Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Swear I Was Really Busy (ISIWRB) Pt.2

And more evidence for your perusal.

They say all students should be active in both Academia and Co-curricular. Makes you wonder if they just looking for free kuli-s =_=

Presenting the club I'm active in, PSG. Peer Support not scandal Group!!
These people are just amazing la, damn funny!!!! And super friendly, way more friendly than me.
I guess that's why we're in the club "supporting people". =P

Thankfully I have an amazing team with peeps who are not afraid to be bombarded with phone calls, late night arrangements, last minute plans to come up with two activities that brought us closer together.
I don't think they backstabbed me la, hor? Ni men hen hao de hor? =ROFL!!

Activity Uno: Sg Congkak trip.

We usually have two club trips, one is a whole-day type which I will elaborate while the other is the overnight type elaborated later. wteff sound so formal =_=

Again, my amazing team managed to carry the activity out successfully even with a smaller number of participants, which in both me and my babe-da-president's view, is easier for berbonding sessions =P

So it was ME driving down to freaking Cheras, have I told you how much I hate Cheras, no offence for people who stay there, it's just as far as the moon! And the jam is ridiculous.
About 4/5/6 cars tailed each other from HELP Uni to Cheras, and ALL reached safely.

Activities, camwhore, makan, camwhore, splash freaking cold water on me, camwhore, makan, mandi, balik WHEEE =)

Note: Activities, posers. Babe-da-president enjoy makan; look at Xin Rou's expression! ROFL!

Note: Group pics during makan, and after mandi sungai =)

Note: Me with babe-da-president. Another photo with our sifu-president. And what did I tell you about the gang buay paiseh with the camera? =_=

These bunch of people never knew the word paiseh when it comes to the camera. ROFL!

Activity Uno+Uno I forgot what's two in Espanol: Overnight stay aKa Annual Camp in Ipoh

Which I did not eat Ipoh Gai Si Hor Fun or Nga Choy Gai. Damn wteff! Rawr.
I need to go Melaka AND Ipoh. mimumu

Day One:
Left KL friday night amidst the jam.
Reached super late, had supper.
Icebreaking activities

Day Two:
Talks and activities, indoor + outdoor.

Day Three:
Presentation + goodbye Ipoh!

Note: Reaching Ipoh, makan supper. Icebreaking activities with frazzled organizing team, shoo cutee.

Note: My groupie! The Profilahs; meet Chong Yong, Louie, Man Yee, Chee Yan, Jun Min shi wen bai lei and Kaven!

Note: Actitvity time, don't just play, got formal talks. Mr Eric Bryan, our advisor, probably smirking watching us with our activities.
Lunchtime also need to camwhore mar.

Note: Outdoor activities + Make-A-Bookmark activity. Poor babe-da-president so cham have to do clean up =P

Note: Some of my closest peeps in PSG. The random group pic was us actually singing to Jing Guo the birthday boy =)

Note: My bookmark! Cannot remember who took mine, it was a random draw. My mugshot + compulsory photo with babe-da-president.

Note: T'was an amazing time. I made new friends, got closer to my babe-da-president, and enjoyed berbonding with the already close gang =D

I really don't blog about details cause I can't remember, and don't want to confabulate.
Plus, with details, you will probably be bored outta ur wits! =P


Shyuan said...

anal again.. two in espanol is dos =P remember fergie? Ferga-licious.. uno dos tres

Pink Obssession said...

Hunnie, I remember Uno and Tres =PPPPPPP Forgot about Dos.