Sunday, January 27, 2008

&@^#&^@#%@^!%@!! stupid stomach.


My stomach discomfort is annoying the hell outta me!!!

Grr grr grr.
I'm very cranky now.

Come to think of it.
My crankiness has been brewing since the past week.
Annoyance I tell you!

I think I need more shopping.
Retail therapy may make my fever worse the last time.
But I think it would help me get my mind off my annoying, irritating stomach discomfort.
And probably make my mood better too.

Someone bring me shopping?

Better if the bills are paid.


Thinking about shopping makes me grin a lil already.
ActuallyI was just lying.
While I type ROFL, my face was like this --> -_-


*a long commercial break*

I just put on a facial mask that smelt like paint.
I'm gonna have an ugly face!!

I'm still currently on the annoyed side.
So I feel like blogging about people who annoy me.

And they are none other than

Cannot see clearly?
Don't know who they are?

Maybe this could help

You got it right.

The 3 himbos whose ultimate life goal/mission/whatnot is to make the next 3 years of my Uni life as miserable as possible.
Here's talking about people who plan to bring me to some Pet Safari on my 18th birthday, blindfolded and putting an iguana on me.
No need me to tell you how much I am afraid of those cold-blooded-gelifying reptiles.
So you tell me.
MEAN or not?

These 3 people are very the special.

1) They think they very handsome so they do this:


Ya right lar.
Very handsome.
*rolls eyes*

2) They enjoy bullying me


I wasn't constipated in the first photo.
One of them poked me. Me think Kah Meng did it

I can't even take a photo peacefully without looking sad or constipated.
And they got the balls to act all cool-smiling smiling-guaizai-i-am-innocent look.

3) They very boh song when I even pry a lil into my mirror. For the record, "boh song" means "tak puas" which means dissatisified.


That's why they had to take a photo of me looking into my mirror.
And rub it in about my vainness later.
Trust me.
You don't know vain until you've meet these 3 himbos.

4) They cannot tahan my fats.


It's not that this picture shows my sexy bum.
It's because I have my fats around my waist.
And they just HAVE TO document it.

5) They think it's absolutely hillarious/funny/amusing to see me face my worst fears and scream my heart + lungs + everything else out for no reason.


See how much they enjoy themselves?
See how MISERABLE I looked?!?!
And I'm on the rollercoaster because one of the himbos was scared of the Space Shot himself.

6) They corrupt my brain with all sorts of horny jokes claiming they are not horny to begin with.
7) The make my face go -_- all the time by coming out with VERY and I mean VERY LAME stuff.
8) They treat me like Ah Sam. Only time they would be nice is when they need my help for assignments.

There's just so much I can't put down into words.
And no photos to prove it true. DARN.
But you know I won't lie right.
I am too innocent lar owhkay.

Up to this point I'm pretty sure you people think these 3 are terrible friends and are sympathizing with my next 3 years of Uni life.
Or at least I hope you think that way lar.


Yes. With eVie there's always a "BUT". She has an awesome butT after all. *grin*

I am thankful to have them.
I said it.

Yet I really do feel grateful.
They do really mean stuff to me.
But they are really nice. And their mean stuff is all in the name of sadistic fun.
Friends make each other happy-happy mar.
Even if it means freaking/corrupting/being mean/mistreating/demeanng a nice girl.

I'm glad to have met them in college.
We have the utmost fun on trips I tell you.
Be jealous.

+Kah Meng the Himbo. He thinks he's handsome ALL THE TIME. He's not btw.+

+Jian the Himbo. He enjoys using two words sentences. Saliva too precious mar. Conserve water kie.+

+Terence the Himbo. He only has horny stuff in his brain. And very lame ones too. Too smart ddi mar, so this is his way of relaxing+

I'm not being mean to you kie. And I doubt any of you feel so. *GRIN*. Don't worry, whatever you people do, you're forgiven (unless it's any lizard issue) because I am that nice.
Owhkie owhkie.
I'm glad to have the friendship of 3 of you because you three have taught me plenty of different stuff. Doesn't matter if we don't go out that often, we see each other in Uni so often ddi. Seeing me too much won't make you people miss me ddi. HEE!
Thanks for being there and trying to help me whenever and wherever you people can.
Friends kie?

I like to end my post with this special dedication


You guys batu lar.


Back to studying.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Replacement classes!! GRR!

I am suppose to be studying!

And my darn Marketing assignment!

Owh no owh no.

The procrastinator eVie is about to strike again!


I wanna go shopping!

Tomoro holiday.
Got bloody replacement class.
Better not clash with my shopping.

I had an interesting class on Biopsychology today.

We were learning about the our nervous system and came to the topic on Sympathetic and Parasympathetic System on our bodily reactions.

We were shown a table of body parts and the reaction when either system takes place.

All the guys eyes and attention on body part no. 7.

You wanna guess what isit?

Yeap. You probably got your first guess right.
The penis.

And because in the Parasympathetic phase, our body is supposed to be relaxed but the reaction of the penis is an erection.
In the Sympathetic phase, our body is pumped up and awake and the reaction of the penis is an ejaculation.

I'm not being horny here mind you.
It's just biology.

But these guys.
Damn curious and started asking why. Like you can totally see their amazed, amused, wondering, why-why-why expression on their faces.
Very the cute I would say.

Yet none of them have balls to ask Dr.Hera why.
And worst?

They ask ME to ask.
Reason being they malu. -_-''


Why do I put up with these people huh? Treat me like Ah Sam oni.
*complaincomplain whinewhine rant merajuk*

And the whole situation is just part of what I receive daily.
I have a daily dose of gek-sei-wanna-kill-myself guy talk.

You really don't want to know what they associate the medial part of the body with.

But then again.
What can I expect?
When things like this happen:

+Khoi Yit and Terence kamching kamching+

Owh gosh.
3 years of uni is gonna be a heck of fun.


Monday, January 21, 2008

I forgot the cute title I wanted to put.


I have damn bad memory.

This will be a damn random post.
Full of random stuff.
Cause I don't have proper photos for stuff I want to update yet.

So yea.
Don't say I didn't prep you.


Remember I said we were locked out the first time we went down the P24 parking?
That was how it looked like.

I just realised I have some VERY BLUR photos from P24.
And they all depict human backs.
No proper nice photo.
What? You want to see the atmosphere kan?



I know the quality is terrible.

Don't need to remind me of my regret of not bringing camera lar shish!

*glare glare*


See how ready am I to start my new semester????

I took this pic in Jusco's Toys Department looking for Xiannie's pressie.

So guai lui hor??

I had to go to a really YAWNZ replacement class on Saturday.
It's for ITC101 anyway.
IT for Businness lar.

She's a really nice lecturer.
As in she's not strict.
Don't mind us walking out of class. Don't bother bout attendance.

But she takes 10 minutes to explain ONE concept in THREE different ways.


And what happens when eVie is sleepy and bored?
Nolar. Not cranky stage yet.





I was drawing in front of my lecturer.
She walked past and ask "So this represents you?"

And I had a super paiseh smile.

But hey.
She didn't mind.
Nice kan?????

The next half of this post is dedicated to a very important friend.
And I hope she knows how important she is to me.

+My Poser cum Camwhore Partner+

I just recalled how I knew you. We were quarelling because/due to Tiong Khoon. How sweat. But doesn't matter. The bird bird brought us close together. Hee~ I remember how close we were in high school. ALWAYS "keng sam si". And the times we camwhored? COUNTLESS *grin*. With our "hiao" poses, we never failed to be by each other's side. Although time has proven to have made us distant for a while but guesses what? Our friendship prevailed! All it took was some talking again to find our connection and I promise this time I'll keep it. We have both literally seen each other grow and transit from phases so don't let anything bring you down alright? Nothing beats seeing you happy and you gotta remember no burden for me yar?
Being there for you is what I would love to do and it rocks when you really end up happy.
Shzen or Tiffany, I know you're always you. Mwahs~

You know the best pressie you gave me?

Yes dear.
You gave me the gift of Friendship.
Doesn't mean that you didn't give me a birthday pressie means you're not close to my heart.
I already have your best gift!


Hope this brightens your day yar????

Anyone who bullies her is so going to get sit on by me.
And I will do what I say. So. GRR!!!


*prances away*

Monday, January 14, 2008

Guy's will never achieve mind/brain equilibrium

Do you know us humans will not rest until we achieve equlibrium in our mind/brain?
In simple language, we will feel tak puas until we have all (or most) of our questions answered.

And you know lar us girls punya equilibrium half the time also not achieved wan.

Btw. Equilibrium is the chun-ted word for "balance".

Back to my short story.
Since girls do not achieve equilibrium very often
And guys think of girls VERY often.

Therefore, they themselves cannot achieve equilibrium.
How to achieve equilibrium when the issues you're thinking of are about people who themselves do not achieve equilibrium? Get it?

So So So,
I have the perfect solution.

Go think of guys!!!
Terence had his famous -_-'' face when I told him that.
He sendiri cakap guys don't achieve equilibrium thanks to girls mar.


Owhkie owhkie.
Back to my main reason for this post.

This post is going to be all words.
Just to warn you lar.
Don't blame me. I busy volunteering. No time to camwhore. I don't like cam-whoring anyway.

My weekend was dedicated for P24 like most of you would have known.
I cannot blog based on Day 1 what happened Day 2 what happened
Cause honestly.
During the whole weekend, it was the hours counted. I lost track of days ddi.

Who wanna guess how long I stayed up???????????????


34 hours!!

Owhkay. Minus 15 mins close-my-eyes-moment.
33 hours and 45 minutes of NO SLEEP!

I am awesome.
And I didn't even get cranky.
Just very the dead-sleepy.

Issue I wanna blog Number 1:
This all started with me signing up as a volunteer and thus ending up in the Dancer Relations department.
My job is mainly to keep the morale of participants for the whole 24 hours.
And I dragged Steffie along. ROFL!
Trust me. She thanks me. *wink*

Issue I wanna blog Number 2:
We headed to the Securities Commision at 12.30 for a briefing session.
Sam lead us in Jenna's car with Jenna and Ally.
We were told to park in the underground parking and we drove around until we found the entrance but it had the red-white-stripe cones in front of them.
So Ally got down to remove it and we happily drove down to find the SHUTTERS WERE CLOSED!
And the road down was the typical winding down to carpark road.

Stef's car was behind Sam, so we had to reverse first before they can.
Not an easy feat.
After taking quite a while to move inches, I told Stef to let me try.
But before I could, Sam the Man came down from his car and took over the steering wheel.
You can always count on the man. ROFL!!!!
Even more awesome was Jenna could reverse the car. We are so sesat girls I tell you.
Me and Stef were discussing about korkor probably being able to reverse the car smoothly with one hand. See how much we look up to your driving kor? lalalala~

After we managed to reverse all the way back up,
Sam told us they open the shutters and we can go back down.
Malaysians are sesat.

Issue I wanna blog about Number 3:
We left about 2.30 after the briefing to go back and get Stef's stuff.
But we took a wrong turning.
More like we did not take the turning and went straight instead.
So we decided to make a U-turn...
Almost die wei.
We were literally driving on wrong side of the road and cars started flashing us.
I couldn't stop laughing!

I know it's dangerous. Kids don't do that kie.
But still!

Issue I wanna blog about Number 4:
I have to clear this out: My stamina is close to ZERO. I'm lucky it's not a negative.
But for some reason, I'm can dance non-stop even without sleep.
It just happens lar.
I have exceptional energy when I'm in the mood or when I'm emo I guess.

In total, I think I had 5 - 6 hours of dancing.
And it's only during the open dance floor aKa club-bish kinda dance that I dance.
I don't do the workshops. Too tiring.

As a matter of fact, I only have energy to move my body.
When the MC ask us to shout or clap, I memang no voice and no energy.
And no.
I do not think I can dance properly.
Contrary to what Steffie thinks.
I have receive comments that I dance like a Robot, a Madwoman etc etc.
With that kinda comments, really. You think I can dance? ROFL!

Issue I wanna blog about Number 5:

I met new friends and got closer to people I know.
Which is probably the most AWESOME thing that happened.
New friends I met are Ray, Ken Jin, Ken, Joanna, Wan Fung (I think), Marcus etc etc. Sorry. I only remember those I really talked a lot to. HEEEE!

And I got closer to a whole bunch of classmates, non-classmates: Yue Ying, Shu Ling, Yuan Siew, Vin, Jun Kit, Filbert, Leong, Thava, Kimberly, Sarah, Khoi Yit, etc etc. Again, SORRY! I can barely remember so many peopl with my failing memory what not. The people mentioned above are those I usually talk to mar.
Paiseh betul.

But it's awesome lar really.
I think being able to talk so much with all these people made my 34 hours easier to live by.

Ray and Ken Jin entertained the floor with their dancing. Awesome shufflers.
Ken did a whole load of pulling-people-onto-the-dance-floor job making my job easier.
Joanna and Thava entertained me with awesome topics to chat about.
Vin, Yue Ying, Shu Ling, Yuan Siew, Sarah teman-ed me dancing on the floor.
Jun Kit, Filbert, Leong, Thava, Khoi Yit were great people to talk to when I need distraction from falling asleep.
All in all, I had awesome company.

Why not Stef and Sam?
Stef cause I am already close to her and most of the time she would ditch me in dancing and to mingle by herself.
Sam...cause he backstabs me. BOO YOU BOI!
I know what you tell people. *GLARE*

Issue I wanna blog about Number 6:
I wore my contacts for 32 hours.
I brought the solution, my specs but NO contact lens case.
And I wanna look pretty!
When I wear specs, Ken said I look old kie. And he did not say that when I wore contact lenses. ISH!

Issue I wanna blog about Number 7:
I would have being able to take tons of awesome photos if I did.
Can I cry like now?

I think still got things to blog.
I'll edit when my memory comes back.

Stupid memory~

Friday, January 11, 2008

Pressies and A's!!!

Ter-clicked "ENTER".

I got an A for LLS101!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*prances around*

The stress paid off!

Back to my pressies.
I did receive very different pressies for my 18th birthday.
And this post is dedicated to those who were thoughtful in trying to get choosy me a pressie.

I shall do the let-photos-speak-a-1000-words-thing.

+My Muffin+

She got me:



There's the cute Miaow Miaow holding a Heart, Strawberry Chocolate from Japan, Pink Notepad and my favourite...
A Friendship Bracelet engraved with my name.
And she has a matching one!

So those aren't really exactly for my Birthday.
But poo~
Who cares!!
I mean. She gives me pressies even when's not my Birthday.
Du-uhlar it's sweet enough!

+My Prince-cess+

Now. What did this guy give me? He wouldn't even look at my camera. Nolar. It's a candid pic. ROFL!






It shows how much he loves me.
All his love for me can be contained in a box. In a small box.
But it's sweet. Those hearts and stars are really sweets btw.
I tak sampai hati want to eat any of those sweets.
So I'm keeping it in my cupboard and praying ants don't start stealing that lil love from me.

+My Hunnie+

I purposely got a weird picture of her.
But so adorable kan???



Look at the cute Anklet...and the even cuter 4 leaf clover card!
I thought the 4 leaf clover is to bring luck to me but my Hunnie says it's because finding a friend like me is a lucky as being able to find a 4 leaf clover.

I don't have a photo of you Sammie!!
Actually got..but Flickr don't let me retrieve it. Jeez~

He has erm...2 eyes, 1 nose and 1 mouth.
And he's taken.
Perfectly normal looking I assure you.

+My Half-Girl Bestie+






When I saw it I was O.o
It's a music box.
Cannot remember the title of the box's song.
But I so tak sampai hati use it kie. Yet I'm using it and keeping it very carefully in my top cupboard.
And the journey to look for it almost brought tears through my eyes.
I'm so touched!
Come ask me and I might tell you the lil sweet story. Heee!

DSC04499 (edited)
+Xiannie Sweetie+



And it's PINK!!!
See the lil bear over there???

You know what?
I just realise this post sounds like I'm bragging about my birthday pressies.

I'm an immature 18 year old anyway.

Everything starting from this part is going to be touchy-feely, goosey-bumpy and lovey-dovey what not.
Most importantly, it's SINCERE.
You can shoo off and not read.


Years of friendship brought us to where we are now. We've been through all kinds of situations back in those dramarama high school days. But nevertheless, it brought us to where we are today.
The funniest thing about us is that so many similar if not identical situations happen to us at the same time! And even if those situations were not exactly heart-friendly, it did help us bond even more. So I can't say I wish a lot of that didn't happen.
I'm so thankful to have a Muffin/Sister/every-other-name-we-have-for-each-other-but-I-can't-remember like you. Most of all, I'm glad you're my friend.
Honestly, being miles away from you doesn't make it very enjoyable at times. Given that Streamyx is totally jealous about our relationships and chooses the best times to "potong" us. But I'm sure after all we've been through, we're still going to be the strongest besties in years to come.
We better be! Remember we need to shop for our kiddos and backstab our hubbies??!?! HEE!!
And I'm always always here for you, in times of rants and laughter


You meanie! Forget me ddi or not? I have no idea when you're going to read this or if you're ever going to read this knwoing how busy you are lar. But I'll still say what I want to say, if you missed it, neh neh neh neh boo boo. HEE! My everlasting tissue paper who promises to wipe all my tears if it ever falls. Doesn't make any sense when I promise never to cry in front of you. ROFL!
It amuses me how much we've been through all these years and becoming the besties we are now. We may be busy at times, and have no time to "find" each other which probably leads you to forgetting me, have so many differences we argue our heads off, crap so much we probably annoy each other BUT it won't change what we have.
I wouldn't want this kor-mui, sanitary pad-tissue paper, besties relationship to ever die. Doesn't matter how much everything else changes, I hope this friendship never changes.
This silly little princess will always be by your side when you need her to..aight?


Aijoh! My hunnie arh~
I am still till this day amused at how quick and perfect we clicked in such a short period of time.
And the sweet memories I always have with you.
And also how secure I feel everytime I know you would stand up for this lil Girlie.
I can't say it has been years and years of friendship between us, but it does feel so doesn't it? We shall just start making more and more years of this friendship all right?
Lately we've both been busy with our own stuff. But we always have each other's back kan? The amount of stories we can share with each other can last hours to the end!
I'm glad that when I don't have a lot of other things, I still have you.
Therefore, I pledge my promise to you Hunnie to always answer your midnight calls and always stay where you need me.

evie bday 4(edited)

Whine rant cry whimper merajuk geram.
Yea. I could always count on you knowing you will never walk out on me. Gosh! The number of times you almost made my tears drop! Shish man~
I'm so glad you're half a girl. Makes us all the closer. The amount of hours we can spend at Starbucks should go in the Guinness Book of Records. We will never let anything break our friendship alright? And even in years to come, our hours crapping with nonsenic philosophies will never decrease.
We may not be in contact that often anymore but you should know that eVie's always in reach whenever you need her kie?
And I thank you for your promise to never lie to me.


We've been through damn a lot in high school. We have had periods of being close and periods of feeling distant. But no matter what, we have managed to keep this friendship and that's how it will remain for years to come.
From arguments to advices, the different flavours of our friendship made it ever more unique than ever. I'm glad I have a lil sister like you and even happier you choose me to lean on. It doesn't burden me but it lets me know that there is a reason for me to be here.
So quit worrying about burdening me what not, I always promise to try and be there for you and that is a promise I'm going to keep

Made you all warm and fuzzy inside kan?

Btw, I do thank all those who kindly too the effort to wish me on my birthday.
Really, it's the thoughts that count.
And I do not mean that only when you give me something material then only I will think more about you.
But fact remains fact that in some ways, I have to show at least a lil more appreciation for these people even when I appreciate everyone else.

I hope that this would clear any misconception that I'm materialistic to the extend of compromising friendship.
I'm not.

But you can always choose to not believe me.

A big big thanks and hugs to EVERYONE who remembered this lil grown up girl's birthday!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The ***** Post

And what does ***** mean you ask?

My B'DAY Post!

It's finally up.

Thank/No Thanks to a certain bestie who refuses to give me my Birthday pressie until yesterday.

Now that I've gotten all the pressies,
it's time TO BLOG!


My birthday is on the 16th of December. Like all of you SHOULD know.
But so happen I would be "leaving on legs" to Penang on the day itself
And therefore, my dear friends decide to surprise me with a celebration

Which very unfortunately did not make the passing mark as a surprise.

I shall leave you in suspense for a while.
Neh neh neh neh boo boo~

On the night of 15th, my family decide to treat me and themselves to a dinner in Shogun.
In conjunction with my birthday lar of course.

My daddy has never been to 1u in like what? 8 Years?
And that isn't any exaggeration
He is one man who is terribly lazy to shop.
Therefore, he did not have a good impression when I suggested to go Shogun makan.

But like every other fickle minded man on Earth,
He changed his mind the moment he saw the wide array of food.
He so loves eating I tell you.
And the cheese baked Japanese snails hit the spot and made him say "We're going to come back!"

Men *shakes head*


+Yes. Ms. eDelyn has a reservation for 5. -_-'' I feel insulted. +

+My first round! I was really craving sushi. And I usually don't eat sushi. O.O+

+We got this complimentary. I don't know what it's called though. ROFL!+


+Mummy + Daddy + annoying Lil-est bro+


+Me and Nigel the Brother+

After dinner. We just headed home.


1) I saw the message my brother sent to Steffie the day before. Smartlar some people.
2) There wasn't any celebration at all with this bunch of people. You can call me perasan whatsoever but I know that they would not let my 18th birthday pass just like that even if I'm leaving
3) My bro kept sms-ing while we were having dinner in Shogun.
4) Korkor say he wants to meet me but only stayed for half and hour to 45 minutes. We usually end up talking hours.
5) Korkor would usually go Starbucks but he only went to the Old Town Kopitiam this time
6) Sammie did not wish me at 12am. Whether you like it or not, I am not afraid to admit that under any other condition, he would have wished me the earliest.
7) Korkor smartly said he needed to use my house toilet. Probably cause he wanted to get me to the surprise
8) Mummy went "Why don't you go put your stuff in the room?" and she had this weird grin on her face. The moment I purposely grin back widely at her, I knew she was lying.
9) The house was too quiet. -_-''


9 reasons why you people failed to surprise me.

I purposely took my time.
Send korkor to the gate.
Watch his car leave.
Slowly walk back to my house.

Slowly walk to the room.
And then let them "surprise" me.

I should have banged the door open though. Sam was behind it. HEE!

The one thing that did surprise me though is Jenna! Did not expect her to come.
So after loads of complaints from them failing to surprise me, we blew the candles.

Sat on the floor.
Started chatting.
And making damn a lot of noise.
Showed the booze video of me. Yalar. Very drunk I know.

+Trying to act innocent lar all of them. L-R: Wen's blurred face, Korkor, Chris, Steffie, Jenna & Sam+

+Group photo! Why do I look so fat larrrrr???+

I was really tired that day.
So that's another extra reason that added to the not-pass surprise.
You knowlar. eVie no sleep right, then nothing else matter wan.

I am thankful though.
To try and surprise someone is no easy feat.
And the more people involved, the harder it gets.

To those who were sick but had to come.
To those who idiotically banged their cars.
To those whose bf had to wait outside so long.

To those who were hoping the could really surprise me this time.

Try harder people!
I'm a super cynical person owhkay.
Damn suspicious also. You really gotta work damn hard to really surprise me.

muaxXxies to you all!
I loved the effort!

I am so bloody annoyed at Streamyx for dc-ing on me all the time.
Will continue the birthday prezzies post after this.