Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No longer how it was~

Cameron Highlands.

That's where we went for our REAL family holiday.

Why did I say this is a real family holiday?
Because for once it's just the immediate family and not a whole load of packing like I'm moving house what not.
Don't get me wrong.
I LOVE holz with the extended family.
But it gets abit tiring since my mum especially have to get so many things ready.
Eventhough Cameron Highlands was not exactly very relaxing, at least my mum did not had to prepare so much mar.


I was so deadly sick the day before but thanks to antibiotics I could wake up at 7 to go on the trip.
Yay antibiotics *rolls eyes*

Took the Tapah road.
Purposely asked Daddy to drive slower cause I don't wanna die of vomitting.
I still remembered the last time I went Cameron Highlands, the drive was so bad I swear I will never go to Camerons again unless there's a helicopter for me.



+ Part of Bala's Holiday Chalet +

We chose Bala's Holiday Chalet cause I always liked old English/Tudor designs.
But my dad was complaining about it being owned by Indians.
Yes. He's being abit the racist.
But the place is awesome lar!!!!!
Plenty of places to take photo.
Would be a real sweet place to go with your other half and just stroll about.
At least it isn't as noisy and commercialized as other hotels mar.

+ The attic room where us 4 siblings slept +


+ The poser family +

The photo above was taken in the small garden in front of our suite.
More scenery pictures in my Facebook.


+ We look awesome I know +

Actually when we reached the place, it wasn't ready yet so we headed out to visit Cameron Highlands.
Since when did Cameron Highlands become so HOT?!?!!?

And this!

+ WTF? +


I swear I did not lie to you.
An effing traffic jam in Camerons!!!!!!
You know how much I detest traffic jams.
Mood spoilers!

We went to one of the roadside markets, then to Raaju's Strawberry Farm then went down to Cactus Valley.
Most of the time we were doing the walking while my Dad and Lil-est Bro rested.
Reason number 1 is due to the fact that the lil bro was feeling unwell
and second reason is because they're both LAZY. ROFL!

+ Cute cacti +

+ At the Agroculture ihavenoideawhatitsnameis. Tomatoes! +

+ Posing at the Cactus Valley +

Actually there are plenty more photos of the places we visited.
But I'm honestly getting very sien and lazy to blog about that.
Facebook people!

+ The fireplace and Christmas tree at the chalet's restaurant+

Love the deco of the restaurant.
Quaint old English~

+ The Tea Room. You gotta admit we can pose owhkay +

In the afternoon we had lunch at Tanah Rata.
Food was so-so and abit the expensive.
At night we headed to Brinchang for dinner.
Damn jam! *headache *

We had dinner at this place called Oldies & Goodies cause it seemed the least packed.

+ Tofu with 3 types of mushroom *thumbs up* +

+ Prawn wanton *double thumbs up* cause I love prawns especially when I don't need to peel them..hee! +

+ CLOCKWISE: Fried Cabbage with XO sauce *thumbs up*. Mixed Roast *thumbs flat*. Foo Yong Egg *thumbs down* +

+ The wanton noodles my bro and sis had. *thumbs flat* +

Overall the meal was again abit overpriced.
But I think prices of food increases as the height of land increases. ROFL!
Sorry. Lame joke.

After dinner we headed to one of the hotels, Cameron Highlands Resort to take photos cause they had pretty bright deco for Xmas.

+ What did I tell you about my family being posers? +

Then Daddy receive a call and his friend were actually in Cameron Highlands.
So we went down to Tanah Rata to meet them.

Tanah Rata changed damn alot ddi owkay!
They had a new bus terminal it made the whole place looked like Puduraya!
Which is why I now dub Tanah Rata as the Puduraya of Cameron Highlands.

And which Puduraya would be complete without this:

+ Beggars! ROFL! +

My mum was laughing so hard when she saw us posing like that.
I think she was feeling very the embarassed. HEE!

+ Yes. Looking for food in rubbish bin is a must at Puduraya +

Daddy stayed a while and chatted.
His friend had a daughter which had really really mesmerizing eyes.
And I was busy having a show-your-tongue war with one of his sons. HEE!

We went back to Bala's after that.
I was feeling damn tired and sleepy but for some weird reason couldn't fall asleep.

Not only I heard 3 different kinds of snores (Daddy, Lil Sis & Lil-est Bro).
I had to sleep only on my right side and it was so uncomfortable I was close to getting cramps.
And they had the doa at 5.30 in the morning! for half an hour! ZOMG!

Noise-cancelling earphones did not help this time.

I only managed to fall asleep at 6am but I had to wake up at 8am cause I promised my bro we would go for breakfast.
We were that stupid.
To wake up after 2 hours of sleep, have a super expensive breakfast in the cold garden just so we can feel how the English people feel.
Which btw did not work very well.

It's not worth the price. Not the meal at least.
But the experience of being dumb and stupid yet having breakfast in that beautiful surrounding probably pays lar.

+ Very expensive breakfast. Typical American breakfast plus a set of scones +

I just realised that pic only got the drinks and not food. -_-''
Nevermind. Facebook!

After breakfast, we went back to the room.
Took a few more pics.
Checked out.
For the weirdest reason, their check out time is 11am. o.O

Left using the Simpang Pulai road.
Damn long.
Damn far.

+ The view by Simpang Pulai roads +

Goodbye Camerons.

Why did you have to change so much??

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