Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blog-draught (Loong, 2009)

Rofl! I quoted Mae's theory.
You don't have to know what is it, and I'm not giving you her blog add since I'm not sure if it's appropriate.
Just know that I lovee that theory of hers. =P

I always start my posts with sorries or apologies of MIA-ing.
I really damn lazy to blog lor.
And so happens that alot of the events that happen in my life, have bloggers to blog about it anyway.
For example, my work-play trip to Penang or the Krispy Kreme launch. I honestly can't remember any other events. How come I feel so amnesia-ish? -_-''
Click Sam's link on my sidebar and you will have links to lots more people who have way more interesting ways to blog about the events I attend. =)

Owh, can someone tell the someone to tell the someone above that it would help if he/she turns down the thermostat for the weather these few days?
Freaking flu now owhkay. Darn weather. Bah bah.

I do have one back-logged event to blog about though.
Mr. Yeow Jian How's farewell.
Yeap, the dude left the torment of Psychology to torment himself in a different way as a cadet pilot in Langkawi.
Just the other day he hogged the only computer available at the base to complain about how tormented he is.
Which I retorted with a serves-you-right.
Hey, he gets to enjoy his passion in Langkawi, we're stuck her with future piles of journals to read *insert cringing expression*
Hence, no sympathy for you Jian. *GRIN*

So, we went to 100 degrees Shabu-shabu/steamboat in NiuZeXui, Ara Damansara.
I was the one leading the way. Am so damn proud. =P
It was the day we finish our exams, so it's like a farewell cum celebration-after-exams. EDIT: It was after COLLOQIUM. (Chong, 2009). Told you I had amnesia.

The gang met at Shyuan's place earlier.
I was only picked up by the yellow clown car when they were going to leave to NiuZeXui. I was the map remember?

Farewell 1
Note: Environment + Food pics. Ma ma dei only. I think the place is nicee for a first-timer-get-together la.

Farewell 2
Note: See new face?? Hee~ And also my awesome "What?-Wanna-ta-gao-face" Lovee it. =)

Farewell 3
Note: Human pics. Groupie! And the wrong looking gay-ish implying pic on the bottom left. LOOK. =P

I brought along someone's DSLR so yea, got pretty nicee photos.
Though I can't get the colour right.
Either too yellow or super white-wash out.
Damn annoying.
I prefer the set of photos that I took previously. The bazaar one.

Food was alright.
I won't choose to go back for the food.
Maybe environment? But got plenty of places like that kan?
The conversations mainly revolve around the himbos questioning the ex-psychology-now-cadet-pilot-himbo's gf.
Poor girl. But I think she quite calm and collected lor.
Gotta credit her when you have people like KM and Terence asking horribly himbo-itic questions kie.

Yesh. I finally blogged. Happy Hunnie? =)

Which reminds me, himbos + Hunnie: I thought we suppose to go out holiday makan?!?!?!?!?
I want la.


Owh, and I'm not-feeling-well plus having the Year-3-student-transition crisis.
Hell. =/ *insert pooh expression*

If only I can watch my drama *GRIN BIG BIG* without having to wait for it to stream so long, I would be cured.
Really. =)