuan and KM get married, a combined surname would be Lam-Saw..
So...Evie should get married to someone by the surname Lim..because the combination would be..

GET IT????

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Wassup people?????

today's my first Research Methodology class...
SSSSSSOOOOOOOOO many people...
Miss Winnee is funnee~
Though the quiz in every class rule is abit o.O which turns to >.<

After class we decided to go lunch..
Owh yea...we as in me, Shu Li, Kah Meng, Jian and Terence..
Being the fickle-minded humans we were...we took like 1 and 1/2 buses, under-the-drizzle to have kah meng decide on Klang.....we know why he wanna go there lar...
But evie say no..hee~
Then there was Cheras....and there was KL's beefball..
But evie still say no....
Finally we settled on Sarah's place....OOPS! rephrase...the area near Sarah's old place...
Not my fault...KM kept saying Sarah's place....

Had Cantonese noodles and the coffee tasting ying yong.......
We all were talking....only Jian so guai....concentrate on eating with his "I-am-concentrating-on-my-curry-mee" looks...mweheheheheh~
Talk more.....
Then we all balik......

Whee lalalala~

In the words of a particular lovesick donkey who goes by the nickname of butt butt, "We send you home back."


Sunday, May 6, 2007


Evie is so so so not in a good mood....

1. It was so packed at Ming Tien, and so damn HOT I was sweating like a pig/cow...whichever sweats more lar...
2. The food and drinks came sssssssssooooooooooooooo ssssssssssllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwww, me and my bro were about to slam the table and leave...hello? We went like 3 times to remind the stall...
3. I asked the fella at the Lil Wok Noodles stall to give me yellow noodles and what did he give me?? Loh Shu Fun.........and for your info, I don't like Loh Shu Fun but since I wanna get dinner over and done with, I took it without complaint..
4. My lil bro made me drip my noodles sauce on my thigh
5. My lil sis stepped on my slipper while I was crossing the drain
6. I'm pissed
7. I'm just plain pissed
8. Need I continue???

I feel like I'm in the "I'm-tired-of-everything-wanna-smash-everything-I-see" mood....
Not that I literally wanna do so...It just feels like that..
Guys..that's what you call PMS..
Don't expect to make anything right...
Nothing is right during PMS...
I repeat...


Owhkie..enough of gar-s and grr-s...anger is not good....makes me old...not like I don't have people commenting that about me ddi...but then again, this morning the lady at the market said I look too young to drive..whee~~
I like market lady~

Hit the gym yesterday for about 2 hours.........
Came back feeling like sotong/jellyfish whichever is more lembik.....and I kinda like that feeling because I was so pooped tired I slept very well...until I woke up at 6 because my grandma and mum made a hula-baloo about my dad returning home at 6...o.O~

There's uni tomoro!!!
Still not use to the word uni......its like...I prefer saying coll....hrm...I need to move on I know..

Why isn't my mum getting another maid?????
This princess just got degraded to Cinderella...

I'm drinking Chamomile Tea....
Hopefully it lets me sleep well tonight amidst the PMS by soothing away the anger...



Friday, May 4, 2007 is a better day..hee~~

My car is back from the the mechanic.....
Being able to drive is great...except when I'm lazy lar..
But it still feels better to have the freedom to drive, then i can go anywhere I want, whatever time I want..without needing to match someone else's time..hee~
I think I sound like a bit of a loner now...I'M NOT KIE!

Orientation Day 2 was better....more a sense we had icebreaker and games..
But also more tiring...because there was a long lecture..hee~
I made new friends!!! Or at least met new people lar...
I found a new girl-friend..Shu Li who laughs a lot..hee~
At least I'm no longer stuck with the 3 bimbos who are so mean to me that they make me suffer silently......jokinglar~ The guys are...urm..nice?
I also knew a few other girls namely Elizabeth, Siew(not really sure of the spelling), Yoke Lin...
I like like having friends..
But don't worry bimbos...I'm still gonna be sticking with you 3 for the next 3 years...I'm still gonna be your blessing...don't worry!
More like you 3 will leave me than me leaving you ppl lar..hee~


I cannot remember what i wanna say ddi...ish~

dum dee dum!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I shall name today,

"Evie Sangat Sedih Day"


Reasons being:

1. I have to take Malaysian Studies from June to September...which means I have won't have a 1 and 1/2 month holidays unlike all my friends...and its 3.30-6.30 pm every Friday...when my only class that day is from 8am till 12 pm...............................WTH??!?!?
I am so pissed that we have to take the bloody useless LAN!!!

2. My timetable is sucky...although I have only 2 subjects this semester...I have to attend one class only everyday....waste of time!!! I rather fit all the subjects to 4 days a week and have a day off!

3. My car's aircond compressor rosak which means there won't be have to send to the mechanic...and I can't drive tomorrow.....sobs!!!!

4. I typed the same email to Stef 3 times!!...THREE TIMES!!!!...ISH~!~!~!~!~!~!~!


Not my day...

So not my day!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Then again..evie's always lazy...

So, yesterday I went to 1u like agenda for yesterday was:
11.10: Dance suck at dancing..poor instructor...i bet he almost had blood pressure teaching me..mwehehehe~
12.40+: Called the llama who lied to me...and waste my credit....blueh~
1.00+: Met Sam, Josh and Jenna infront of crap while waiting for Sheng Mae
1.15+: Sam left with Jenna to buy "stuff"...Mine and Josh's awkward moment...he can't tahan lala me (or so he claimed)...and can't stand near the ledge....
1.40+: Sheng Mae came..stone some more..while fickle-mindedly trying to decide where to eat....Josh was being crappy macam biasa..waited a while for Jenna and Sam..
2.15+: Finally decided to eat at Waffle World....5 of us including a fat me...squished at a small table to show our sense of together-ness...hee! WAFFLES YUMMY!
Food GOOD! Sam say Evie GLUTTON! -_-''
2.55+: Everyone left, I decided to balik rumah dulu...since there was an hour plus more before I have to pick Xiannie up..
4.00+: Left house, headed to Atria....shopped at the Big Bookshop book sale, bought some cooking books......went to Giant to shop for mum but couldn't find wat she want..Xiannie missed call..and I went to pick her up..
4.45+: Headed back to driving not too bad lar hor Xian?? Not very dangerous kan?? Except I sangat the marah-marah easily..mweeheheheheh! We went up to the gym....but Xiannie decided not to join..or her mum lar rather..hee~ Decided to walk around some more since I have to wait till 6 plus to fetch my lil bro...went to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng...yumcha!!!!
6.05+: Left One U..sent Xiannie home..she lend me the Cecilia Ahern book i wanted...HEART YOU!!!!!!! Drove to Yuk Chai fetch my bro...I tell you arh..most if not all the guys I know..ARE BLUR!! My 7 year old bro included...i called him all the way from his class to canteen and he never turned back...don't say i was too people know how loud my voice can get...hee~
He only realise my presence when I stood right in front of me...and he had this blur look like "Why are you here?"

I think One U should give me their VIP status....I GIVE THEM SO MUCH UNTUNG!!

Owh..and today..I decided to sleep going to gym...not even thinking of going near One U...why?
1. Its Labour Day
2. Spiderman 3 opening today (WHO WANNA WATCH?!?! I WANT)

So i stayed home...rot abit...and did my French Manicure for the 2nd time..
results were a llllllllliiiiiiiiilllllllllll better than last time but still not satisfactory..
But i dun care ddi..not gonna rub it off..bleah~!

Owhkie...dowana blog ddi..hee!