Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Swear I Was Really Busy (ISIWRB) Pt.3

"Even busy also still must makan kan?"
Jing would say that this is my line ddi since I use it to drag everyone to events =P

And Malaysians right, MAKAN all the time as a past time. Tourists come, invite makan. Walk until tired in shopping malls, makan. "Eh, don't know what to do today', MAKAN.
Not fat cai qi guai.

With my gang, it's just M-A-K-A-N all the way.
Like the time when I was less busy though this could be counted as part of my busyness, we went to KL after coll for BEEF BALL NOODLES at Jalan Alor. I suka =)

And because I wasn't full with one bowl of noodles, I dragged them to A&W for float and curly fries yay!!
Monstrous appetite.

Note: Beef balls! Bounce bounce!

Note: At A&W with muh himbos =P

You think that's all?

Went to celebrate the Princess's prince/kuli's birthday.
Met Ms Winnee as we were about to pay o.O
How to celebrate? Yeap, got that right, MAKAN. =_=

As usual, it was alot of chatting and sassing, and stupid poses. Rofl!
It's really not easy to tell you how we enjoy cause I don't record convos, that's just too funkay.

Note: Retarded Birthday Boy. Himbos pose miang-ly

But before risking an image of pure gluttony, we do other activities as well.
Like racing Daytona, so healthy hor. =_=

Note: Racing after eating, appendicitis baru tau =D

This is da life I tell you. =P

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